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Since you are reading this revital U review, I will guess that you probably want to buy a revital U coffee because you hear it can do "fantastic things" to your body. It could also be that you want to join the business.

However, you are doing this research as you might also heard that there is a revital U scam going on.

Then you are in luck!

I wrote this specifically for people like you.

Review Summary

Name: revital U

Founders: Andrew McWilliams and Pat Johnston

Cost to Join: $49.99

revital U Review Bare Naked Scam

revital U Business Opportunity Rating:

revital U Product Rating:


I will reveal all my findings linked to the company on this brutally honest revital U review…

Including the BANNED substance that is an active ingredient on all of revital U products.

By reading this, you will be able to make an informed decision on:

  • Whether you should start using the company products and,
  • Should you become a revital U Brand Influencer.

What is revital U

revital U is a multi-level marketing company that sells healthy beverages since 2016. 

revital U com

Other popular MLM companies in the same niche are Organo Gold and Javita Coffee.

The company's flagship product is the revital U smart coffee. But they also have smart cocoa for non-coffee drinkers.

And for people who are not a fan of drinking either, revital U has smart capsules that contain the same ingredients to the coffee and cocoa.

revital U Brew Ingredients

Some of the notable active revital U brew ingredients are:

  • Nootropics - Smart drugs and cognitive enhancers
  • L-Theanine - Improves mental focus and sharpness
  • Chromium Picolinate - Reduce hunger and promote weight loss
  • Octodrine - A powerful stimulant known to increase blood pressure and cardiac output. Banned in some countries like Australia and the UK.

The USDA warns the public that Octodrine is potentially dangerous to humans.


The website "" does not reveal any information about the key personalities behind the company.

However, I was able to confirm that the revital U's current CEO is Andrew McWilliams.

In the past, Andrew McWilliams was also the CEO of another MLM company known as Momentis, and before that, he was known to be an affiliate of ACN.

Besides McWilliams...

The other person of interest for revital U is Pat Johnston. Pat appears to be the current Chief Business Development Officer of the company.

revital U Products

The revital U products are supposed to revitalize your body and bring out the best in "U."

Their slogan is "The Sample First Company" which is why revital U are handing out free samples to anyone interested to try their products.

For samples, you have to go to and complete a form. The company will then ship the sample products to you. A shipping fee of around $5 is all you need to pay.

The company's current products are revital U smart coffee (30-day tub), revital U smart cocoa (30-day tub), and the revital U smart capsules (30 capsules).

revital U Smart Coffee Products

As I am writing this revital U review...

All of the three products are priced at $49.99 for a month supply. But if you subscribe to revital U's monthly order program, you will get each of the three smart products at $10 less.

The revital U smart coffee and cocoa also comes in sticks at $54.99 for 30 sticks.

Becoming a Brand Influencer

You become a Brand Influencer (distributor/member) of revital U by paying a $49.99 affiliate fee.

This will give you discounts on all products. You can also choose to make money with the revital U compensation plan.

How Can You Make Money with revital U

The company did not reveal the revital U compensation plan on its official website,

I think crucial information like this, including the personalities behind the company, should be present on the company website.

During my research, I found out that your potential earning in revital U greatly depends on your affiliate rank and the number of regular customers you can sign up.

The eight revital U affiliate ranks are:

  • Brand Influencer (BI)
  • Qualified Brand Influencer (QBI)
  • Executive Brand Influencer (EBI)
  • Senior Brand Influencer (SBI)
  • Regional Brand Influencer (RBI)
  • National Brand Influencer (NBI)
  • Global Brand Influencer (GBI)
  • Platinum Brand Influencer (PBI)
  • revital U Compensation Plan

    When you become a revital U Brand Influencer (BI), you can make money on a weekly and monthly basis.

    Weekly Bonus

    The first way to earn money is to make sales and enroll customers as shown in the image below.

    revital U Brand Influencer Weeky Bonus

    The second way to is to become a sponsor (personal enroller) of a new BI.

    When the new BI earns his customer bonuses, you will receive $50 for each milestone that he unlocks.

    Your income will be as follows:

    revital U Compensation Plan

    The third way to earn revital U weekly bonus is to unlock higher ranks from BI up to PBI.

    You will receive between $250 up to $50,000 depending on the new rank that you acquire.

    Monthly Bonus

    revital U will also pay you additional commissions depending on your monthly performance.

    Brand Influencers will receive a commission when they successfully market products to retail customers.

    Furthermore, below is a short video of the revital U compensation plan.

    Good Things About revital U

    On this part of this revital U review, allow me to highlight the good things about this company.

    #1 Good Products

    Healthy beverages may not be a new thing in the MLM industry, but revital U smart products are superb.

    In the company website, you can find different testimonials from their members how the revital U smart coffee or smart caps aid their health issues.

    revital U Coffee Brew Review

    Nootropics are also backed up by Science to provide health benefits to the human body.

    #2 Focus on Selling

    The revital U compensation plan is a little different compared to the typical MLM compensation plans.

    The company focus on rewarding BI's that can sell products to customers rather than on how many people can they recruit to join the business.

    #3 Affordable

    In terms of investments, most people can afford the $49.99 cost of becoming a Brand Influencer for revital U.

    That amount is relatively smaller compared to other MLM companies.

    Ugly Things About revital U

    Below are the things that I don't like about the company and its products. These could be the root cause of why some people believe that there is a revital U scam going on.

    #1 Undisclosed Information

    Transparency is a big thing in business models like revital U.

    The website, decent as may be, lacks a lot of crucial information about the company.

    The company founders, the compensation plan, and an income disclosure would be an excellent addition to the website.

    #2 revital U Unsafe Ingredients

    Octodrine is a potential health hazard substance according to USDA and is banned in countries like Australia, the UK, and Canada.

    I advise that before you take any products from revital U, you should consult your doctor regarding its ingredients.

    #3 MLM has an Abysmal Success Rate

    More than 95% of all the people who joins an MLM company like revital U fail and end up not making money at all.

    This is not a made up number.

    The fact is, if you join revital U for business, it is likely that you will fail and I will tell you why.

    Why More Than 95% of MLM Distributors Does Not Make Money

    Below are the reasons why people fail to make money in an MLM business like revital U.

    #1 Lack of Leads

    To succeed in revital U, you will need a never-ending list of prospects to sell your products and grow your team.

    Sure you can turn to your family and friends at first, but what happens after then?

    I have been in this business in the past, and the lack of leads is one of the reasons why I almost quit network marketing without making any income at all.

    If it weren't for this fantastic marketing strategy, I never would have known what success in MLM tastes like.

    #2 Expensive Products

    When you compare the products of revital U to similar products in the stores and supermarkets, you can't deny that it is much more expensive. 

    This is another reason why people fail in network marketing because they have trouble selling the products and convincing people to buy it.

    #3 Lack of Skills

    Your success in revital U depends on your skills to make sales and grow your team. Do not believe the people that tell you otherwise.

    Many people fail in this business because they thought they could earn money without doing anything. Or that this is a Get-Rich-Quick program.

    If you want to learn more about why most people fail in MLM, click here.

    Is revital U a Scam

    While I am doing my research for this revital U review, I found no proof that there is a revital U scam going on.

    This is a legit company, and you could make money with revital U.

    Should U Join revital U

    revital U may not be a scam or a pyramid scheme. But bare in mind; this business is not for everybody.

    You should only become a Brand Influencer if:

    • You had a pleasant experience with the products, e.g., revital U smart coffee.
    • Selling products and building a team of like-minded people is something that you love to do.
    • You are willing to learn new things and do the grunt work.

    My Humble Advice

    If you feel that revital U is the business that you want to do, then I advise that you learn the Attraction Marketing.

    1. It is the strategy that allowed me to triple my monthly product sales and find the right people for my network marketing business. 
    2. With Attraction Marketing, running out of leads became a thing of the past for my business.

    You can start learning Attraction Marketing in here.

    revital U Business Alternative

    On the other hand, if you feel that an MLM business like revital U is not suitable for you, then I can recommend another beginner-friendly business opportunity for you.

    This online business program has something to do with affiliate marketing, and it has already changed the lives of ordinary people like you.

    This business allowed them to earn a 6-figure income at home.

    Some even quit their daily 9-5 jobs to enjoy an early retirement.

    It could happen to you too!

    The best part about this online business program? You can get started for free!

    Final Words

    Thank you for taking the time to read this revital U review. 

    I sincerely hope that this helped you decide on whether you should start drinking revital U coffee products and if revital U is a suitable business for you.

    Kindly share this information with other people if you think this is useful.

    Meanwhile, if you have more things that you want to discuss about revital U and its products, let me know in the Comment Section below.

    As I end, I will leave you this success blueprint and may it help you in your future endeavors. Until here and I wish you all the best!

    Your pal,




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