MWR Financial Review – 8 Things You Need To Know Before Joining

Financial security and stability are the two things that comes to mind whenever someone talks about MWR Financial. 

The business opportunity where you can “earn immediate, residual, and passive income,” “eliminate your debts,” and “boost your credit score” all at the same time!

These are some of the lines that hook you in, brought you here and get you all interested in learning more about MWR Financial.

After all, it’s advertised to be the “perfect business for you.”


Well, the good news is MWR Financial isn’t a scam. It offers a useful product and it could become a potential source of income.

That being said, don’t make the mistake of thinking that this business is “risk-free” as what the company and it’s affiliates claims.

In this review, I will discuss the 8 crucial things you should know first before you consider joining MWR Financial. Let’s get started.

MWR Financial Business Summary

Product Quality

Financial Edge is a comprehensive financial services package that could help you take care of your credits, reduce your tax liability, settle your debt and mortgages “faster.”

It also gives you access to “top rated” CPA’s and CFP’s without the need to pay $125-$200 per hour. You also get coaching sessions with real wealth experts that can analyze your current financial situation and provide you with personalized plan of action to secure your future. However, without proper knowledge and credibility, you might have some issues convincing other people to use this service.

Success Difficulty

You would think that the Financial Edge would “sell for itself” but the truth is, most people wouldn’t just say Yes and signup when you offer it to them. It will require persuasive skills and the credibility to influence other people. Furthermore, the real income in MWR Financial comes from you building a large network of Financial Directors and to accomplish that, you must have excellent network marketing skills and you must know how to find endless source of prospects.

In the entire MLM industry, over 95% of people fail and that itself shows how difficult it is to succeed in this business.

Cost to Join

It will cost you an initial investment of $228.97 to get a proper start with MWR Financial. You will also need to pay a regular monthly fee of $119.97 to qualify for commissions every month and maintain your membership status. If you fail to pay the monthly fees, you will lose your eligibility to earn commissions.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have been in several MLM companies before and this amount is really expensive and paying around $120 per month is really hard to keep up in this kind of business, especially if you are new to network marketing.

Overall rating :  2 / 5


MWR Financial offers a good range of financial services to the people living in the US.

However, most people won’t signup in any financial services willy-nilly, especially if they see that the person promoting it is struggling financially. 

You must also take into consideration that many people in the US, especially W-2 employees might have already availed financial services so even if you know how to utilize the Internet to get constant prospects (a must have MLM-strategy today), it will be a challenge to get people to signup to the Financial Edge.

Furthermore, your income with MWR Financial highly depends on your ability to recruit and build an active sales force of Financial Directors. To accomplish such a thing, you need to possess excellent network marketing and persuasive skills to manage your team and to sell a lot of Financial Edge subscriptions.

Needless to say, selling and recruiting your family and friends is how you will make money with this company but if that’s not what you want to do to make another source of income for your household, then I’ll suggest that you check this out instead.



1. What is MWR Financial?

MWR Financial is a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) company led by Brian House (Founder/CEO) and Andamo Tolson (President).

Sources say that it started operation in 2017, but the company’s website domain has been registered as early as November of 2016.


Another interesting fact about MWR Financial is the company offers what’s said to be “the most comprehensive financial package in the marketplace.”

Its founder claims that MWR Financial’s services can help you with various financial issues such as credit repair and tax return optimization.

The company also claims that they have a “proven” strategy called Instant Pay Raise that will help you take home more money.

While these sounds good and all, I don’t really see what the fuss with this company is all about.

Its compensation plan is nothing out of ordinary and its product while in a unique niche, ins’t really that outstanding.

I do, however, find something intriguing.

It appears that the company has previous affiliations with another MLM company but Brian House is trying to cover it up. Why?

2. Is MWR Financial affiliated with MWR Life?

I initially suspected that with both company names having “MWR,” they are operating under the same umbrella.

For those who aren’t familiar with MWR Life, it is another MLM company (currently in the travel niche) founded by Jay Tuerk and Yoni Ashurov.

It was previously known as My Warranty Rewards back in 2013 and rebooted as MWR Life in 2015.

However, there were no mentions of Tuerk and Ashurov in the MWR Financial website. There’s also no indication given by Financial that it is affiliated to Life in any means.

I wouldn’t have let this thing bugged me except for the fact that two companies having both “MWR” in their names is too convenient to be a pure coincidence.

So I dig deeper and found out that on one of the MWR Financial reviews out there, Brian commented that Financial is a “totally separate entity” from Life.

But while doing so, he also admitted that Financial Edge was part of the products offered by MWR Life before.


Trying to connect the dots, here’s a video clip that proves Brian is promoting MWR Life in the past.


But what surprise me is up to the time I was writing this review, Brian stands that Financial and Life have no current affiliations.

It’s not illegal to have two MLM companies operating under the same umbrella, so whatever reason Brian have for wanting to distance himself (and MWR Financial) from MWR Life is something I can’t put my finger on.

However, my gut tells me that Tuerk and Ashurov are still very much involved with MWR Financial.

Now, please understand that these are my opinions, and you are welcome to share yours too in the comment sections.

3. Who is Brian House?

Brian is said to be a “veteran in the financial solutions industry.”

He was supposedly to become a youth minister but after “a sudden realization,” he opted to go for a career that will help other people become better stewards of their money.

He started his first company that provides credit support and services Quality Credit Services (QCS, Inc.) in 1991.

Later on, he formed My Financial Advantage, now known as Financial Edge.


As to why My Financial Advantage was re branded as Financial Edge, only Brian knows.

Before MWR Financial, Brian has previous involvement with Financial Destination Incorporated (FDI) and Youngevity.

4. Financial Edge (Can it help you?)

On the company website, Financial Edge was described as “your personal team of financial experts that use proven strategies to secure you and your family’s future.”


I don’t know what you take from that, but to me, it sounds that you just pay money, and the company will “take care of the rest” kind of deal.

That being said, I took a look around and find out that the monthly fee for Financial Edge is actually not bad. It’s not cheap, but its not too expensive either.

If you search for credit repair services alone, the monthly fee ranges from $60-100.


Meanwhile, Financial Edge comes with 4 different financial services, all of which you can access by paying a $79.97 monthly subscription.

  • MoneyMAX – Gives you “unlimited” access to top-rated CPA’s and CFP’s without paying hundreds of dollars as the fee is covered in the monthly subscription. It also gives you access to Taxbot, an app the helps you keep track of all of your expenses to find a means to reduce your tax liability.
  • CreditMAX – Helps restore you and your spouse’s credit scores to the best possible condition. It will also help you resolve any ID Theft concerns if you’ve been a victim of one.
  • EquityMAX – A proprietary software program that gives you a monthly payment plan to help you get out of debt fast. 
  • WealthMAX – This service gives you access to “real wealth experts” that can help secure your and your family’s financial future.
  • Debt Resolution Center – This is not included in Financial Edge but a separate support system that provides counseling, advice, and solutions to your financial issues.

As a whole, do you think these services is worth paying the $79.97? I think it is but I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

My Concerns with Financial Edge

While Financial Edge itself is a not a “bad” product, you as a Financial Director (distributor of MWR Financial) will have trouble selling it.

Most people wouldn’t want to get financial advice from people living paycheck to paycheck; someone who joins MLM companies to make money. Would you?

I know that sounds harsh, but it’s likely true.

To gain credibility, you’re likely to fake it until you make it. You will have to put on a mask of a financially successful person, and you will have to lie to your prospects.

Because if you don’t, chances are you won’t make any sales and you’ll end up losing money trying to maintain a $79.97/month Financial Edge subscription.

So, are you willing to fool your family, friends, and other people just to make money?

Aside from that, you will have to compete against JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

These are well-established, giant names in the financial industry that provides the same services as MWR Financial and you have to convince people that your product is better than theirs.

5. Financial Edge was part of the TelexFree Scandal

Some sources link Financial Edge to TelexFree, a Ponzi scheme that scammed billions of dollars from innocent individuals.

An accusation strongly denied by Brian himself on one MWR Financial review I found on the Internet.


However, it turns out that My Financial Advantage (aka Financial Edge) was indeed pitched to TelexFree investors way back in 2014.


If your prospect learns about this, he or she will go on questioning the credibility of MWR Financial and the services that you offer.

I don’t know about you, but I would have trouble believing that Financial Edge is indeed “the most comprehensive financial package in the marketplace” in the company promoting it is led by the same guy who couldn’t even own his past mistakes that led to people losing tons of money.

In fairness, some people do say good things about Financial Edge.


However, there some are also mighty disappointed with the same product.


6. MWR Financial Compensation Plan aka Instant Pay Raise – You could lose money!

The company calls its compensation plan the Instant Pay Raise, citing that it is a way for you to take home more money “instantly.”

While the name is fancy, there isn’t new about it. In fact, it’s almost identical to the MWR Life compensation plan (and Brian says the two weren’t affiliated?).

Your income as a Financial Director (FD) for MWR Financial will come from sales of Financial Edge and by recruiting other people to the company.

But what’s concerning about MWR Financial is that you will be required to maintain at least $120 a month for membership and subscription fees or else you will lose your chance to earn commissions.

Customer Bonuses (Retails)

You will earn $40 for every Financial Edge customer you personally enroll. 

And when you enroll at least 3 people within a month, your own monthly subscription for Financial Edge will be free.

Moreover, you will also earn an additional $10/month for all the customers you enroll after your first three.

When your personally enrolled customers refer new customers, you will get another $40 bonus, up to infinity as long as they continue their Financial Edge subscription.

This is actually cool as it works like a recurring commissions used in affiliate marketing.

However, to qualify for commissions or to become a Qualified Financial Director (QFD), you will have to acquire 3 Points with any of the following:

  • 2 Points – Financial Edge monthly subscription
  • 2 Points – Sell a Financial Edge subscription to other people
  • 1 Point – MWR Financial affiliate (Biz center) monthly fee renewal

Sponsor Bonuses (Recruitment)

The commissions you will earn by recruiting people and building a sales team.

Momentum Bonuses

This bonus depends on the number of people you and your personal recruits can enroll in the Instant Pay Raise program within 30-90 days.

  • $150 Bonus – Enroll 3 Qualified Financial Directors (QFDs) within your first 30 days (3 QFDs total).
  • $450 Bonus – Help your 3 QFDs get their own 3 QFDs within your first 60 days (12 QFDs total).
  • $900 Bonus – You must have 3 QFDs who have 3 QFDs who also have 3 QFCs within your first 90 days (39 QFDs total).


Check Match Bonuses

You can earn a 25% check match bonus on the residual income earned by your personally recruited QFDs.

This bonus excludes the amount your recruits earned with the Daily Guaranteed Income.

Daily Guaranteed Income

Depending on the Group Customer Points (GCP) or the total sales volume you and your recruits generate in a single month, you will be entitled to earn $5-1,000/day in guaranteed income for the following month.

Here’s how much you can earn.

9 GCP = $5/day, 36 GCP = $20/day, 150 GCP = $30/day, 300 GCP = $50/day

550 GCP = $100/day, 1100 GCP = $150/day, 1750 GCP = $200/day

2750 GCP = $300/day, 4250 GCP = $500/day, 9250 GCP = $1000/day

Points will refresh every month, so recruiting new people to accumulate and maintain large sales volume is highly encouraged.

Leadership Expansion Bonuses

Depending on your affiliate rank, you will earn $50-125 for every QFD you enrolled.

You can also earn up to $75 for every QFD recruited by other people under your organization, up to unlimited levels.


As you can see in the image above, there are 6 different Financial Director ranks.

To achieve higher positions, you will need to meet specific Financial Edge sales per month and enroll more people under your team.

Bottom line:

The bigger your monthly sales volume, and the bigger your team, the higher your rank. Higher rank = bigger commissions.

Leadership Customer Residual Bonuses

You will earn $0.25 up to $8 per customer that each QFD in your team enrolls.

Now, most QFD only makes it to the rank of Executive. To qualify for the rest of the MWR Financial compensation plan from thereon, you will have no choice but to get to a rank of at least a Senior Director.

So its safe to assume that majority of Financial Directors don’t earn the following commissions.

Luxury Car/Home Bonuses

When you reach the rank of Senior Director or higher, you can earn $500-3,000 per month to pay for your dream car or dream home.

Presidential Club Residual Bonuses

When ALL your directly recruited Financial Directors maintain their “Qualified” status for 2 consecutive months, you can earn $500-$100,000 monthly bonus depending on the Group Customer Points of your entire team.

This means that it won’t be enough to become a recruiting machine yourself, but pushing your team to do the same is also needed.

Here’s a recent video of the company’s compensation plan for a deeper understanding.

TLDW? (Too Lazy Didn’t Watch?)

Well, let me summarize the whole MWR Financial compensation plan video for you.

In a way, the “proven” system that MWR Financial talks about is real. Why?

Because in the entire industry, the key to making money in any MLM company is through recruitment – proven and tested!

And that is precisely what you need to do to attain financial security and stability with MWR Financial.

If you can’t build a large sales of Financial Directors to help you promote the Financial Edge, you won’t make a decent income with MWR Financial.

7. Is MWR Financial a Pyramid Scheme

There is a clear distinction between a pyramid scheme to a legitimate MLM company.

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), when a distributor’s income is based on recruitment alone and not from product sales, then he/she must be involved in a pyramid scheme. (Source)

Pyramid Scheme

With this description, I’d say that MWR Financial is not a pyramid scheme.

While it’s true that your income relies heavily on building a large sales team, the company will not pay you every time you recruit a new Financial Director – only when a purchase of Financial Edge happens.

You will get paid based on the Customer Points that you and your team accumulates, and the only way to do that is through sales of Financial Edge.

The company also promotes its financial services to other people, whether or not they are members of MWR Financial themselves.

If you factor these things, it seems like the company abides by the guidelines given by the FTC.

Verdict: MWR Financial not a scam.

8. Cost to Join

Starting a business with MWR Financial isn’t cheap by any means.

  • $99 – You will have to pay a one-time fee of $99 to become an official Financial Director so you can sell its product and earn commissions.
  • $40 – Another $40 is required to get access to the Biz Center – marketing systems, tools, and replicated online store.
  • $79.97 – You also have to subscribe to Financial Edge for $79.97 to become commissions “qualified.”


All of these bring your initial investment to a total of $228.97, and a regular monthly fee of $119.97.

If you fail pay the monthly fees, you will lose your eligibility to earn some commissions on the company’s compensation plan.

Conclusion: Should You Join MWR Financial

While it is advertised to be the perfect business for you, I believe that MWR Financial is best for people who have a decent knowledge of how the finance industry works.

You would have trouble promoting a product (financial services) that you don’t fully understand.

Finding the right people that needs Financial Edge and bringing them to your replicated MWR Financial website is also key if you want to make constant sales.

To accomplish that, you will need to take advantage of online marketing and find constant leads and prospects using the Internet.

Furthermore, you also need to possess excellent skills in salesmanship and persuasion, and how to build, manage and motivate a large sales team.

If that is the direction you want to take, I recommend that you check out this strategy used by the best network marketers and the top MWR Financial Financial Directors.

MWR Financial is not the business you’re looking for…

If selling financial services and recruiting your family and friends is not what you want to do to make money…

Then I recommend that you check out this program instead.

It is the same program that taught me how to earn a full-time income from home after I quit my full-time job. The same thing could happen to you too!

Isn’t that the same reason you want to join MWR Financial?

Anyways, thank you so much for taking the time to read this MWR Financial review.

I sure hope that this has provided you with the information you need to decide whether this business opportunity is what you’re looking for.

If you think this could help other people too, kindly share this to them to let them know what they are getting into.

Until here and whichever path you take towards financial security and stability, I wish you all the success.

Your friend,


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