Plexus Worldwide Scam – Your Sponsor will hide this from you!

Someone you know introduced you to Plexus Worldwide because you wanted to lose weight.

And, you came across this amazing opportunity where you can lose weight and earn money at the same time.

So, you thought this might be something that interests you.

Plexus Worldwide Scam - What your sponsor will hide from youPlexus Worldwide Scam - What your sponsor will hide from you

The ambassador who introduced you to Plexus Worldwide claimed that you can turn this opportunity into a full-time business.

Is this all true or could it be just another hype?

In this Plexus Worldwide scam review, you get all the answers.

Before we dive into the details, let’s first understand what this company is all about…

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What is Plexus?

Plexus Worldwide is a US-based company that specializes in selling healthcare products and supplements.

Their products range from weight management, skincare to various nutritional supplements.

Much like It Works!, Herbalife, Take Shape for Life, Vasayo, Purium, Zija and many more companies, Plexus Worldwide engages in sales through direct marketing through the use of multilevel marketing schemes.

They have been a topic of controversy regarding their products which will be explained in brief in this Plexus Worldwide Review.

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Plexus Worldwide’s Products

Plexus position themselves as an all-natural ingredient company.

Their most famous and controversial line is their line of weight management shake or drink.

  • Weight Management – The basic range of dieting supplements. These range from fat absorption blockers, appetite management and increasing metabolism.
  • Nutrition – Generic nutritional supplements. Products not limited to detox products to multivitamins.
  • Skincare – Their products are advertised to be of an anti ageing nature.
  • Miscellaneous – Finally, their range of products includes breast check kits to body creams.

Plexus Worldwide Scam Review – Their Run with the FDA

Plexus Worldwide has had a history of issues with the Food Drug and Administration (FDA) with regards to their slimming products.

Their products have previously not met FDA standards and were asked to stop producing them.

Since then, they have reformulated and re-branded it into its current state. Whether it currently meets the FDA product requirements or not has yet to be addressed.

Plexus products have a disclaimer stating that consumers should consult their medical practitioners before consumption or usage.

However, it is not known if there are any active medical practitioners who would recommend usage of this item in the first place due to the ingredients it contains.

There have been multiple and mixed reviews over the effectiveness of the product and the side effects it may have caused.

With regards to the breast check kits, Plexus has previously used and cited medical practitioners and the American Cancer Society (ACS) endorsing the products.

While it has yet to be proven which practitioners have come out and shown their support for the kit, ACS has voiced out against them using their name due to better and more reliable practices in detecting cancer.

General quality assurance and practices are not revealed, nor their testing methods.

They claim to have patents for their products, but due to the nature of the ingredients which are 100% natural, what exactly has been patented?

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How Does Plexus Worldwide Work?

Plexus Worldwide relies largely on a direct sales method to get their products out in the market.

They do this through letting people join them as an “ambassador” and thus gaining access to distribution rights.

Their ambassadors are then free to either recruit more people into doing the selling for them, or just selling the packages and products which they purchase from the company to turn a profit.

Ambassadors are incentivized to increase their network in order to easily promote themselves to the next tier to have a larger share of the company profits.

The company allows up to about 7 levels worth of ambassadors below the primary for gouging profits.

In essence, the company needs to charge super exorbitant prices and margins in order to sustain such a business model.

Other forms of incentives include but limited to a Car sponsorship program or access to lower priced products.

The company offers a 1-time “trial” product package after signing up as an ambassador, so that the ambassadors can familiarize themselves with the products.

These are products that are sold at a lower cost than usual.

Plexus Worldwide also offers “combo” promotions, which are essentially slightly cheaper bundles of product in an effort to move product and upsell their total value.

Other plans they offer include newcomer performance bonuses in an effort to ride on a new person’s enthusiasm and zeal, and to realize as much sales as possible within the first few months.

Join as an Ambassador – What does it mean for you?

Before deciding whether you want to embark on your journey as part of the Plexus group, let us take a moment to consider various factors and what you would possibly go through.

1. Yearly Fee

First off, there is a yearly fee to join the company.

While this may be expected, do note that you are not the only one being offered this opportunity.

Anyone can join as long as they pay the yearly fee. But, how does this affect me as an ambassador?

Because of this opportunity is widely available to the public, it means that there’s no exclusivity. Anyone on the street could be a Plexus Ambassador.

Which means that on top of the competition from other weight loss brands, you have to compete with many other Plexus Ambassadors.

2. Minimum Order Per Month

Another issue of the business model you may encounter is the minimum order per month required to maintain membership.

This is done to prevent people from just collecting income from recruitment or as a form of tax to cycle money back into the company.

If you are unable to make any sales that month or for some reason are unable to commit to the ordering, it’s out of the club for you or you would have to absorb the costs and have a backlog of product to be sold in the next month.

What happens if this starts to accumulate? You would eventually need to start investing in a warehouse to give away the product, thus devaluating it’s worth.

Any profits you may have earned from recruiting members under you would be cycled back into the company.

3. Generic MLM Issues

The generic issues with MLM also apply here.

The reality is that most people involved in the MLM earn less than a thousand a year.

This is no different from the usual models.

The model has a chance of collapsing and failing if the bottom tier has nobody selling products or when the market has reached saturation.

MLM companies rarely make the effort to grow and promote the product themselves.

Instead, it largely relies on their distribution networks aka you to do it for them.

With such a large network of sellers, you are disincentivized from making large scale promotional efforts.

Because your promotion may be helping another Plexus ambassador who is not part of your network.

An example; would you pay for an infomercial or a newspaper ad for the product? There is nothing stopping them from getting the products direct than from you after getting the word out.

With such a questionable product history, are you willing to personally bear responsibility for recommending the product to another person?

Unless you are a medical practitioner and covered by a doctor’s insurance, chances are you would be the one bearing responsibility for anything that goes wrong.

The company has a disclaimer that advises users to seek medical advice before consumption, which attempts to absolve them of any responsibility that arises from complications. But does it really when you are a representative or ambassador of the company?

4. Return and Refund Issues

The return and refund process is not elaborate as well.

Their website advising consumers to approach their ambassadors that sold them the product to get a refund.

They did not specify which products are ineligible for it as well.

They have stated their products do not work the same for everyone and chances are, they won’t for everyone you sell it to.

Will the company really compensate you for their products that do not work on your customers?

There have been multiple claims about the company refusing refunds citing excuses like distributors need to return their goods faster or people who stopped subscribing to the membership still being sent and billed for products.

How to Succeed as a Plexus Worldwide Ambassador?

With so many inbound issues possibly arising, if you are still determined to succeed, there are a few factors that may make a difference.

1. A Constant flow of Prospects

This is probably one of the main issues for all Plexus Worldwide Ambassadors.

Like any business, you need a constant flow of new prospects to become a customer.

And, you need loyal customers who continue with the auto-shipment of the products. That is assuming the products really work.

Unless you have a huge network of prospects, you’ll probably hit speed bump with this opportunity.

If you really want to learn how you can find a constant flow highly targeted prospects, I’ll recommend that you check out this training program.

2. Capital and time you are willing to lose

Since this is a direct selling method, you will need a much tailored conversation with your potential customers.

People who have not been trained in sales prior to this will find themselves with an astonishingly high failure rate.

Even seasoned veterans in sales do expect some level of failure in trying to clinch a sale…

Especially more so when it is an MLM product.

You will need to craft up a list of people to talk to, actually spending time talking to them, understanding their needs and requirements before recommending them product.

If you have no idea how, then I highly recommend this MLM training program.

3. Reputation and Integrity

Are you willing to lose that or trade it in for cash gains?

There is a good chance you are going to overstate facts, betting your reputation on the product’s credibility.

As you know, the products don’t work for everyone.

Chances are, you will lose some friends if the products turn out to have negative results for them.

Also, could you really sell a loved one or friend a product you know that costs the company only a fraction to make?

Think about how much markup they need to do to sustain 7 levels of pyramid selling.

Could you honestly tell them to pay that premium knowing a majority of that money is going somewhere else?

If you can get pass these questions, then you are ready for this business.

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My Sincere Advice to You

If you are in this business just to earn a quick buck, then more likely than not, you’ll be wasting your time and money.

In order to be successful with this business, you need someone who has walked a thousand miles in your shoes as an ambassador to coach and guide you.

However, finding someone who is successful and willing to coach you is a rare occurrence.

Chances are you will join someone who have absolutely no clue to how to be successful.

So, if you really want to increase your chance of success with Plexus Worldwide, then I highly recommend that you check out this MLM training program.

On the other hand, if you think that MLM and sales is not your cup of tea…

Then, I recommend that you check out this business opportunity instead.

Because, this is the opportunity that allowed me to fire my boss and still earn a full-time income online.

Thank you so much for reading this Plexus Worldwide review!

I hope that you have learn something valuable here, and it has helped you make an informed decision.

If you found this Plexus Worldwide review helpful, please help to share it! It may help people who needs this information.

If you’d like to discuss more about this company and whether or not Plexus Worldwide is a scam…

Then, I invite you to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

Your pal,


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