My Lead System Pro Review: 9 Things To Know if it is a Scam

Are you a network marketer or business owner struggling to make sales for your product or service?

Glad that you have found this MLSP review because you’ll know if this program will help with your business.

MLSP has been around for a long time, and I am glad that they have revamped the courses and removed most of the dated materials.

The online marketing space is changing rapidly, so it is important for any course providers to keep up with the changes.

And yes, with MLSP, you’ll be learning how to grow your network marketing business online. No more chasing and prospecting the people around you, or going to events for the purpose of prospecting.

My Lead System Pro Review
  • About: MLSP advertised itself as a learning platform that provides the best training for network marketers. It teaches you how to increase the prospect frequency (daily leads), more sales, more signups and ultimately grow your MLM or other businesses through the use of the Internet. Sounds good to be true? Read on. MLSP also offers an affiliate program wherein you can refer other people to MLSP and you’ll earn a commission for that.
  • Price to join core training:
    $504 – $1,800 annually or $49 – $179 monthly;
    Other training courses:
    $97 – $497 one-time payment
  • Pros: The core training revolves around helping you master an effective network marketing concept called “Attraction Marketing”. Not only you will learn how to find prospects online, it will teach you how to retain them. That’s the key to achieving success in network marketing. On top of that, you can also take part in their affiliate program to supplement your core income stream.
  • Cons: The core training may be overwhelming for beginners who have not tried prospecting online.
  • MLSP Founders: Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz & Todd Schlomer
  • Verdict: It is one of the best attraction marketing training programs out there. The founders and course creators are renowned network marketers who uses the same techniques to grow their network marketing business. Learning from people who practice what they preach is important in this day and age, don’t you think?



OUT OF 5.0

1. What is My Lead System Pro

My Lead System Pro was founded in 2008 by Todd Schlomer, Brian Fanale, and Norbert Orlewicz.

MLSP Founders

MLSP is a learning platform for any network marketer, entrepreneur, and home business owner to get more leads, increase sales, and retain existing customers.

What is MLSP

The core concept taught in MLSP is Attraction Marketing which is an effective strategy that looks to attract people to buy products from you or join your business instead of you looking for them.

However, it is difficult to master the skill of Attraction Marketing.

Personally, I’ve spent hours upon hours of training with MLSP, I am convinced that anyone who puts in the effort to follow the courses and implement the knowledge, will have a higher chance of succeeding in their MLM business online.

From building authority, creating a personal brand, and to finding prospects online, MLSP covers them all.

The question is, can MLSP bring your MLM business to the next level?

2. What will you learn in MLSP?

Phase 1 & 2 requires the basic plan that cost $49 monthly or $504 yearly. It is a great way to kick start your journey to online prospecting.

The modules and lessons are easy to consume. The videos are in bite sizes.

But, there are hundreds of videos within each of the modules mentioned below. You may be overwhelmed.

For the best experience, be patient and follow through the modules in sequence without skipping ahead.

My Lead System Pro Courses

Phase one – Social Media Prospecting & Recruiting

Part I: Getting Leads

  • Social Media Networking & Prospecting – The foundation of everything taught in MLSP
  • Introduction to their Social Challenge
  • Posting on Social Media for profits – Joining the social challenge would mean starting posting relevant things about you and your business on Facebook
  • Introduction to Lead Generation Campaigns – You’ll learn how MLSP can help you get leads and mold them into your customers
  • Zero Rejection Marketing Makeover Challenge – Zero Rejection in a people’s business is nearly impossible, but this module will show you how

Part II: Connect With Your leads

  • Close sales & recruit reps via FB Messenger
  • Get effective scripts to call your leads & prospects today
  • Daily method of operation
  • More methods to attain leads and prospects

Part III: Closing & Recruiting

  • Prospecting strangers – Learn how to recruit professionals into your business
  • Success in MLM – Learn how to build a global team of producers

Part IV: Bonus Courses

  • Vision and meditation Mindset
  • Weekly Marketing Webinars
  • Integrating Your Own Autoresponder
  • Email Marketing & List Building
  • Roadmap to Rockstar Virtual Summit

Phase Two – Personal Branding & Content Marketing

Part I: Start here

  • Introduction to Attraction Marketing
  • Target Market Branding and Creating Content
  • How and what videos to create and host Facebook Live
  • Facebook Challenges
  • Create Facebook Stories
  • Learn about Story selling

Part II: Advanced Strategies

  • The MLSP Business Center – Learn how to use the MLSP Business Center to create sales funnels, courses, products or membership sites
  • Learn how to create beautiful funnels
  • Copywriting training – Learn the most important skill to convince any one to buy stuff from you online
  • MLSP CRM – Learn about the prospecting & follow up software
  • Create your first eBook – This eBook will be used as your freebie to attract more leads
  • Create Amazing Content – You’ll learn how to create content that increases your personal brand value
  • Create a coaching revenue stream – Where you’ll learn how to coach your prospects and get paid for that

Phase Three – Paid Ads, Scaling, Automation

Phrase 3 requires the “Professional” plan that costs $119 per month or $1,200 annually. You’ll learn to use a variety of social marketing channels to attract leads and grow your business.

Part I: Facebook Advertising

  • Facebook Messenger Marketing Module
  • Facebook Mobile Leads Module
  • Facebook Paid Ads Module
  • Facebook Story Ads Module
  • Facebook Video Ads Module
  • Retargeting Pixels and Tracking Module

Part II: Social Media Marketing

  • Instagram Module
  • Pinterest Module
  • Snapchat Module
  • Twitter Module
  • Video Marketing Module
  • YouTube Marketing Module

Part III: Increase Revenue Streams

  • Blogging Module – Personally, not a big fan of this module because it is not comprehensive enough. Blogging by itself is a huge topic and the rules are constantly changing. You’ll need a dedicated team to constantly update the course materials, and unfortunately, it isn’t the case for this module. If you want to learn blogging, I recommend this course instead.
  • Hosting Webinars Module

Part IV: Additional & Advanced Strategies

  • Automated Webinars Module
  • Keyword Research Module
  • Outsourcing Module
  • Search Engine Optimization Module

3. How much does MLSP cost?

MLSP offers three pricing plans:

  • Basic: $49 Monthly or $504 Annually ($42 Monthly)
  • Professional: $119 Monthly or $1,200 Annually ($100 Monthly)
  • Premium: $179 Monthly or $1,800 Annually ($150 Monthly)

The Basic Plan

Best for: Network Marketers who have no experience in Online Marketing

The basic plan provides you with over 46 training modules that comprehensively covers how you can bring your network marketing business online.

And they provide you with the practical tools, such as the done -for-you marketing campaigns, custom built webinar invites, etc., so that you can implement what you have learned almost immediately.

The Professional Plan

Best for: Network Marketers who have some online marketing experience but need more training and tools to bring them to the next level.

On top of everything that is in the Basic Plan, the additional benefits for signing up to the Professional Plan are:

  • More customized funnels: You can build 25 marketing funnels instead of 5 from the basic plan, and use 2 custom domains instead of 1 from the basic plan
  • Additional Training: Phase Three Training as we’ve discussed earlier
  • Courses, Product Offers & Checkout Funnels: Create and sell your courses within the MLSP business center
    • No. of Courses you can create: 10
    • No. of Product Offers (pricing packages for your courses): 25
    • No. of Checkout Funnels (customized checkout pages): 10
    • Course creator tools such as Kajabi, LearnWorlds, Teachable, typically cost thousands of dollars per year
    • You can use custom domains for the courses you create. MLSP will just be the engine that powers your online courses

The Premium Plan

Best for: Network marketers who want to scale their business under the guidance of a mentor

  • Even more customized funnels: Create up to 100 marketing funnels instead of 25 from the Professional Plan, and use up to 5 custom domains for your funnels
  • Even more Courses, Product Offers & Checkout Funnels: 10x everything you get from the Professional Plan
  • Premium Mentorship Training
  • Live chat with the support team
  • Access to the MLSP Training Vault – This is huge because you gain access to a plethora of information. All the past webinar recordings are filed and sorted under a huge category list (see image below)

If you are a network marketer or, as a matter of fact, any business owners, I’m pretty sure you will find MLSP useful for you.

4. Is My Lead System Pro a Scam?

My Lead System Pro is a well-rounded training platform for network marketers that makes your money’s worth and it adheres to their refund policy. So, MLSP is not a scam in any way, shape or form.

The course materials are taught by network marketers who walks the talk. They are high income earners in their companies and had done so using the online marketing strategies that they teach in MLSP.

Any network marketers or business owners who are transiting to sell their products online will find the training materials useful. For as low as $49 per month, you’ll get quite a number of helpful courses and tools to help accelerate your business.

So, if you are wondering is MLSP scam? The answer is an astounding no.

5. How MLSP Works: Learn while you earn

The idea is simple. Because the general network marketing industry does poorly on educating their downlines, new joiners will naturally need a system or structure to educate themselves and grow their business.

So, in order to get more people into your team, your target audience are those people who needs help with their MLM business.

You connect with them and recommend them to MLSP (where you will make a commission), and you brand yourself as a leader who will personally help your downlines if they join your business.

You’ll be surprised that people who are new to network marketing, regardless of the products or company, they are craving for leadership and direct assistance.

If you can be that leader for them, they’ll most likely go under your helm. And even if they don’t join your business, that’s totally fine because you would have already benefited from recommending them to MLSP.

In a sense, you are earning money even if people reject your business proposal.

6. Making Money From MLSP’s Affiliate Program

As you recommend people to MLSP, you’ll earn a commission. In offline terms, it is called word-of-mouth, and in the online world, it is called “Affiliate Marketing”.

Here are the 4 ways you can make money through MLSP’s affiliate program:

Referral Bonuses

MembershipBasic +Professional +Premium +
Basic *$30$35$45
Professional *$30$100$125
Premium *$30$100$200
* Your membership level
+ Your referrals’ membership level

If your membership level is “Basic” and your referral signs up to the “Premium” plan, you’ll earn a bonus of $45.

And if your membership level is “Premium” and your referral signs up to the “Premium” plan, you’ll earn a bonus of $200.

Monthly Subscription Payouts

On top of the bonus, as long as your referral stays as an active member of MLSP, you’ll get paid recurring commissions.

Depending on the Leadership level you are at (all new members start at L0), your commission rate varies.

Leadership LevelCommission (%)

So, if one of your referral stays as a “Premium” member on month two and onwards, paying $179 every month, given that your Leadership level is L5, you’ll earn a recurring commission of $89.50 every month.

As you refer more people to MLSP, your recurring income will constantly increase.

And if your referral decides to pay annually for the “Premium” membership, that cost $1,800, you’ll earn $900 annually.

Flagship Product Line

Every time someone signs up to MLSP, they will get multiple one-time offers (upsells) to get MLSP’s flagship products.

The first upsell will cost $97, and the second upsell will cost $197. These are products that people want on top of their membership courses, such as:

  • Attraction Marketing Virtual Summit (valued at $197)
  • Messenger Domination (valued at $297)
  • Go Live Studio Pro (valued at $297)
  • 3 Minute Expert –  Attraction Marketing Edition (valued at $297)
  • Copywriting mastery (valued at $497)
  • Total Recruiting Mastery (valued at $297)
  • Social Retargeting Pro (valued at $299)
  • Attraction Marketing Intensive (valued at $297)
  • Master sponsoring series (valued at $97)

These products will be packaged and sold at the prices I’ve mentioned, and you will earn a 30% out of the upsells.

So, if someone your refer buys both the upsells, you will earn $29.10 from the first upsell, and $59.10 from the second, making it a total of $88.20. This is on top of the commissions you made from the above modes of commissions.

Mentorship Program

MLSP’s 1-on-1 mentorship will appeal to people who are interested in working 1-on-1 with a successful business mentor.

Their mentorship goes from $300 to $30,000 depending on the needs, and you get paid a 20% commission whenever one of your referrals signs up as a mentee.

You don’t even need to do anything out of the ordinary to earn this commission.

7. Advancing in the Leadership Levels

As you already know, the higher your leadership level, you’ll earn more commissions. Let me explain how you can claim the ranks.

A referral point (RP) is equal to each member that avails of any of their monthly subscriptions. However, they will only count towards the referral point value when they pay their first full-month fee for any of the three membership levels. 

  • Basic Level – 1 Point
  • Professional Level – 3 Points
  • Premium Level – 5 points

Your total referral points will be calculated from the date you started in the Leadership Development Program.

Leadership Level 1 (MLSP Partner Leader)

  • RP = 10, with a minimum of 5 referral points having active accounts
  • 32.5% recurring commissions on membership referrals

Leadership Level 2 (MLSP Pro Leader)

  • RP = 25, with a minimum of 13 referral points having active accounts.
  • 35% recurring commissions on membership referrals

Leadership Level 3 (MLSP Industry Leader)

  • RP = 50, with a minimum of 25 referral points who have active accounts.
  • 37.5% commissions on membership referrals
  • opportunity to be selected for the Master Marketers Team (MMT).

Leadership Level 4 (MLSP Master Leader)

  • RP = 100, with a minimum of 50 referral points having active accounts.
  • 40% commissions on membership referrals
  • Opportunity to be selected for the Executive Mastermind Team (EMT).

Leadership Level 5 (MLSP HoneyBadger)

  • RP = 200, with a minimum of 100 referral points having active accounts.
  • 50% commissions on membership referrals
  • Opportunity to be selected for the Executive Mastermind Team (EMT).

Leadership Level 6 (MLSP Global Leader)

  • RP = 500, with a minimum of 250 referral points having active accounts.
  • 55% commissions on membership referrals
  • Opportunity to be selected for the Executive Mastermind Team (EMT).
  • Cash prize of $1,000

Leadership Level 7 (MLSP Galaxy Leader)

  • RP = 1000, with a minimum of 500 referral points having active accounts.
  • 60% commissions on membership referrals
  • Opportunity to be selected for the Executive Mastermind Team (EMT).
  • a luxury car lease (a 2-year lease valued at $18,000) 
  • Cash prize of $5,000.

Leadership Level 8 (MLSP Universal Leader)

  • RP = 2500, with a minimum of 1000 referral points having active accounts.
  • 67% commissions on membership referrals
  • Opportunity to be selected for the Executive Mastermind Team (EMT).
  • a luxury car lease (a 2-year lease valued at $36,000) 
  • Cash prize of $25,000.

8. Why MLSP Members still fail in their Business?

Alright, like any kind of business, there is no guarantee.

One common trait I see from most MLSP members is that “they believe they know better”, so they jump from one course to another.

Many didn’t even take the time to understand how MLSP work, and most give up after overwhelming themselves.

It really takes patience to get everything working. Don’t expect this to be a plug and play program because this isn’t.

If you really want to see some results, take the time to go through the courses and implement the knowledge to your business one step at a time.

If you don’t see results on your 4th month, go and seek help from the MLSP community.

The online business is all about tweaking and testing until you see results, and once you see some results, you can scale your business and expect business will grow exponentially.

9. Could MLSP be the solution to your problem?

If you want to be successful in your network marketing business, you need to have a strong mindset.

Be EXTREMELY hardworking, and success will come naturally.

From my experience, most MLM companies lack in either one of these categories, either they have attractive products but do not provide proper training for their distributors, or they have good training but lack in a marketable product.

If your MLM company falls into the first category, I believe MLSP provides that comprehensive training that you need.

But, if it falls under the second category, there is no reason you should be in that company.

Getting good support from your sponsor is extremely important in the network marketing business, but if your sponsor isn’t responsive or do not know how to be your coach, your chance of success with the company is basically zero.

If that ever happens, you should seek to change your sponsor or leader if the company permits.

In MLSP, you’ll get to meet network marketers from different companies, so there is no lack in opportunities for you. I hope you get what I mean.

But generally, I think MLSP could be the solution for you if you want to succeed in your network marketing business. It can even act as a tool for you to educate your downlines.

I’m sure by now you see the value of MLSP.

10. Pros and Cons of Joining MLSP

Get educated on what’s working now (in this ever changing world)There are some outdated information in the training vault
Gain access to the core attraction marketing training even at the lowest pricing levelTraining can be overwhelming for beginners
Great support channels (both the Facebook Group and the direct support channel)Some support staff may be a little salesy
Learn and earn at the same timeBeginners might find it hard to get their first referrals
Money-back guarantee on all membership levelsThere is no free trial

Get trained on what’s working now (in this ever changing world)

My Lead System Pro Review: Verdict

If you are a network marketer or a small business owner who wants to grow your business online, My Lead System Pro will provide you with all the needed knowledge and tools. I am pretty sure you will find a tons of value in MLSP.

You’ll learn an effective online marketing strategy called Attraction Marketing, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get that knowledge. A mere $49 per month will unlock Phase One and Two of the core membership training.

Although there are no guaranteed success, I am pretty sure if you follow through with the training, you’ll be one step closer to it. Sign up to My Lead System Pro and grow your business now.