SendOutCards Review - You Won't Make Money at All?!

"SendOutCards offers a revolutionary business opportunity!"

Have you heard of such claims before? Do you want to know if SendOutCards is a suitable business opportunity for you?

Well, you are in the right place!

A lot of people say that SendOutCards is a scam.

However, I disagree with them because it is a legitimate company.

The reason why they hate SendOutCards so much is because most of them have failed to earn a single penny in this business.

It is also the main reason why I don't recommend SendOutCards in the first place.

So if you want to earn a substantial amount of income online, then I'd highly suggest that you check out this program instead.

But if you want to learn more about SendOutCards, then continue reading below and I'll share with you everything that you need to know.

SendOutCards Review Summary

Name: SendOutCards

Founders: Kody Bateman


  • Free/$17/$97/$147 - Membership plans
  • $59 - Annual fee for referral partner
Sendoutcards homepage

Bare Naked Scam Rating:

Summary: SendOutCards is a legitimate MLM company.

From the name itself, the company sells cards for different occasions and business purposes.

Unlike other MLM companies, SendOutCard's industry is not yet overpopulated.

However, the demand for greeting cards is not as high as health, fashion, and beauty products'.

It is the reason why 98.05% of the referral partners have failed in this business.


  • Low start-up cost
  • Affordable subscription plan
  • There's not much competitors


  • The product is not for everyone
  • Training is not free
  • Most of the referral partners have failed

Recommended? NO!

What is SendOutCards?

Kody Bateman established SendOutCards in 2003.

The company sells different kinds of greeting cards using the Multilevel Marketing business model.

You can actually buy greeting cards in supermarkets, but SendOutCards is the only MLM company in this industry that I have seen so far.

Aside from that, the idea of purchasing greeting cards is different.

You can choose a card online or make your own design. And with just a single click, the greeting card will be directly mailed to you or to your recipient's mailbox.

However, I am not seeing a massive demand for greeting cards.

Some businesses and individuals would prefer a physical card to greet their friends, family, or customers.

But we are now living in a digital world, and most of the people and business owners use the digital media to interact with people.

So, will you be able to make success in this business opportunity?

Let's find out!

SendOutCards Product Line

SendOutCard offers a number of gift items such as greeting cards, wine bottle holder, gift set, etc.

But its main product line is greeting cards...


You can choose from a wide range of card designs, and you can also make your own.

In order to purchase a product, you'll have to register and choose from their membership plans...

SendOutCards membership plans

As you can see, you can register for free through the basic membership.

If you don't have a business of your own and you prefer to use physical cards to greet your friends or family, then the basic membership plan might be a good option for you.

On the other hand, if you have a business and you want to give value to your customers using greeting cards, then it'll be better for you to choose between the three paid membership plans.

In my opinion, physical greeting cards are a great way to show my appreciation for my friends and family.

But, is it a good business opportunity for you?

SendOutCards Business Opportunity (Not a Good Idea?!)

Anyone can become a customer.

However, the business opportunity is only available in:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland

If you want to start your business with SendOutCards, then you'll have to choose between the membership plans, and you'll also need to pay for an additional $59 annual fee for being a referral partner.

how to become referral partner

As a referral partner, you will have your own back office, personal marketing website (duplicated website), etc.

You are not allowed to promote SendOutCards directly in your own blog or social media account. All you are allowed to use is your duplicated website and/or SendOutCards' official website.

I don't know what their reason is, but you'll have to do as they say if you want to remain in the business.

There are two main ways to make money as a referral partner:

  • Retail sales
  • Commission from your team

For more details, you can check out the compensation plan here.

SendOutCards also offers a paid training if you know nothing about the business.

You can pay for $99 to get an access to the Master Relationship Marketing Training Portal...

master relationship marketing training

It only shows that the uplines are not enough to help you with your SendOutCards business.

However, most of the referral partners have still failed even after undergoing on the paid training. (I'll explain more below)

Ugly Truths About SendOutCards

#1 You Are Tied into Using Your Duplicated Website!

As a referral partner, you are only allowed to promote SendOutCards or sell the products using your duplicated website or through SendOutCards' official website.

It should have been better if you can use your blog (if you have any) or social media account to reach more people.

But it seems that the company doesn't want it to be that way...

advertising policy

#2 Greeting Cards Aren't for Everyone!

While there are people like me who prefer to use greeting cards in some occasions, others aren't just fond of using them.

Some business owners find the value of greeting cards in their business, while others think that it is useless.

Let's take a look at the following reviews...

sendoutcards review - good for business
sendoutcards review - great cards
sendoutcards review - increased sales
is sendoutcards a scam - negative review 2
is sendoutcards a scam - negative review 1
is sendoutcards a scam - negative review 3

#3 Many People Have Failed in this Business?!

Let's take a look at the 2017 Income Disclosure of SendOutCards...

income disclosure

As you can see from the image above, 98.05% of all the referral partners did not earn a good amount of income.

Is this income even enough to suffice your personal needs? I don't think so!

Actually, you can earn more money by working at a fast food restaurant.

One of the reasons behind this failure is the demand for cards.

As I have told you earlier, SendOutCards' industry is not as profitable compared to other MLM's. It is actually the reason why the referral partners are having a hard time making sales.

And as you might have noticed earlier, there is a paid training that a referral partner can purchase to help him/her in the business.

But even after going through the training, they are still not making enough sales.

I believe that the paid training is not as effective as what the company claims to be.

If you want to succeed in this business, then you would need to learn attraction marketing.

The most successful network marketers use this strategy to get a continuous stream of prospects.

Is SendOutCards the Right Business Opportunity for You?

SendOutCards is a legitimate company.

However, you'll have to face a lot of hardships and rejections if you want to pursue this business opportunity.

First and foremost, if you are not fond of using greeting cards, then it is most likely that you'll fail.

How are you going to build your determination to promote something that you are not passionate about, right?

Aside from that, if you want to leverage on the compensation plan, then you will need to recruit people and build your team.

But what if you are not good at meeting new people and team building? What if they reject your offer?

Would you be able to stomach such rejections?

These are the things that you need to consider.

SendOutCards' business opportunity is not suitable for everyone, especially if you are not comfortable in the sales environment.

My Sincere Advice to You

If you think that you are suitable with SendOutCards' business opportunity, then it would be best for you to learn attraction marketing.

This strategy will help you make a continuous stream of prospects that will keep your business on the track.

But if you are not comfortable about the recruitment process and sales environment, then I'd highly recommend that you start using this program instead.

This program has helped thousands of individuals, including me, to earn a full-time income from something that we are passionate about.

You can read my story with the program here. I hope that you can benefit from it too.

Thank you so much for reading this SendOutCards review!

I hope that I've provided you with sufficient information to make an informed decision.

If you found this review helpful, please share it! It might help someone who is looking for this information.

Have questions in mind? Please, feel free to leave a comment below.

Your friend,

Cee Jay

advertising policy
advertising policy

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