Is Oriflame a scam? – What your sponsor don’t want you to know

Oriflame-mainName: Oriflame
Website:  www.oriflame.com
Founders: Jonas Jochnick and Robert Jochnick

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You’re probably introduced to Oriflame by a friend or someone close to you, and you are wondering if this business opportunity is legitimate or is it a scam that you and your close one should avoid.

You’ve come to the right place because I am going to share with you everything you need to know in order to make the right call on this company.

Oriflame is a Multilevel Marketing (MLM) giant laying its ground on the beauty products industry.

The company continues to expand over the past 50 years, operating in more than 60 countries, and it has already offered products to millions of consumers around the globe.

If this company was a scam, it would have been shut down by the authorities long ago, right?

Now, although the company is legitimate, it doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed a success.

We will discuss more about the characteristics of a successful Oriflame distributor as you read along, but before that, let’s take a look at what this company is all about.

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What is Oriflame?

Oriflame is a Swedish MLM company founded in the year 1967 by two brothers, Jonas Jochnick and Robert Jochnick.

Their main focus is on the cosmetics a beauty product line.  The name was originated from the royal banner used in medieval France, which is called Oriflamme.

Current head offices of Oriflame are based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.  In the year 2004, they became a public listed company on NASDAQ.

As of now, they have over 3.6 million distributors worldwide, and they have achieved €1.2 billion in regional sales at the end of 2016.

Oriflame-productsOriflame’s vast product line expanded to over 1000 different product ranges from skin care, colorcosmetics, fragrances, personal & hair care, accessories to wellness products. All their products are claimed to be using natural and vegan ingredient.

Are they solely focusing on female products, since most of their emphasis is on beauty products? Of course not. They cater to both male and female markets.

Despite catering to both genders, their best-selling strongly emphasize on the female-driven products. Here are some of the top 10 best-selling products from Oriflame:

  • Oriflame Very Me Cherry My Cheeks Blush: Sweet Coral
  • Oriflame Fairness Lotion with Mulberry and Vitamin E
  • Oriflame Pure Skin Hide & Treat
  • Oriflame Smooth Beauty Definer in Blue
  • Oriflame Royal Velvet Superior Nourishing Mask
  • Oriflame Feminelle Refreshing Intimate Wash
  • Oriflame Vision Lipsticks
  • Oriflame Optimals White Day Fluid SPF 15
  • Oriflame Pure Skin Blackhead Toner Deep Action
  • Oriflame Swedish Spa Sea Algae Beauty Treatment Serum

Do the products actually work?

Some people experience negative effects, while some did not feel the difference. Yet, those who love the products did not mind paying hundreds of dollars a month in their products.

Here’s some of the product reviews that I’ve found:


Sources: www.thedermreview.com and www.consumercomplaints.in

That is the dilemma of buyers. Which one should you listen to? Who can you trust?

My advice is simple. Trust nobody other than yourself. You are the best person to judge if a product works best.

It is by believing that the product works is the first step to deciding your involvement in a business opportunity.

If you can’t convince yourself that the products work, how would you convince others, right?

Now, if the product works for you, and you are dead right that you will be successful with Oriflame, then you may get on with the game!

With all the facts of the company being laid out, let’s learn more about what it takes to be successful with the company.

How will you be compensated?

Oriflame is designed with the general MLM structure that you probably would have known.

It started by distributors selling Oriflame products. Another approach to earn money is by recruiting a team of distributors under your helm (downline) in which you will receive commission for transactions done by your downlines.

The bigger your team grows, the more successful you will become in monetary terms. This is a similar structure you will see amongst MLM giants such as Amway, Forever Living or Avon.

Oriflame has developed themselves to be a renowned brand in the India. This video explained the compensation plan based on Indian rupees.

The commission is earned through buying the products at a discounted price and sell them out at the recommended retail price.

If you made a purchase of 9900 rupee worth of product, you will earn a 20% discount on the products.

Subsequently, purchasing more than 9900 rupee worth of products, you will earn a 30% discount.

If you have earned your way to becoming a group manager, you are entitled for 9% commission from your downlines.

The higher you go, the more commissions you are able to rack up from the distributors below you. It is a number’s game. It is the survival of the fittest.

The strongest player survives and reap the rewards, the weakest link will continue to do whatever it takes to reach the top.

Why more than 95% of the distributors fail?

Entering an MLM business is pretty easy, however why do more than 95% of the people still fail to excel?

1. Wrong Mindset

Direct selling is not for everyone.

You can’t put your head into the game without knowing whether this is the right place for you.

You may see many successful figures being rich and drive luxury cars. But you may not realize how hard he/she climbed the way up.

Being successful here may create exponential result, but provided you strive for it. Not just believing it without working hard.

Plus, you have to face constant rejection, and this is the deterring factor for success.

Unless you are one who would go against all odds to achieve success, you shouldn’t be in this opportunity.

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2. Competitive Market

It has almost zero barriers of entry.

You may bump into another fellow Oriflame distributor somewhere.

You will have to be so good at approaching potential consumers, else you will lose out to better distributors.

3. Lots of Social Connection and Networking Required

Being on this business part time would not do much justice.

You will have to go all out and throw everything in this business in order to reach the top.

You need to start finding leads, expand your network to know the friend of your friend.

Worst of all, some of the people whom you thought is a potential client, may start to shy away from you.

You should expect to lose someone close to you if you start on this business venture. Are you ready to do that?

How to be Successful with Oriflame?

One way to achieve success is to make use of their compensation plan.

Recruit as many distributors as possible who are able to produce great sales to help boost your passive income.

At the same time, helping your team of distributors to build their own team.

As your team grows, your income will grow as well.

Another strategy to boost sales is by increasing the awareness online.

Direct selling requires push-strategy. You need to push your products to the consumers because they will never come to you.

Identify who is the niche group of people you are targeting, create great content to induce their interest, packaged the benefits of your product in your blog content and seal them in.

My Sincere Advice to You

The first step to decide if this business opportunity is right for you, is to believe that the products work.

This would mean that you have to buy and use the products yourself.

If you can’t convince yourself that it works, how can you convince others, right?

Next, you need to have a gung-ho mentality in order to achieve great results with this opportunity.

This would mean that you have to go against all odds, facing a lot of rejections on a daily basis, and even loosing a few close friends at worst. Are you ready for that?

On top of that, only the best will survive towards the end. That is why most people who are not able to earn enough sales will eventually quit within 6 months.

Some people tend to hold on longer, but suffered losses from bulk purchases with little or no sales.

Now, what if this business opportunity is not suitable for you? What’s next?

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Wishing you all the best in whatever decision you’ll make, and thank you for reading this review!

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