SurveySay.com Review – Don’t Waste Your Time!

While earning income online from the comfort of your own home is possible, there are some options that are simply not worth your time or effort.

If you have considered taking surveys online in order to earn some extra cash, you have probably already seen that there are more than a handful of sites that claim you can make money with little effort on your part.

SurveySay.com reviewSurveySay.com review

One of these sites is SurveySay.com.

In order to help you navigate your options, I have taken the time to research the effectiveness of taking surveys at SurveySay.com.

So if you are considering using this site as a way to make money from home, you should first take a look at my review so that you do not have to waste your own valuable time to find out if it is worth a try.

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What is SurveySay.com?

First, it is important to understand that SurveySay is a website that uses surveys from other sites.

No company directly approaches SurveySay to offer surveys to list on the site.

So, SurveySay gathers these various surveys that are being offered by companies.

Then, it offers you the chance to complete them for a small amount of change.

It is essentially just a marketplace that gives you a wide array of surveys to choose from.

Is SurveySay.com Worth Your Time?

After spending some time navigating the site…

I decided to create my own account and see how long it would take me to earn a few dollars.

It only took me about an hour to reach my conclusion about the value of the site.

It is simple: I have concluded that you should not bother joining SurveySay.com. And here is why…

SurveySay-com-review - Should I joinSurveySay-com-review - Should I join

Frustrating Matching Methods

After you create an account with SurveySay.com, you will be offered a variety of surveys to choose from.

Although there are usually plenty of choices available at any given time, you are not guaranteed to be allowed to complete each survey.

However, the site does not have any way to make you aware that you are not qualified to take a survey before you click on it.

SurveySay-com-review - Waste of TimeSurveySay-com-review - Waste of Time

So, what happens is you will end up spending most of your time clicking on individual surveys and filling out a pre-qualification survey before you are given a chance to take the main survey that actually pays you.

And after you take each pre-qualification survey, your answers are not saved in the site’s system.

In other words, there is no way to escape the pre-qualifications for each and every survey you have to take.

The problem with this is that you will be spending more time on the surveys than it was advertised.

Because the “estimated time taken” as shown does not factor the time you spend filling out the pre-qualification surveys.

In my opinion, this is part of the SurveySay.com scam.

Chances are you will get disqualified from the pre-qualification survey without earning even a penny.

You spend a good 10 minutes completing pre-qualification surveys to find out that you are not qualified.

That’s probably the reason why people are unhappy with SurveySay.

The SurveySay members should be served with surveys that has a high chance of qualification.

Since every member completes a detailed profile with their personal data.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

My Personal Experience with SurveySay – Testing Common SurveySay Complaints

Six minutes into my hour…

One of the primary SurveySay complaints is that the payout for each completed survey does not justify the time spent.

You’ll earn only a small fraction of minimum wage in exchange for your precious time.

I decided to test the validity of this common complaint firsthand.

I gave myself exactly an hour to see how much I could earn. This is what happened…

First, I turned off my TV and eliminated all distractions in my environment.

This will allow me to focus solely on taking surveys for an entire hour without taking any breaks.

The first couple of surveys that I chose offered a payout of 25 cents.

After spending about three minutes for each survey filling out the pre-qualification survey…

I received a message for both of them that I was not qualified to take the survey.

So six minutes into my hour, I had yet to earn even a penny.

After another 10 minutes, finally a qualified survey…

Next, I decided to try a survey that offered to pay 60 cents.

It was only supposed to take me 10 minutes to complete.

After I spent about five minutes filling out the pre-qualification survey that preceded the main survey…

Finally, I was qualified. So, I began the main survey.

During the survey, there were several multiple-choice questions sprinkled throughout other questions that told you which answer to pick from the list of options.

These questions were put in place in order to keep you from rushing through the survey with bogus answers.

If you are not reading the questions and just filling out random answers, you will be caught by the system.

The penalty for not paying attention is to not get paid.

In other words, there is no way to cheat the system.

You have to complete the surveys attentively and genuinely.

Finally! 60 cents in my account…

After I finished all of the questions of the survey, I did receive a message telling me that I had successfully completed the survey and that 60 cents would be added to my account on SurveySay.

Although the money was actually put on my account, I checked the clock again.

I had spent much longer to get to that point than was advertised when I chose that survey.

SurveySay-com-review - hard work with little moneySurveySay-com-review - hard work with little money

Including the time that I spent filling out the answers to the pre-qualification survey, I had spent a total of 20 minutes on this survey and only come away with 60 cents.

Assuming that I had the same success with other surveys without finding out that I was not qualified for any of them along the way, this would only equate to $1.80 of earnings per hour. That is about 25 percent of minimum wage.

Let’s finish up the hour, shall we?

But I decided to complete the hour that I had set out for in order to make sure that there was not some huge payout waiting for me. There was not.

In fact, my success rate seemed to get worse with each survey I tried to take.

After an hour had passed, I realized that I had only successfully completed three surveys.

I came away with a whopping $1.05.

And that is for an entire hour of work with zero distractions or breaks.

I could probably make more than that by spending an hour in a parking lot trying to find the change that people drop on the ground. Lol!

My Suspicions…

The other issue that I had with SurveySay.com is that I had to enter a ton of personal information while filling out the primary profile that is supposed to help match me with surveys that I would be qualified to take.

It seems to me that my primary profile was in no way linked to the surveys that I chose.

I ended up answering many of the same questions for each survey that I had already answered on my primary profile.

So this made me wonder what the purpose was for me to fill out my primary profile in the first place.

I suspect that the information that I entered will be sold to some other company.

I guess this is part of the way that SurveySay.com stays in business.

And I am afraid that my email and phone will start blowing up with advertisements from the companies that receive my information from SurveySay.

My Foresight of the Online Survey Industry

With more and more negative feedback splattered across the internet regarding sites for taking surveys, I believe that the industry as a whole is on the decline.

Companies are starting to learn that the market data provided by people who take the surveys is probably not very accurate.

Most people are just trying to rush through the surveys in order to earn a quick buck.

SurveySay-com-review - online survey market is deadSurveySay-com-review - online survey market is dead

Also, there are other cheaper ways that are becoming available for companies to use in order to accumulate more accurate information about consumers.

All of this, paired with the fact that the wage is so small, leads me to think that taking surveys for money online will soon not even be an option at all.

Alternative to Making Money Online

If you simply enjoy taking surveys and do not care at all about the money that you will earn by doing so and do not care if your information is sold to a third party, then taking surveys as a source to supplement your income might be the right choice for you.

But if you want to earn a significant wage by working from home, you should consider other options.

The Make Money online training program that I recommend will expose you to ways to use the internet to earn enough money to make a decent living.

One option to make money online is by testing websites and apps for various companies.

As long as you have the necessary equipment and have the skills to complete the work that is required, you can at least make a minimum wage with this method.

Other options include being a transcriptionist or freelance ghostwriter for a website that offers to pay you for completing various projects offered by third parties.

But, the most lucrative way to earn a decent passive income online is to build an online business.

To be honest, building an online business was the way for me to quit my job and earn an income that no employers out there can afford. If you want to learn more about my story, here it is.

My Sincere Advice to You

Time is the most precious commodity in our lives (1).

We may not notice it because most of us took it for granted.

Spending your precious time on surveys that earn you pennies isn’t going to work.

If you want to earn a substantial amount of money online, online surveys isn’t the way to go.

What I suggest is that you should learn how to build an online business that will generate you money even when you are sleeping.

But, wait!

Because seeking a lucrative way to earn money online is such a hot topic that many scammers swoop in to take advantage.

I’ve personally put thousands of dollars into the pocket of scammers, don’t let that be you.

That’s probably the main reason why I set up this website.

There’s only a handful of legitimate training courses I’ve found like Authority Hacker, Legendary Marketer, Fizzle, Wealthy Affiliate, Inbox Blueprint.

But, the best of the bunch is Wealthy Affiliate.


Because that’s the course that helped me fired my boss and work full time online. Here’s my true story.

Thank you so much for reading this review!

I hope I have given you the information you need.

If you found this review helpful, please help to share it! It might help someone in need of this information.

And, if you have any questions or you’d like to discuss more about Surveysay.com, then feel free to leave a comment below.

Your pal,


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