Numis Network Scam Review


Name:  Numis Network
Website:  www.numisnetwork.com
Price: $90/mth
Owners: Chris Kent, Jake Kevorkian, Ian Cordell

Bare Naked Scam Rating: One Thumb Down

 Numis Network rating

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This Company has ceased its operation!

Is Numis Network a Scam? Does it really work?

Numis-network-mlmAs you probably know, I’m against Multi-Level marketing (MLM). I had enrolled in a lot of MLM companies in the past and most of them do not last through 5 years.

MLM is a business where it involves recruiting people under you (your downline) usually 2 or 3 people to sell a certain kind of product and your downline will recruit another 2 or 3 people which forms into a pyramid.

First question to ask yourself when you want to join a MLM company is whether the company’s product is a need or a want for consumers.

The reason why Amway (an MLM company) is so successful is because they tab into everyday needs of consumers like shampoo, toothpaste, etc. So your pool of potential customers are practically everyone.

For Numis Network, it is all about coin collection. Is coin collection a need? What do you think.

The next question you have to ask yourself is “do I have a large pool of people I can recruit as my downline”, in other words, “Do you know many people who are interested in collecting coins?” If your answer is NO, then basically your chances of being successful in Numis Network is close to zero.

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Numis Network compensation plan – unique as they claim?

Well, they claim to be unique, but I have seen similar compensation plans from other MLM companies, in fact, most of the MLM companies have these kind of compensation plan.

FREE silver every month

Numis-Network-scam-review-Free-SilverIn order to be a member and receive a silver coin every month for free, you have to first pay $90/mth and have 12 members under you. (You have to recruit 3 people and your 3 recruited members have to recruit their own 3 members)

There’s nothing FREE in this world. You are actually paying $90/mth to get a silver coin. Worth it?

What happens if the 3 people you have recruited can’t get their 3 people? Guess what, you do not get your “FREE” coin.

So do you want to recover the $90 that  you have paid? There’s a way. Let me show you how the Binary compensation Plan works.

Binary Compensation Plan – the only compensation plan that is recurring

Numis-network-scam-review-1The Binary Compensation Plan is based on the power and simplicity of 2.

First goal is to recruit 2 people, one will come under the “Left Leg” and one will come under the “Right Leg”. New joiners recruited through the “Left Leg” will come under the “Left Leg” and vice versa.

Each person whom is recruited will give you 60 Bonus Volume (“BV”). So, let’s say you have 20 people in your “Left leg” and 10 people in your “Right Leg”. Your “Left Leg will be deemed as your “Strong Leg” and your “Right Leg” will be deemed as your “Weak Leg”.

The Binary Compensation Plan will take into account the number of people in the “Weak Leg”. 10 people in the “Weak Leg” gives you 600BV (10 people x 60BV), and will be divided by 300 to determine the counter for your bonus (also called “Cycle bonus”).

Each cycle bonus will give you $30. In this case, you will get $60/mth.

Then what happens to your recruited people in the “Strong leg”? Well, they are not counted as part of your bonus plan. In other words, your effort is wasted.

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A Clearer explanation of the Compensation Plan

Below are a series of Numis Network Training videos that explains on the compensation plans:

  • Introduction to Compensation Plan – Link unavailable – Site is down
  • Streams of Income – Link unavailable – Site is down
  • Building Your Network – Link unavailable – Site is down
  • Ranks & Qualifications – Link unavailable – Site is down
  • Enroller Matching Bonuses – Link unavailable – Site is down
  • Collector Bonus – Link unavailable – Site is down

Let’s be realistic here, in order to earn $3,000/mth from Numis Network, you have to recruit 500 people under your “Left Leg” and 500 people under your “Right Leg”. Is that even possible?

Well, it might be possible if you are a very influential person or an authoritative person who can convince or make a thousand people to do what you want them to do.

My sincere advice

While Numis Network is not really a scam, you have to weight its worthiness. Is it really worth spending so much time and effort to get a little compensation? Is it really worth it to spend $90/mth?

For me, it is just not worth the time, effort and money. I would not even know if Numis network can sustain throughout my lifetime.

What if Numis Network run out of business due to some unforeseen circumstances, what would happen then? Is it worth putting your fate into the hands of Numis network?

I would rather spend my time and effort doing an online business where I have control over.

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As always, I welcome you to share your thoughts by dropping a comment below. I will be more than happy to discuss Numis Network with you.

Your pal,


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