Is MMM Global a Scam? – The Truth Exposed!!!

MMM-mainName:  MMM Global
Website:  mmmglobal.org
Price: Minimum: $10
Type: Pyramid Scheme

Income Opportunity rating: 1 / 5 Stars

MMM Global collapsed once. Before you think of joining this business opportunity that has collapsed, please read this article carefully!

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My brother approached me one day and asked if he should join the MMM Global. He said that if he puts in money (a minimum of $10), he is promised a 100% return for contribution plus a 30% return every month. He also mentioned that his friend made a 200% return on the initial deposit.

My brother had the intention to “invest” $5,000 with them in hope to get high returns, since there was little risk, he said. As a scam exposer myself, I exercised a high level of skepticism upon hearing about this opportunity.

Upon digging more information on MMM Global, I was shocked to see that such program still exists in the modern world. MMM Global mirrors the idea of a Ponzi scheme with a little twist, unlike the traditional Ponzi scheme, MMM Global discloses how it is operated, and how it is not benefiting from the one who creates it.

Before I dive further into the details, I though you might want to know what a Ponzi scheme is:

So now you know there are winners and losers in a Ponzi scheme. Some people may share with you that they made tonnes of money with MMM Global, and some may tell you that it is a total scam. Generally, it is the “earliest batch” of “investors” who will make the money

One thing that I am certain of is that MMM Global is not an investment firm, rather it is more like a Cash Gifting racket. Think about it, if MMM Global does not invest the money elsewhere, how are they able to support the 30% return every month? Whatever money that is poured into the MMM Global system stays in the pool, and it does not grow.

The only way to grow it is if there are new “investors” pouring money into the system.

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Who came up with this “Brilliant” idea of MMM Global?

MMM has been existing for more than a decade, and it was founded by Sergey Mavrodi, Vyacheslav Mavrodi, and Olga Melnikova in 1989. The name “MMM” was taken from the founders’ first initial of their surnames.

MMM-SergeySergey Mavrodi is known as a fraudster who cheated Billions of dollars from hard working Russian citizens, and was jailed for 4 and a half years. You may check out his history in the following articles:

I wonder how did MMM ever climb back into the public after all the scandals surrounding it, and I am really surprised that people are still singing praises for the program. The new MMM program started in 2011, and now it is bigger than ever. Instead of being localized in Russia, it has now grown globally with presence in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Bangladesh, Philippines, Thailand and more. China has now issued warning to its citizens against joining the MMM Global:

Will MMM Global Crash?

Certainly! To my knowledge, there are 3 ways the system will crash. The first would be that every single member of MMM Global requests for a payout of their initial capital and plus the 30% interest. The second would be that no “New Investors” join the system, and lastly, if the government catches up to the system and forces it to be shut down.

Here’s how it works…


The MMM Global Overview

MMM Global works differently from a traditional Ponzi Scheme. MMM Global will not hold any cash in its system, the money will be transacted between the individuals in the MMM Global. MMM Global will only monitor the transactions. This is the main reason MMM Global is still alive because no legal framework is in place to tackle this loophole. If my prediction is correct, MMM global will still run for many years until there are no influx of new money.

Further my study of MMM Global shows that it has tackled the problem of “no influx of new money”. With the “MMM Extra” system, you will be able to get a 100% return per month if you perform certain tasks on a daily basis. Who wouldn’t want to participate in MMM Extra right (small effort, huge returns)?

There are two types of task, the online tasks and the offline tasks. The online tasks only take a few minutes a day to complete which includes re-posting of MMM video links on your personal Facebook Pages, recommending people to join MMM on other social network channels, posting MMM reviews on YouTube, etc. While the offline tasks will require you to spread MMM through the word of mouth to your friends and family.

The main aim is to have a constant flow of “New Money” into the system.


You have just seen the overview of how the MMM system works. Now let us understand how the MMM Global system works at the individual level.

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At the Individual Level…

When you join MMM Global, you will have two choices, to “Provide Help” or to “Get Help”. In order to “Get Help”, you have to first “Provide Help”.

To “Provide Help” you have to give a minimum of $10 to someone in MMM Global, in exchange, you will get a “Mavro”, which is the currency in MMM Global. This Mavro will grow in value each month, and when you are ready to cash out, you can click on the “Get Help” button.

Basically, the funds will not be remitted to you by MMM Global in one single payment, you will get tonnes of transactions from other MMM Global members, depending on the size of the funds. Sounds like a good deal that you get your money back with interest right?

So, if I understand the basic human instinct correctly, you will keep the initial investment amount, and be willing to “re-invest” your earnings to the system, since now there is no risk on your part. This is exactly what is happening in the MMM Global.

The losers are the ones that “Provide Help” at the beginning and are not able to “Get Help”, and the winners are the ones that have gone through the process over and over again.

Why are people still joining?

One word, “GREED“. I am sorry to say this, and I know many people may not agree with me. The fundamental purpose for anyone to join MMM Global is to make money. There is no way around it no matter how much you argue.

People are sucked into this program with the hope of making tonnes of money. It is even declared in the program that there is no guarantee that you will make money, and there is a possibility that you might lose all of it. But, because there are people who actually make money out of the system, everyone wants a piece of the pie.

There is no way of stopping it, and this is the reason MMM Global is still alive after all the scandals that happened a decade ago.

My Sincere Advice to You

Stop risking your money on such system. Though you might make money from it, but there is a possibility that you will lose it all. It is only a matter of time till the law catches on, or Sergey Mavrodi decides to close down the racket.

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Feel free to discuss MMM Global with me by leaving a comment below, otherwise, if you find my article helpful, please, help to share it with your friends and family by clicking on the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) below.

Your pal,


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    Real scam which really swindled the entire world participants. Its that bad to steal from public promising them of huge paybacks

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)


  3. please don’t invest into mmmglobal dot eu
    is scam .Both owners are from delhi

  4. #mmmglobal.eu says:

    #mmmglobal.eu is scam company running by some indian scammer ,Please don’t invest into #mmmglobal dot eu they are fraud

  5. I hope is a secure business with no much pain and regret in it?? That I may join and disturb about it?? Coz I joined a lot of business so but noting I again from it so I don’t expect the same action to appare at this point again as well it used to happened, I will be happy for it to be a secure business, I will give a try to see it beneficial

  6. Mark frempong says:

    Thanks Jack for educating as about this MMM business. I had a call from my brother putting pressure on me to join them, but now you’ve enlighten me. A WORD TO A WISE IS ENOUGH.

  7. Need to know much about the online bussiness you’re talking about

  8. Please how does mmm make the 30%?

    1. That is exactly my thoughts too. From other members who have been pouring mavros into the system?

  9. Comment:from this piece of information it is understood that mmm is an offshoot of fraudsters who once were jailed for criminal activities. now they came up with another strategy of defrauding the most vulnerable in our society. wow!

  10. Eric Febsar says:

    Comment: Wow, getting to come across this article is a confirmation of my thoughts already. But just like the last comment, if what the scam about MMM Global is just the risk of losing the money you provided as help, then many would not be discouraged by this. Many will simply say : it’s either I win or I lose.

  11. Good review bro. I was actually thinking of investing with Mmm but I wanted to find out more about them. Your review has given me all I need to know about mmm. It’s simply a modified ponzi scheme that will eventually fold just like every other ponzi scheme.

  12. Thank you, Mr. Writer for your expose on MMM Nigeria. However, I don’t think you you know more of the risks and prospects of this scheme more than many of the community members. Meanwhile, you are not the first person that has written an article such as this, and would definitely never be the last. If you say it is greed that attracts people into MMM, you could be right or wrong. But one beautiful thing that life has offered everyone of us is freedom of choice. Nobody forces one into MMM! Some years back, a Nigerian bank sank with my hard earned N150, 000 and nothing was done by the govt to pay me back till date. So the fear of losing money in any venture has never been a problem to me.

  13. I don’t really know who to believe right now i wanted to joint mmm today so how worry right now from what i’ve read

  14. Lasisi Adeyemi Samuel says:

    Comment: Hello, pls help me out, one Mr chucks ought to have paid me #32,000 about 6 days ago (Oct. 10th), he did not pay me but uploaded a fake teller and I did not get an alert, pls don’t let me regret. pay me my first money pls.

  15. Great write-up, I have warn my friends in warri Nigeria about this scheme they not listening, so anyhow it goes I’m not in a fastlane to become wealthy…

  16. I tried registrating with wealthy affiliates but i was told its not supported in my country how do we go about that get back to me at [email protected] thanks

    1. Just sent you an email. Please check!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  17. Ademola Ogunlade says:

    I totally agree with your analysis, i sincerely wish many hearts that have been locked into this system can understand the risk. The government of my country has warned the citizens to distance themselves from it, many are changing their minds having read the collapse in Zimbabwe.

    Get your hands dirty and make legitimate money.

    Thumbs up man.

  18. Even life itself is a risk. Whenever you are determined to win, also bear in mind that you are not immuned to lose. With this as a backup thought, you are good to go.

  19. I’m done with ponzi scheme, within a week of deposit they stopped paying. first it was paid2click later stallion. You are right jack someone is bound to get hurt and I am such

  20. Gosh! My friend just joined and also referred his mom with over 200000 naira

  21. You have done a great job exposing this scheme but I can’t say whether it is fake or not. I also need to dig deep to establish my personal findings so that I can come up with the whole “truths” on MMM.

  22. Soki Briggs says:

    Thanks for the insightful article about MMM and your honesty about how long it will last (Unstoppable).

    Some correction tho about greed.
    Let’s say i donate 20 dollars as a member of MMM and get 26 dollars back.
    Re-donate the 6 dollars and never add any of my money in MMM – That’s not greed.
    That’s beating the system.
    – Greed comes in when people donate huge amounts of money that can affect them financially if lost.
    Greed is when ppl sometimes donate twice in one month without waiting to get the first one back.
    My thoughts as a wise and cautious MMM user who knows it will end someday, get your money out and only re-donate the profit.

    1. Thanks for your comments Soki!

      Let me add on… Somehow or rather, when the system collapse, someone is bound to get hurt. If you are lucky enough to be able to get your initial investment back, great, if not, that’s too bad. The warning signs are there, but the final decision is yours to make.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  23. I understand everything you wrote here but you still didn’t say what is totally wrong about it except that there is a probability that you will lose all of your money. That is really not a problem to many people who want to make money. It is either you lose or you win. You didn’t say explicitly why this is a scam since you are aware that the money does not go into the system so Mavrodi does not take anybody’s money from what i read here, then what makes it a scam???
    What i see here is that you only wrote this post to advertise your affiliate programs and all that at the end of the post…..kind of a way you source for traffic…..that is understandable though. But you have no reason discouraging anyone with what you wrote here. It lacks proof.

  24. victor o. says:

    Pls its a question. Is it possible u apply for help after
    haven given help and not get it?

  25. This is disgraceful and I hate this stuff. We have so many problems with gaining trust from our readers, we could really do without these people pushing this rubbish.

    Shame on on all those involved in this scheme and those like this.

    Thanks for writing this post, it need to be said!!

  26. I heard about his “MMM” Scheme from somewhere, I’m glad you brought it up! Nowadays, more and more people can coming up with these types of “schemes” and because pyramid schemes with no products to sell are illegal , they simply add a product or two so that they can disguise themselves as a MLM legitimate business.

  27. Wow! This MMM pyramid scheme is one of the worst that I have seen. I saw that they are on Wikipedia as one of the biggest Ponzi scheme, ever created.


    I also agree with what you said about people joining simply because of greed.

    I prefer to work diligently and honestly to earn my riches in life and not to do it in an unethical way.

    Thanks for sharing this article about the MMM Global Jack. I will also share it out to Google+ so that more people will see what is taking place.


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