Is It Worth Joining Paysbook? – A Well-Balanced Review

One day while I was busy scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed, I saw a post which shows a stay-at-home mom talking about a particular platform which she claims made her able to earn a substantial "passive income" online.

That's when I found the platform Paysbook. At first, I didn't pay much attention to it because I thought it is just another Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company or a pyramid scheme.

But, a couple of days later...

More posts about Paysbook "success stories" and "full-time income" has continually flooded my Facebook news feed. 

They claimed that Paysbook, a new social media platform, has made them a 4-6 figures income just by doing the things they usually do in Facebook - posting, sharing, commenting. Well...

I want that!

At this point, I decided to learn more about Paysbook and I did my research to the point that I even tried the platform.

Without further ado, let's get started with this Paysbook review.

Review Summary

Owner: Arjay Gallenero

Price: PHP 1,000 (~20USD by the time I am writing this)

Recommended? No. Check this out instead.


Income Opportunity Rating:

What is Paysbook?

Paysbook is an online business opportunity that promises its members to earn money by utilizing 3 of the most innovative Internet business models in the world -  social media advertising, ecommerce and affiliate marketing.

Paysbook was established in the Philippines by Arjay Gallenero on January of 2018. It is highly promoted as...


"The only social media that pays".

However, after I joined Paysbook, I found out that it is not the social media or the ecommerce system that really pays.

It is the recruitment scheme which they call as "affiliate marketing program" that provides better earnings.

How to Join Paysbook?

You can join Paysbook by signing up using the link provided by their affiliates (their members).

Aside from that..

You can also sign up directly into Paysbook's official website.

I am not interested in dealing with the members because I thought I am just probably going to get the usual hypes so I just signed up directly.


Once the registration is done...

You will be provided with your own back office and given access to your own online online business system.

You can then start doing the usual things that you usually do with Facebook but this time, you can make money as it is supposed to be with Paysbook. (pun intended)

How Does Paysbook Work?

Once you are already on their registration page, you will then be required to create a Paysbook account.

You will be asked to fill in your First Name, Last Name, Username, E-mail Address, Password and Mobile Number.

By simply accomplishing the registration process, you will immediately earn the following:

  • Sign In Rewards - Earn a one-time 300PHP upon completing the Sign Up.
  • Log-in Rewards - Earn 200PHP/day within your first 6 days

That's a total of $1500 (~30USD) for simple tasks. This is like to completing a task in a GPT Site like PrizeRebel but with a much better pay.

Anyone can join Paysbook for free however...

To fully maximize your earnings with Paysbook , you will need to purchase an activation code by paying a one-time fee of 1,000PHP (~20USD).

After you entered the activation code into the system, you will officially become an affiliate member and you can earn additional income through the following:

  • Social Media Plan
  • Eloading
  • Emall (ecommerce)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Binary System
  • Unilevel System

As you can see in the image above, I got a 300PHP sign-in reward immediately after the Sign Up process. The login/logout rewards I received as promised within the next 6 days.


I was not able to withdraw my earnings (a total of 1,500PHP approx 30USD) but more on this later.

How to Make Money with Paysbook

Once you become an affiliate of Paysbook, you can make money by doing the following:

  • Social Media - Whenever you like, comment or share a post on Facebook, you will earn Indigen Coin.

    Indigen Coin is a crypto currency that you can convert later to cash.
  • Eloading - You can earn profits by selling credits or "loads" to mobile phones and games.
  • Ecommerce - Make profits by selling your own products on Paysbook's Emall system.
  • Take note, Paysbook will not be providing you any products. You will be selling your own items.
  • Direct Referral - Earn 100PHP (~2USD) every person you referred to Paysbook up to infinity.
  • Matching Bonus - Paysbook uses a binary system on their affiliate "recruitment" system. Every time you have a matching referrals on your Left and Right sales force, you earn 100PHP up to 40 pairs every day.
  • Levelling Commission - In addition to the 100PHP you earn in the Matching Bonus, you will also earn an additional 400PHP (~8USD) on each level that the match occurs up until the 10th level.

How to Get Paid with Paysbook?

In the event the you have accumulated the minimum requirement of 3,000PHP (~60USD) for your first payout, you can get paid with Paysbook through the following:

  • Bank Transfer - BDO (Banco de Oro) or Cashcard
  • Money Remittance Centers - Cebuana, M. Lhuilier or Palawan Pawnshop
  • OFW Payout - Information regarding this is undisclosed by Paysbook

What I Like about Paysbook

A Promising Online Business Model

Paybook provides its members a unique and promising way to make money online by combining different business models. 

As an affiliate of Paysbook, you will have the chance to discover your passion and use it to earn money using their platform.

Free to Join

I don't know if I should include this as something I like about Paysbook due to the fact that although you can join for free, you have no way of making money unless you cash out the required 1,000PHP.

However, the fact that you get access to their platform and take a peek at what they offer can provide you some very useful insights on how to proceed with this business opportunity. 

You can look at it as a sneak peek to what Paysbook can offer to you.

Paysbook University

Paysbook provide free training videos to their affiliates. One thing to highlight is that they offer a lesson about Attraction Marketing, a very effective strategy to get an endless stream of prospects.

Although the lesson only talks about the Fundamentals of Attraction Marketing and maybe not as thorough and as excellent as what Ferny Ceballos did in his Attraction Marketing Formula, it is still a good learning opportunity for its members.

A Variety of Ways to Earn Money

In Paysbook, you wil have the flexibility on how you want to run your online business.

You can choose between social media advertising, ecommerce or sponsoring new members to generate an income.

A lot of people out there will appreciate this kind of offer since each individual has their personal business preference and passion.

What I Dont Like About Paysbook

Now that I have presented everything I like about Paysbook, allow me to get into the hairy details of what makes this business opportunity a little questionable to me.

Localized Online Business

Needless to say,  Paysbook is more of a local online business platform that targets the residence in the Philippines and the Filipinos that are working abroad.

You can see it clearly especially on their payout options. Those are only available if you are in the Philippines.

So unless you have a relative in this country (Philippines) or you are currently living there, Paysbook is not for you.

You can take a look at this much better online business program instead.

Undisclosed Crucial Pieces of Information

Did I told you that I wasn't able to withdraw my first earnings that amount to 1,500PHP?

The thing with Paysbook is, for your first payout, you won't be able to withdraw your earnings unless you manage to earn a minimum of 3,000PHP (~60USD).

Here's where it get's real disappointing...

There is no way you can ever earn that amount unless you are going to buy the 1000PHP activation code and earn thru their social media platforms, ecommerce system or, recruit people.

I honestly felt like I was being tricked into signing up thinking I can get money for it.

Another thing is about the OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) Payout. The fact that OFW's are among the target audience of Paysbook affiliates, there should have been a clear way as how they could get paid too.

 The Only Social Media That Pays or Plays?

At first, I thought that Paysbook's social media platform is as active as Facebook because it claims that you can meet "millions of people."

But the reality is extremely different from what they claim. I have a bad experience with Paysbook Social in general. 

The website took almost a full minute to load, the images aren't available, and I can't see any attractive section.

I was not able to search for people because the "Browse" link and the "suggested people" aren't even working. (maybe it was a glitch at that time, I don't know)

Aside from that...

I firmly believe that any website that collects personal information should have a privacy policy. Paysbook Social doesn't have any.

Paysbook Emall - A Simple Brick and Mortal Stall is even Better to be Honest

So there's also this commerce platform in Paysbook called Paysbook Emall that looks like this.


As an affiliate of Paysbook, you can sign up for free if you want to buy a product or sell an item.

But something bothers me when I started to browse this online marketplace.


Is this really a legit ecommerce platform?

Almost all of the products listed in Paysbook Emall doesn't provide any valuable information. Some don't even have proper images.

People might feel skeptical about this platform, and they won't even try to look up for products here.

This ecommerce platform can never hope to compete against the international names like Amazon or Shopify.

I don't even think that Emall can ever hope to measure up to Lazada, a local ecommerce store in the Philippines.

I highly doubt that you can make a decent income from this platform.

Affiliate Marketing Program (A Pyramid Scheme in Disguise??)

Paysbook claims that their platform offers an Affiliate Marketing Program that you can use to earn money.

You'll make money in this so-called affiliate marketing program using the Social Media Pay Plan and Direct Referrals.

But here's the reality about this programs.

Social Media Pay Plan

You will be taught to post your amazing experiences with Paysbook and your earnings on Facebook so that you can entice people into joining the platform.

Paysbook calls this as earning through ads but it sounds no more than a hype. What do you think?

Direct Referrals

In Paysbook, this is where the huge income potential comes from. You will earn money using this compensation plan:

  • Direct Commission
  • Matching Commission
  • Leveling Commission

There is nothing really wrong about this except that these compensation plans are usually used by legitimate MLM companies.

Paysbook says they are not an MLM company nor an investment platform.

So what is Paysbook then?

If there are Paysbook affiliates who happen to read this Paysbook review, please we would like to hear your side to clear this up.

All your ideas will be welcomed and kindly utilize the comment section below.

Paysbook Products

Paysbook doesn't have any real products, the only thing that you are going to promote is the company itself. 

In one of their video presentations, Paysbook claims that their products are intangible products which is an immediate red flag.

As per the FTC requires...

In order for a company to not be branded as a pyramid scheme, they must be able to present tangible products that their members can actually sell to earn profits.

I am not saying that Paysbook is a scam or a pyramid scheme. But the way their business model is structured is very controversial.

Besides, this is not even how real affiliate marketing works.

This is how a Legit Affiliate Marketing should be.


You might feel that I am getting ahead of myself here and coming off as a little too skeptical about Paysbook. So to be fair with this company...

You can learn more about how you can make money with Paysbook in the compensation plan video created by one of their members and you can decide for yourself.

Paysbook Compensation Plan Video

So what do think? Does their compensation works for you or would you prefer some other ways to make money online?

Is Paysbook a Pyramid Scheme?

All of Paysbook affiliates and the company itself claim that they operate in a legitimate business model due to the following documents:


Although these documents are authentic, they are not enough to prove that their business model is legitimate.

In fact, the Securities of Exchange Commission in the Philippines issued a Warning about Paysbook.


According to SEC Public Advisory,  any person who will participate in this investment/recruitment scheme might be held criminally liable. (this is no joke!)

Aside from that...

The US FTC has provided the criteria to distinguish a pyramid scheme as I have mentioned earlier. These are some of the telltale signs of a pyramid scheme:

  • No genuine product or service
  • Promises of high returns in a short period
  • Easy money or passive income
  • No demonstrated revenue from retail sales
  • Buy-in required
  • Complex commission structure
  • Emphasis on recruiting

I don't want to put my foot in my mouth by saying something without proper proof so instead, I am going to let you decide.

Base on the facts I just presented you:

  • Is Paysbook a scam?
  • Do you think Paysbook is a pyramid scheme?
  • Is it a legit business model?

Please share your thoughts and we can work together to bring the truth into the light.

My Sincere Advice to You

I know that you are eagerly seeking for a means to make a substantial amount of income online.

There are many legit online business programs that will allow you to do that. Unfortunately, I do not see Paysbook to be one of them.

If you really want to legitimately earn a full-time income online from home, then I'd highly recommend that you learn more about this program.

This program has helped a lot of individuals, including me, to become successful online. It has changed a lot of lives for the better and it could do the same for you.

Thank you for reading this Paysbook review! I hope that I've provided you with sufficient information to make an informed decision regarding this business opportunity.

If you found this review helpful, kindly share it to the people you know who might benefit from this information.

Until here and I wish you the best of success in the future.

Your pal,


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