Is Millionaire Society a Scam – Do not buy till you read this!


Name:  Millionaire Society
Website:  www.millionairesociety.com
Price: $4.95 (7 days trial), $97/mth + upsell
Owners: Mack Michaels

Income Opportunity rating: 2 / 5 Stars

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Millionaire Society – My Overview Experience

millionaires-society-crossBefore I proceed with this review, I would like you to note that there are two products on the internet that share similar names. One is “Millionaires Society” and the other is “Millionaire Society”. Millionaires Society is a binary option trading software which I will NOT be discussing in this review.

The product I am reviewing is an Affiliate Marketing Training platform called “Millionaire Society (Without the “s” in Millionaire). I just want to make sure that you get the right review.

With all that being said, I would like to share my experience with you on Millionaire Society. Millionaire Society is a learning platform that provides you with Affiliate Marketing Training and automatic cash system.

I have personally gone through everything the program have to offer and I can say that the program is useful, but to a certain extend. The training videos are designed to teach beginners step by step on ways to make money online, I agree that the video courses is easy to follow, but I feel that the product lack high quality information.

millionaire-society-done-for-youAs the name suggest, Millionaire society is not for Millionaires, and you cannot be a millionaire through the program. I’ll share with you why below.

Let me first discuss on the claims brought forth from the introduction video. As you probably know I am always against products that claim to make you rich almost instantly without much work and Millionaire Society is exactly the kind of product that makes this claim.

While Millionaire Society is not entirely on the negative side, I would like to justify why I gave it a 2 Thumbs down. Firstly, the price of the product do not justify the amount of knowledge provided, for $97/mth, you should be expecting Millionaire Society to provide you with some sort of tools which can help you with your affiliate marketing journey (i.e. keyword tool, free web hosting) other than just the video lessons.

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Secondly, I went through the entire product in just 3 days. Why would I want to commit another $97/mth if I got what I needed, there’s just no added value. Although I understand that Millionaire Society will always have something new going forward, but how long does it take for one new video course to be uploaded? One in a week? So I have to pay $97/mth for 4 video lessons?

Now that I have shared my views on Millionaire Society, I will dive right in to share with you what exactly is in the product.

What is in Millionaire Society? – Low Quality Information


System 1: How to get 100k visitors in just 1 hour

millionaires-society-adflyBasically, Millionaire Society teaches you how to sign up and use adf.ly (an advertising platform) to advertise your webpage. It cost around $8 per 1,000 clicks for such advertising service. Well, it sound fantastic given that you already have a high converting website in place.

However, although Adf.ly brings you 1,000 clicks in a very short period of time, you must note that those traffic are not targeted traffic. Meaning to say, people who clicks on the link in adf.ly are not exactly looking for the products you are trying to sell. Simply speaking, you will not get high conversion rate with adf.ly advertising.

There was once I came across adf.ly’s advertisement while searching for a Korean drama episode. Personally, I would not bother about the advertisement because all I wanted was to watch the Korean drama, so I waited 5 seconds till the “skip” button pops up, then I left the advertisement without even checking out what the advertisement have to offer.

Well there are pros and cons to advertising with adf.ly, the pro is there will get higher exposure for your link and the con is you will not get targeted traffic.

System 2: How to make money on ClickBank

Although it is a short video course, it is quite concise and I like the fact that Millionaire Society walks you through the entire process from setting up ClickBank Account to selecting the “best” product to promote.

Generally, Millionaire Society teaches you to select products with low initial sale price (preferably lower than $40) with high “Average Re-bill Total” and high facebook likes. This way, you can filter and select the better product on ClickBank.

millionaires-society-keyword-spyHowever, Millionaire Society introduces you to a product called Keyword Spy where you have to pay a minimum of $89.95 to track your traffic.

Millionaire Society teaches you to first pay Google to advertise your selected product link, then it teaches you to use a costly external product to track the performance of your Google advertisement.

Although Millionaire Society do not earn a commission from referring you to Keyword Spy (unless you click a link within Millionaire Society), I believe you are going to spend a lot of money in building your first online business.

millionaires-society-google-adsThe second problem is Millionaire Society do not teach you exactly how to promote the product you want to sell. It introduces you to use paid Google advertisement but it do not teach you how to create the Google Advertisement.

Personally, I like FREE stuff and I do not like to pay for traffic unless necessary, Millionaire Society do not teach you how to market the product using free  traffic.

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System 3: Profit from Pinterest

millionaires-society-pinterestWell, this video course is one of the better ones as compared to the others within Millionaire Society. You get to learn how to setup a Pinterest account (video is outdated due to the different setup of Pinterest), create a Board and “Pin” stuff on Pinterest.

Millionaire Society explains to you what is easy to promote and what is difficult. It also shares with you what are the “Deadly Sins” that you should not commit in Pinterest. Basically, you get the full suite, from account setup to driving traffic to your website.

Unfortunately, this is the only video course that I like and which I feel will be beneficial to beginners. Pinterest is a small part of affiliate marketing and there are so much more to learn. I just do not feel that Millionaire Society is worth a try for just the Pinterest course itself.

Turnkey Businesses: Done for you business

In the introduction video, Millionaire Society shares with you a 4 step formula that will generate instant cash for you.

  1. Download a completely done for you business
  2. Make small amendments
  3. Add Paypal
  4. Upload and create a fully functional business in just a few minutes

millionaires-society-plrIf it were that easy, everyone will be rich. Let me give you one valid reason why this model doesn’t work. Millionaire Society provides a complete done for you business but in fact, you are downloading a Private Label Rights (PLR) product and reselling it to other people.

PLR products are products where the author or creator gave up the rights to people for re-selling. Simply speaking, anyone on the internet can buy those products and re-sell them at a price they desire.

The problem with PLR products is usually of low quality or it’s contents are outdated. It would be unethical to sell high priced, low quality products to people. Nowadays, people are more scam savvy and will usually research on a product before they buy it. So what are your chances that someone will purchase your PLR product if they found out that your product is a PLR product?

My Sincere Advice to You

Skip this product as you cannot get much valuable information. There are so many products online that promises you to make big bucks in a short period of time and most of them couldn’t deliver that promise, Millionaire Society is one of them.

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As always, I invite you to share your experiences with me on Millionaire Society, all you have to do is leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to discuss it with you. If you find my review useful, please help to share it with your friends and family by click on the social media buttons below (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Pinterest). Thank you so much for reading my review.

Your Pal,