Is Take Shape for Life a Scam? – Revealed!!!

Take-shape-for-life-mainName: Take Shape For Life
Website:  www.tsfl.com
Founders : Dr. Wayne S. Andersen & Bradley T. Macdonald

Income Opportunity rating: 2.5 / 5 Stars

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There is a rising statistic among persons who use different weight loss programs.

This can be due to the fact that awareness of diseases caused by obesity and unhealthy lifestyle has been rapidly disseminated by health organizations through different platforms.

You can find a lot of weight loss programs being marketed, all of which promises remarkable results. One of these is the weight loss program of Take Shape for Life.

It’s a good thing that you came across this article because today, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about this company.

I will walk you through the company so that you can make a wise decision whether you should avail its products and business offers.

Let me take the first leap and say that TSFL is not a scam, but there are issues that you need to know before joining as a distributor, or what they call a “Coach”.

See, you are basically a coach just because you join their business opportunity. How can you be a coach and promote the products when you are not at your best shape, right? Something for you to think about.

Before we jump right into the details of this company, let us first understand what this company is all about…

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What is Take Shape for Life?

Take Shape for Life is a company which promotes the “Trilogy of Optimal Health”.

They believe that a person must have a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy finances. Their business works within this principle.

Take Shape for Life is a subsidiary of Medifast and was founded by the Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Directors who is Bradley T. Macdonald and Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen, who was a popular critical care physician.

Together, they came up with this company with the idea of promoting meal replacement products, healthy lifestyle and the option to request for an advisor or a coach.

TSFL offers different weight loss programs which include meals that can stop you from being greedy.

You can also request for a coach who will teach you on how to do the programs properly plus you can also start your own business by sharing these programs to others.

So I hope you got a hint there, this company’s business revolves around a Multilevel Marketing (MLM) structure.

Well, it is not necessarily a bad thing or it is a scam, but more than 95% of their “coaches” fail in the business, and we will discuss why below.

Before that, let’s see if their products are any good…

What they offer?

Since their commitment is to promote the Trilogy of Optimal Health, this company offers a program in each area of a person’s life to achieve and improve their quality of life.

In order to have a healthy body, they offer the Optimal Weight 5 and 1 Plan and the Optimal Health 3 and 3 Plan.

These programs are said to have the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins, sugars and fats. They claim that these programs are scientifically-proven that’s why they can help you lose weight while retaining your muscles.

Upon checking, it is true that meal replacement products have been studied and they have a scientific basis, however, I did not find any published scientific research done on this company’s products.

Now let’s check on the contents of their health plans and see if they are worth their cost.

1. Optimal weight 5 and 1 Plan

This was called a 5 and 1 plan because it contains 5 weight fueling and 1 lean and green meal.

This plan can help you reach your ideal weight.

You can follow this plan by choosing one of the Optavia kits that they sell.

1A. Essential Optimal Kit with the Habits of Health System

This kit contains the classic flavors of tomatoes, herbs, cranberries, honey, chocolate, mint, raisins and oats.

It also contains a health book written by Dr. A and a free blender bottle. You can buy this kit at $392.15.


1B. Essential Optimal Kit

Upon checking, the contents of this kit is just the same as the other kit, the only difference is it does not come with a health book and a free blender. You can get this kit at $356.15.


2. The Optimal Health 3 and 3 Plan

It was given this name because it contains 3 optimal health fuelings and 3 balanced meals.

This plan will also help you compute your total energy expenditure and help you choose the right meal based on your total energy expenditure.

This kit also includes bars, shakes, snacks, a serving of a meat and a free blender bottle. You can get this kit at $273.55.


It’s too pricey in my opinion…

Just imagine, one of these kits can last for 30 days or 45 days max, if you consume them on a daily basis.

But, that’s just for 1 person’s consumption, what if you want to buy it for the whole family? It’ll cost you a lot of money just to keep your family healthy.

If you have the right knowledge on how to make balanced meals- which you can learn anytime, you can make your own menu and start living a healthy lifestyle today.

The internet is full of free information about healthy living these days.

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The Business Opportunity

This company also offers a “business opportunity” which relates to their commitment in the trilogy of optimum health.

Like I mentioned earlier, their programs involve a coach who can guide you through their program, and this is where the business starts.

Coaches are compensated and you can become a coach if you sign up in this company.

Being a coach comes in 3 levels, the Health Coach whose job is to acquire and assist clients, next is the Business Coach who enrolls, trains and mentors Health Coaches and lastly, the Business Leader who builds a team of Business Coaches and Health Coaches.

If you glance at it, it is a good idea to have a coach beside you who will guide you through your transformation process.

But if you are going to look at it closely, this is just another multilevel marketing strategy wherein you need to recruit other members in order to climb up the ladder.

But how do you become a coach and start earning? Basically, you will only earn through commissions and bonuses. You need to buy their business kit which costs $199.00.

Once you become a Health Coach, you will earn commissions from every product sold. You can also earn from other people once you become a Business Coach and has your own team of Health Coaches.

Why more than 95% of their Coaches Fail?

Take-shape-for-life-income-disclosureSource: Take Shape For Life Income Disclosure Statement 2015

The statistic is alarming and I am not making this up to scare you.

Remember, the figures above are based on annual earnings which means that any amount less than $30,000 ($2,500 per month) is not sustainable, and alarmingly, on the average, 97.3% of the Health Coaches fall into this category.

There are many reasons why the coaches fail, but I’ll share with you the main reasons below:

1. Wrong Mindset

Many new coaches who’ve been introduced to the program have the mindset that the products is so good that they will sell for themselves.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true when the coaches head out to promote the products to their social circle.

They are faced with a huge number of rejections, some relationships were destroyed along the way, and the coaches will start to think if they have made the right decision joining TSFL.

It is only those we persevere against all odds, to better themselves as an individual and as a salesperson, who would become truly successful.

2. Lack of Leads

When you join this business, you are advised to promote them to your friends and family members. This is what direct marketing is about.

Just imagine that if you have 300 people in your social circle, and 10% (30 people) becomes a customer of TSFL, and 1% (3 people) joins your team as a coach. Where else can you look for expansion?

You must also remember that the 3 people who joins as a coach could leave the business opportunity as well.

In this business, you need to have a constant flow of new prospects, otherwise your business will fail.

If nobody educates you on how to find this never ending stream of prospects, you may go out of business within 3 months.

Learn how to get an unlimited stream of prospects to your business here!

3. Lack of Leadership

This leads me to the support and education that the leaders provide.

In the MLM industry, it is quite common that the leaders are only focusing on recruiting new members than to nurture existing ones, because the turnover rate of coaches is extremely high.

So, if you intend to join TSFL, you need to do some due diligence on the team you are about to join.

You may also want to find out if they will teach you how to find new prospects online, because that’s how you get an unlimited stream of prospects.

My Honest Opinion

Well, firstly I have to say that their products are too expensive, and it is not sustainable for a common family.

You can easily spend a few thousand dollars a month to feed your family with the products of TSFL.

In my opinion, eating healthy should not burn a hole in your pocket. There are many free healthy meal plans online if you just search for it.

This company is not a scam, but it may not be the best solution for healthy living and financial freedom.

So, if this business opportunity is not for you, then what is?

If you’ve read some of my reviews, you’ll know that I was a part of many MLM companies and didn’t achieve any success until I found this program (Not MLM).

This program has turned me from a nobody to a somebody online, best of all, you do not need to face any rejection, or waste any time and effort prospecting for new clients.

Best of all, it cost almost nothing to start.

Wishing you all the best in whatever decision you’ll make, and thank you for reading this review!

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