PlanNet Marketing Review – What Reps Wish They Knew Before Joining

A wise man once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Such is the opportunity that PlanNet Marketing offers – turning your passion for travel into a “part-time, full-time, or even a big-time income.”

But as amazing as that sounds, you’re probably worried that this business might not be profitable enough, or worse, PlanNet Marketing might turn out to be a scam.

Well, for starters, getting involved in a travel business is not a bad idea.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the industry generated $8.8 trillion and supported 319 million jobs worldwide in 2018 alone. (Source)

Basically, everyone you know and most people on the planet want to travel (at least once a year), making all of them your potential customers.

So, can PlanNet Marketing allow you to earn lots of money from this supposed lucrative market? That’s what we are going to find out in this review.

PlanNet Marketing Business Summary

Product Quality

PlanNet Marketing offers discounted and “cheaper” travel services to the customers through the InteleTravel booking portal. However, since competition in the industry is extremely high, the prices are still not guaranteed to be the cheapest, nor the services the best compared to other providers. Customers will still need to do their own research to decide.

Success Difficulty

You would think that because you’re offering exclusive deals and great travel discounts, the travel services PlanNet Marketing promotes will “sell for itself.” Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Have you considered there are other booking portals like Expedia where people don’t need a 3rd party to plan their trips? It will require a great deal of skills to convince someone that they need your services. And, you can’t rely solely on promoting travel packages to succeed with this company, you need to build a large sales team. That’s where most people get stuck, mostly because they didn’t have means to find a constant flow of prospects.

Cost to Join

You will need at least $200 to get a proper start as a sales rep. Furthermore, you will also need to pay an administrative fee of around $60 per month to maintain your membership and to continue earning commissions.

I don’t know about you but this is not a small amount by any means. Also, the monthly fee has proven to be quite a steep price for most reps to keep up, especially for newbies struggling to make regular product sales.

Overall rating :  2 / 5


The first thing you have to consider before joining PlanNet Marketing is if you travel more than one to two times a year, because if you don’t, you won’t be putting the membership to good use.

On the business side, you absolutely need to widen your social circle and learn how to find a constant flow of prospects outside your warm market. 

Because let’s face it, not every person you know will travel a lot. Most of them will only travel once or twice a year at best, so if you only limit your prospects to the people you know, you aren’t likely going to make a lot of money as a PlanNet Marketing representative.

And, if selling travel services discounts and recruiting people is the not really something you are passionate about, then may I suggest that you learn how to make money online with your hobbies and interests?


  • You and other people can enjoy travel-related discounts. (How much)
  • Founder has a long track record in network marketing. (Who’s who)
  • You can earn money by helping other people save money. (Learn how)


What is PlanNet Marketing?

PlanNet Marketing is a travel service provider company that operates in a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) business model through InteleTravel.

The company was founded by Donald “Don” Bradley in 2015, with Andy Cauthen as the current CEO.

It promotes discounted travel services, and it offers a business opportunity where you can make money by selling the company products and recruiting people.

Other MLM companies in the same Travel industry are World Ventures, iBuumerang, Evolution Travel, and JIFU Travel.

Donald Bradley – PlanNet Marketing Founder

Don Bradley is a veteran network marketer.

He was previously a top-earning distributor of Paycation (aka Traverus Global), another travel MLM company.

Why Don decided to leave Paycation (despite earning millions) is something he didn’t discuss.


But I’m guessing it has something to do with the company getting a lot of heat from the FTC for its recruitment-based compensation plan.

Although wasn’t mentioned in the header, another person leading PlanNet Marketing today is Andy Cauthen. 

He is a known personality in YTB (Your Travel Biz) together with Holton Buggs before it got into trouble with the FTC for being a pyramiding scheme.

YTB eventually went bankrupt.

Despite their sketchy pasts, one cannot deny that Don and Andy are successful network marketers. They both have the knowledge, experience, and skills to lead an MLM company to success.

What are the PlanNet Marketing Products?

PlanNet Marketing doesn’t have a physical product since it is a service-based business. 

Instead, it offers discounted travel services through InteleTravel; a travel booking portal co-founded by James Ferrara in 1992.

The PlanNet Marketing products retailed through InteleTravel include airline tickets, car rentals, hotels, and resorts bookings. They also have luxurious packages like a vacation, cruises, and weddings. Even golf trips!

Should you be interested, I also wrote a detailed review for InteleTravel a while back.

How Does PlanNet Marketing Work?

In layman’s terms, PlanNet Marketing merely provides the travel services that InteleTravel sells and promotes to other people.

If you want to make money as a PlanNet Marketing representative, you’ll have to become an InteleTravel Agent (ITA) too.

As an ITA, you’ll get exclusive travel discounts for yourself and you’ll also earn commissions for every sale of such services . You will also get the right to sell the InteleTravel membership itself to other people.

PlanNet Marketing calls this concept “Law of Leverage.”

It basically means that you will earn money not only from your own efforts but also from other people’s productivity.

However, the downside of joining PlanNet Marketing is that you’ll have to pay for two separate administrative fees; PlanNet Marketing admin fee and the InteleTravel Agent fee.

How Much Does it Cost to Join PlanNet Marketing?

To become an official PlanNet Marketing representative, you have to pay the following:

  • InteleTravel Agent Enrollment Fee – $179.95 one-time (Monthly Administrative Fee of $39.95 for the first month included)
  • PlanNet Marketing Administrative Fee – $19.95 per month

You will need to fork in $199.90 on your first month, then $59.90/month for both PlanNet Marketing and InteleTravel administrative fees onward.

For most people, this is a costly investment.


On top of the expensive membership fees, there is also no guarantee that you can indeed make money with this company.

PlanNet Marketing Compensation Plan – Is it worth the monthly fees?

Like I mentioned above, there are two ways for you to make money as a PlanNet Marketing representative.

You’ll earn commissions by selling travel-related products through InteleTravel (retails) and also by building a network of Independent InteleTravel Agents (recruitment).

1. Retailing Commissions

For every travel-related service sold to customers, InteleTravel will earn anywhere between 14% to 28% commissions depending on the type of product.

The rest of the profits goes to the PlanNet Marketing and its suppliers.

Within the 14% to 28% commission, 70% will be paid as commission to you, the ITA who sold the product.


For illustration purposes, let’s say that you sold a discounted travel package for $1,000 with InteleTravel’s base commission at 28%.

$1,000 x 0.28 (28%) = $280

Hence, InteleTravel earned $280 for this single transaction. You, on the other hand, will earn 70% out of the $280.

Therefore, your retail commission for selling the $1,000 product with the conditions above will be $280 x 0.7 = $196.

Furthermore, you will also earn commissions from the products sold by your recruits and every time there is a new ITA that joins InteleTravel with you as the sponsor (recruiter).

2. Recruiting Commissions

There are a few ways you can earn more money through recruitment with the PlanNet Marketing compensation plan.

I hope you’re ready to recruit lots of people to this business opportunity because it’s the only way for you to earn the following commissions:

2.1 InteleTravel Agents Commissions

You can earn $50 for every InteleTravel Agent that you enroll. This commission has no limit, so the more people you can convince to become an ITA, the more $50 you will earn.

2.2 50% Matching Bonus

You will also receive a 50% matching bonus when your personally recruited ITA recruits a new ITA under your organization. (the person you recruit recruits another person)

For every new ITA enrolled by your recruit, he/she will earn $50 and you will earn $25.


2.3 Residual Commissions

PlanNet Marketing uses a forced 3×9 matrix to pay for this commission.

In this pay structure, you are placed at the top with 3 individuals directly below you. 

Every one of those individuals is also allowed to have 3 individuals directly below them down to 9 levels.

Each position in the matrix will be filled by recruiting new InteleTravel Agents, each paying $39.95 a monthly fee.

Every time these people under you renew their monthly fee, you will earn $4 on each position.


2.4 Team Bonus (Gold Builder)

This commission uses another pay structure called a UniLevel MLM compensation plan. 

In UniLevel, you will be placed at the top while all of your recruits will be placed directly under you (level 1). The recruits of your recruits will be placed directly under them (level 2) and so on.

To earn the Gold Builder Bonus, you’ll need to recruit and maintain 9 InteleTravel Agents personally. 

You will earn $10 override commissions per InteleTravel affiliate membership sold in your team up to 6 levels deep.

2.5 Director Bonus

PlanNet Marketing reps who manage to recruit and maintain a specific number of InteleTravel Agents will earn override commissions per month.

  • 1 Star Director – 100 ITAs you earns an additional $500/month
  • 2 Star Director – 300 ITAs $1000/month
  • 3 Star Director – 500 ITAs, $2000/month
  • 4 Star Director – 1500 ITas, $5000/month
  • 5 Star Director – 4000 ITAs, $10,000/month
  • 6 Star Director – 10,000 ITAs, $16,000/month
  • 7 Star Director – 25,000 ITAs, $30,000/month
  • 8 Star Director – 50,000 ITAs, $50,000/month
  • 9 Star Director – 100,000 ITAs,100,000/month

During the time I was writing this PlanNet Marketing review, it appears no distributor has reached the ranked of 6 Start Director and above yet.

2.6 Rank Achievement Bonus

These are one-time bonuses every time you achieve a specific rank within the PlanNet Marketing affiliate hierarchy, or by earning a specific monthly commission.

  • Get to rank 5 Star Director – Rolex watch
  • Earn $8,333/month – Sapphire ring
  • $20,833/month – Ruby ring
  • $41,667/month – Diamond ring
  • $83,333/month – Double Diamond ring

There were no mentions of the size or the carats of the gemstones on each ring so there is no way for me to determine their values.

In case you want to verify the information in this PlanNet Marketing review, here’s a compensation plan explanation by the founder Donald “Don” Bradley himself.

So, did you watch the video? No? Well, let me summarize the most important parts for you.

As Don claims, PlanNet Marketing uses an “Aggressive” compensation plan. 

I guess it’s true, if what he means is that you have to be aggressive in recruiting people to make a decent income.

Because while you can earn profits by selling travel-services through InteleTravel, the bigger income will come from you recruiting new ITAs in your team.

If you can’t build a vast network of InteleTravel Agents under your team, you won’t make a lot of money and you won’t survive long either.

How much can you earn with PlanNet Marketing?

With all the numbers above, I can’t blame you if you’d think that paying $60 a month is not that bad considering your income potential with PlanNet Marketing is very lucrative. 

Well, hold that thought for a bit.

Here’s the latest income disclosure provided by the company.


As you can see, in 2018, 97.52% of all people who joined the company only has an average annual income of $165.92. 

Meaning, most people are only earning a little over $10 per month! Not really the kind of life-changing income you’re hoping for, right?

Furthermore, based on the same document, PlanNet Marketing admits that 76.29% of the total representatives didn’t earn a dime. As in zero!


Keep in mind that these people who didn’t earn money have been paying $59.90 a month in administrative fees!!!

Not only they didn’t earn money with PlanNet Marketing, but they lose money instead. Who knows how many months they tried to make this business work.

Let’s say for someone who tried to make it work for an entire year, then that’s a little over $700 down the drain. 

Is PlanNet Marketing a Legitimate Business Opportunity?

The idea of “Leverage” that PlanNet Marketing uses on its business is actually good. In fact, all MLM companies are using the same concept.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, it translates to:

Leverage – Building a sales team – Recruitment

Yup, leverage in MLM simply means recruiting people, and don’t get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with that.

However, the Federal Trade Commission made a clear distinction between a legitimate MLM to a pyramid scheme.

According to the FTC, if a distributor’s primary income comes from selling the products/services, then there is nothing to worry about.

Otherwise, you might be involved in a pyramid scheme.

Is PlanNet Marketing a Pyramid Scheme

On the plus side, anyone, even non-members, can buy PlanNet Marketing travel-services offered on InteleTravel.

A clear sign that reps have another option to make money except for recruitment.

But here’s the tricky part.

While it is true that PlanNet Marketing, through InteleTravel, rewards you commissions whenever a product is sold, better commissions purely rely on recruitment.

For example, the InteleTravel Agent Bonus and 50% Matching Bonus pays you directly by recruiting a new person to the company.

There is no product sold here because you are merely selling membership to InteleTravel.

And if you take another closer look at the company’s compensation plan, the majority of the residual commissions rely on the number of people you have on your team rather than the volume of product sales to customers.

So, based on this information, do you think PlanNet Marketing is a pyramid scheme? Why or why not?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below, and we can discuss it.

Should You Join PlanNet Marketing?

Everyone indeed has the “same opportunity to succeed” with this company, but why do over 97% fail to make a decent income?

Well, its because a specific set of skills, traits, and knowledge are required to succeed in network marketing.

For instance, while this business opportunity is “lucrative” as Don says, I believe its more suitable for people who are knowledgeable in the travel industry.

But it doesn’t end there.

Booking a trip or a hotel is a delicate matter, and people won’t just trust anyone they met online.

You’ll have to possess the skills of persuasion, and you must be credible enough that people will actually trust you.

You also have to consider that with the Internet and technology we have today; it’s not really that difficult to book a trip anymore. 

As evidence, more and more people (including me) are going on trips Do-It-Yourself (DIY) style, so why would they need travel agents like you?

Sure, you could say you can offer them the “best deals” or the “best discounts”. 

But as you might already know, PlanNet Marketing and InteleTravel isn’t the only company offering this type of deals.

And to make it clear, I’m not saying that you have absolutely no hope to reach your financial goals with this business. (Although over 97% already failed)

I’m merely giving you a heads up of what will be it like once you join PlanNet Marketing.


If you feel that selling discounted travel packages and services with PlanNet Marketing is how you can “live your dream life,” then, by all means, give it a try.

But may I suggest that you check out this strategy used by the best network marketers, including the top 3% PlanNet Marketing representatives.

It allowed them to find a steady flow of leads for their business and taught them how to attract the right people on their team.

Now, if PlanNet Marketing is not suitable for you…

So, after all that we’ve discussed, if you don’t think the PlanNet Marketing business opportunity is suitable for you, and you are still looking for an alternative…

Then, I highly recommend that you check out this program.

It will allow you to promote any products that you want and turn any of your passion and interests (not just travel) into a real, full-time income.

PS. No Selling and Recruitment required!

The program that I’ve just recommended is the same program that taught me how to earn a full-time income from home even after I quit my full-time job.

I truly believe the same could happen to you too!

Until here, and thank you for taking the time to read this PlanNet Marketing review.

I hope that this has provided you with all the information you need to figure out whether this is a suitable business for you.

Your friend,


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