Is Platincoin Scam? – A Pyramid Scheme in Disguise!

So, you've seen people on the internet making bold claims about how they made a lot of money ​with Platincoin, and how you too make do the same.

But, instead of trusting their words, you've decided to do some research and you've landed here.

Kudos to you! You done what 90% of the people won't do, and that's how you protect yourself from a program like Platincoin.

In this Platincoin review, we will be discussing about...

  • Is Platincoin a scam?
  • What is this company all about?
  • The potential of this business platform?
  • Is it worth your time?

​Let's get started​...​

Review Summary

​Founder: Alex Reinhardt

Price: € 107 - € 9,951
            (~$121.84 - $11,331.55)

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Platincoin Reviewed By Bare Naked Scam

Income Opportunity Rating:

What is Platincoin?

Platincoin is an Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) ​Cryptocurrency company that claims to leverage blockchain technologies, global business, and social platforms.

The company's goal is to build an innovative cryptosystem and make it available to people from all walks of life. 

Platincoin explains that you do not have to be an expert in technical processes to grow your income.

By becoming a member, the company will "rent" you the tools and dedicated "minting equipment package” to get you started.


The Minting Equipment Package Includes:

  • Hardware as a dedicated server resource
  • Your unique user ID that shows that this Minting Unit belongs to you
  • An expanded separate blockchain node as Software
  • A fine-tuned and pre-installed Blockchain Wallet with a full set of rented coins necessary for successful minting
  • A certain number of coins included in the equipment set is an integral part of the minting process; however, the user shall not become the owner of these coins
  • A controller that will monitor the automated and correct crediting of minted coins.

The Man Behind Platincoin

When you visit the Platoncoin’s official website, you will notice that it does not provide much information about the company's background, including the personalities that run this institution.

However, by doing extensive research about the company, I was finally able to learn that the current CEO for the Platincoin is Alex Reinhardt.

Reinhardt was part of the SwissCoin Ponzi scheme. In early 2017, Switzerland decided to file legal action with SwissCoin which eventually leads to its collapse.

What are Platincoin Products?

If the track record of the company's CEO raises some issues for you, then you might not like what you will learn next.

Talking about products, Platincoin has no retail-able products or services at all.


As an affiliate member, you will only be able to sell the Platincoin affiliate membership itself. I don't want to jump into conclusions here but base on these 3 facts:

  • Unclear company background
  • Sketchy (Hidden) owner personal information
  • No retail-able products

These are the common telltales of a scam or a pyramiding scheme. I am not saying that Platincoin is, per se.

However, I am beginning to understand why an increasing number of people is saying it is.

Is Platincoin an MLM Company or a Pyramid Scheme?

Yes, Platincoin claims that they are an MLM company.

Although, the fact that the company does not have a retail-able product for its members dangerously groups them among the existing pyramiding schemes out there.

But wait!

Contrary to the popular beliefs, an MLM company does not necessarily mean it is a Pyramiding scheme.

There is a clear distinction between legit MLM companies and Pyramiding schemes disguised as MLMs.

This 2-minute video will give you everything you need to know about MLM vs. a Pyramid Scheme.

Now based on that video you just watched, let me ask you a question.

In your own opinion...

Does Platincoin fall under a legit MLM or a Pyramid Scheme? You can leave your reply on the Comment Section below.

​Personally, I think Platcoin is more of a pyramid scheme then anything else. ​There is no proof that you are actually "renting" equipment from the company. They didn't show proof that they own the equipment themselves. It is a perfect cover up for anyone to create a product out of thin air.

The 4 Platincoin Platforms

Although Platincoin has no products, it does not mean that you do not get an ROI when you become a member.

The Platincoin affiliate membership provides a person access to its 4 different platforms.

PLC Network

PLC Network is the official Platincoin social network. The company highlighted that it is not only a global social network community where everyone can find and meet their fellow members. The PLC Network also acts as the gateway for members to access adequate and useful tool for business communications.

PLC Business

This is basically a crowdfunding platform by Platincoin. This feature gives members the chance to support new and upcoming business startups. An agreed percentage of that business' profits will then be returned to Platincoin and will be divided among the network users and members.

PLC Market

The platform for crypto coins traders. The PLC Market comes with a "Platincoin Compensation" plan where every member affiliate is promised a return of interest based on their investments.

PLC Academy

The official Platincoin learning and training platform. This platform is the one responsible for educating Platincoin members about the essential skills and knowledge one must possess before engaging in the crypto trade.

Platincoin Compensation Plan

Platincoin members or affiliates are compensated by investing their ROI into "Platincoins" — a form of cryptocurrency being offered by PlatinCoin.

In addition, Platincoin also allows its members to earn through residual commissions which will be paid through a unilevel setup.


Platincoins aren’t tradable on the public market. The only thing they can be used for is to exchange them for real money through Platincoin’s own exchange system, the Turbo Button PLC.

How to Join Platincoin and How Much will it Cost?

Becoming a member of Platincoin is pretty easy. All you need to do is visit the PlatinCoin website at and register for free.


Once you completed this...

You can start doing business with PLC by buying different business packages.

These packages are:


As you can see, each business packages includes a certain ROI (in addition to access to the 4 Platforms) in forms of Rented PLC Equipments, Platincoins, Online Courses, Advertisement Points and Voices (votes) for the crowdfunding in PLC Business.

Is Platincoin a Scam?

​As you wouldn't probably guess, I think Platincoin is a scam, a pyramid scheme.

The founder himself has a shady past that is closely linked to what he is doing now.

​Platincoin's "products" are something that anyone can create out of thin air, and there is no real proof that they have the mining equipments.

You may be interested to know that there is a huge cost to starting a cryptocurrency mining farm, and if a company can compensate you ​through a Multi-Level Marketing plan, it raises questions as to its legitimacy.

Next, the Cyrptocurrecy called PlatinCoin is not traded on any Cryptocurrency Exchange, which means that Cryptocurrency that you've spend real money buying, do not have any value whatsoever.

Let me ask you, what happens when PlatinCoin closes down? Which it most likely will.

Everything will be gone. All your money that you've invested will be gone. The PlatinCoins that you've "earned", will be gone.

So, I really hope this puts you in perspective.

Now, if you are looking for a legitimate way to earn money, may I interest you in something called Affiliate Marketing?

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Anyway, I hope that you haven't join PlatinCoin, and if you are considering to join, I hope that you will give this a second thought.

Until here and I wish you all nothing but success.

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Your pal,


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