JewelScent Review - Scam Or Legit Candle MLM?

With opposing JewelScent reviews on the Internet today, it could be challenging to decide which one to believe. There are those who sing praises for JewelScent.

JewelScent Not A Scam
JewelScent Is Not Scam

But some people say the opposite.

JewelScent Candles Not Worth It

Whom should you believe?

  • Should you use JewelScent products in your home? 
  • Can you make money with this business opportunity?

If this your current dilemma, then this is just for you. Continue reading to find the answers that you are looking for.

Review Summary

Name: JewelScent

Owner: Sara Nguyen

Price: $10/month plus products

JewelScent Review Bare Naked Scam

JewelScent Business Opportunity Rating:

JewelScent Product Rating:


I am not an affiliate of JewelScent, but I do appreciate high quality scented products. By reading this brutally honest JewelScent review...

You will have enough information to decide on whether JewelScent is a scam, a reliable brand for home fragrance, or an excellent business opportunity.

Here's what you can expect to learn while you're here.

What Is JewelScent All About

JewelScent is a multi-level marketing company that sells scented candles, bath bombs, scented wax melts, and CBD oils. The company also has a line of cosmetics like body soaps, creams, and scrubs.

But just like the other candle MLM companies such as Partylite, Jewelry Candles, and Gold Canyon, JewelScent is popularly known for its home fragrance and scented products.

JewelScent is also considered by many to be among the top candle MLM companies today!

JewelScents Products

This company was founded in 2013 by Sara Nguyen.

Sara and her friend, who shared her love for scented products, co-founded the JewelScent brand.

Why People Buy JewelScent Products

The reason why many people buy JewelScent products is less about the quality but because of the hidden jewels in their products. The jewelry pieces are valued between $20 - $7,500!

Say you buy a JewelScent candle worth $25. You will get a chance to win a $20 jewelry. If you're lucky, you might get a $100 jewelry, or a $1,000!

Not only you get to freshen up your home with your favorite fragrances and aromas, but you also get back the money you invested, and then some.

You may also get to enjoy exclusive discounts, additional perks, and start a business with JewelScent if you become a VIP customer.

Note: JewelScent scented products used to be promoted by a similar MLM company called Jewelry In Candles.

JewelScent VIP Customer Membership

If you love the JewelScent products, you can get a 30% up to 46% OFF on any purchase you make by becoming a VIP Customer.

Cost To Join

The membership fee is $10 per month, and that entitles you to these additional perks.

JewelScent VIP Customer Perks

By becoming a JewelScent VIP Customer, you can also make money with the company.

How To Make Money With JewelScent

JewelScent is an MLM company, and as to how the different MLM compensation plan works, you can make money by selling products and building a sales team (recruitment).

JewelScent Compensation Plan

When you sell JewelScent products to non-members, you will have a profit margin of 30% - 46%. There are no quotas and minimum sales requirements to enjoy this privilege.

Meanwhile, you can also receive an additional 7% - 10% commission on all the sales made by your team.

There are different ranks in the JewelScent compensation plan, and your earnings will depend on your current rank.

JewelScent Compensation Plan

For your convenience, you can see the full details of JewelScent's compensation plan in here.

So, do you think you can make a lot of money by becoming a JewelScent consultant? Whatever your answer is, I want to hold it until you read the next part of this JewelScent review. 

Below are the crucial things you need to know about this candle MLM company.

What You Need To Know About JewelScent

Before you call JewelScent a scam or enroll in its VIP program, these are the things you need to know first.

#1 Soy-based Candles

Unlike Partylite and Gold Canyon that uses paraffin and other toxic substances, JewelScent has soy-based scented candles and tarts. Still, there is some missing information about the company's product ingredients.

You could ask the company about the exact ingredients on their products to make sure that you are not exposing your family to the dangers of scented candles and wax melts.

Moreover, JewelScent also sells cosmetics and personal products.

Did you know that most of the ingredients on these products can cause cancer and other help issues? Click here to find out.

#2 Customers Experience

JewelScent has a D- rating in the Better Business Bureau. Although this is not an exact gauge to measure a company's credibility, some people take the BBB ratings seriously.

JewelScent BBB Rating

On the bright side, while JewelScent has a poor rating in BBB, more than 80% of its users are happy according to SiteJabber.

JewelScent Customer Reviews All

#3 Tons Of Complaints

While most JewelScent reviews from users on the Internet are positive, I cannot ignore the fact that a considerable number of complaints have been filed against this company.

Speaking of complaints, here are more JewelScent complaints I found on the Internet.

JewelScent Complaints

#4 You Might Not Make Money

JewelScent is a multi-level marketing company, and most people who join this business do not make any money at all.

I am not only talking about JewelScent but the whole MLM industry in general.

Do you want to know why more than 95% of people don't make money selling JewelScent candles? Read the next section of this JewelScent review.

Why Most People Don't Make Money With JewelScent

#1 Unpopular Niche

Unlike multi-vitamins and herbal supplements, not many people want/need to buy scented candles and home fragrances.

While even the most impoverished people would consider spending their last penny just to stay healthy. However, most of them won't find scented products to be that equally important.

Other than the enthusiast, the people who are most likely to buy scented candles and wax melts are from the middle and upper class. These people make up the lowest percentage of our population.

If you want to tap into the most significant portion of our society, you have to find a way to make your JewelScent products appealing even to the masses. Having a piece of hidden jewelry inside them is a good idea, but will that be enough?

If you are a minimum wage earner in today's economy, would you consider buying JewelScent products?

Or would you prefer CBD oils, essential oils, food supplements or other MLM products?

#2 Lack Of Leads

One of the biggest challenges you have to overcome as a JewelScent consultant is how to get an endless source of potential customers.

I know you probably think this isn't really a problem for you because you have tons of friends and a supportive family.

But what happens when your friends and family don't like your products and are not interested in your business? What is your MLM business strategy then?

Are you prepared to talk to strangers in malls and bus stations? Will you be willing to chat strangers on the Internet?

#3 Targeting The Wrong People

Okay here's the cold hard truth about the MLM business, your family and friends are not the best people to recruit in your company.

Yes, these people will buy your products at first, even join your team just to support you. But when the time comes that you will ask them to get serious and build a business, that is not likely to happen.

I have been with different MLM companies before and let me tell you this...

Stop wasting your time putting all your efforts to convince your family and friends.

For your business to grow, you need to find the people that share the same passion and interest with you.

#4 Lack Of Skills

Most of the people who don't make money as a JewelScent consultant are the ones that possess no actual skills for selling and recruitment. Convincing people to buy your products is not easy, so is recruiting people to join your team.

If you ever hope to make money selling JewelScent candles, you need to equip yourself with the right set of skills and knowledge.

#5 Joining With A Wrong Mindset

It's a good thing that you are reading this JewelScent review. Because did you know that most people didn't make any money with JewelScent are the ones who joined with the wrong mentality?

You can indeed make money in MLM, but it will never be easy.

No matter how your sponsor sugarcoats it and how assuring the company's promises are, JewelScent is not a Get-Rich-Quick program. Nothing is.

To succeed, you will need skills, patience, determination, and hard work.

You will need to sell tons of products and have a large sales team if you ever hope to make a living with JewelScent.

Is JewelScent A Scam

I can say with utmost certainty that JewelScent is not a scam.

Yes, there are some issues when doing business with this company, but it doesn't take away the fact that JewelScent is a legitimate MLM company. JewelScent has a decent compensation plan and a great product line.

This company is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme.

But this is my opinion, okay? Do you think JewelScent a scam? Have you had any good/bad experience with its products?

Share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

My Humble Advice

If you have decided to make money selling JewelScent candles, I advise that you try the products first. This way, you will know how the products work and will you be comfortable selling them to other people. 

Having a pleasant experience with the products is a prerequisite before joining any MLM company like JewelScent.

Next, you must learn about Attraction Marketing. This is a powerful strategy that allowed many top network marketer to at least triple their product sales each month!

With Attraction Marketing, you will also learn how to find the right people for your business and how to get a seemingly endless supply of leads. How would you like that?

If you are eager to start learning Attraction Marketing, click here.

JewelScent Business Alternative

On the other hand, if you want to make money online WITHOUT selling any products or recruiting people, I have a more suitable business recommendation for you.

This program involves affiliate marketing. Of course, there will also be challenges that you have to overcome.

But if you do this right, you could be among the many who are now making a full-time income at home. Some were finally able to quit their 9-5 jobs and enjoy an early retirement, all thanks to this online business program.

But you know what the best part is? You have the chance to start today for free!

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this JewelScent review. I hope that you found the answers that you were looking for, mainly if JewelScent is a scam or a worthy investment.

If you think this is useful, kindly share this to the other people you know so they too could benefit from this information.

Meanwhile, should you be interested in finding other means to make money online...

There is a signup form below for a FREE online course that will teach you how to turn your passion into profits.

Until next time and I wish you all the success in your future endeavors.





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