Is Kidazzler a Scam or Legit Free Parenting App?

Kidazzler claims to be the new “kid” on the block of online business opportunities today. But is Kidazzler a scam or a genuinely innovative free parenting app?

So, with the intention of finding out the truth behind this company…

I was following Kidazzler since the day it was initially launch, during its Phase 1, Phase 2 and eventually, when Kidazzler started paying its affiliates.

If this is your first time reading this Kidazzler review, I recommend that you take your time. I guarantee it will be worth your while.

Meanwhile, if you have been here before, you might want to skip into the latest updates on Kidazzler.

Review Summary

Name: Kidazzler

Owner: Alex Rehman

Price: Free to Join

Recommended? No


Income Opportunity Rating:

What is Kidazzler?

<img alt=’Kidazzler-Scam-Home-Page’ width=’800′ height=’350′ title=’Kidazzler-Scam-Home-Page’ data-id=’14469′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Kidazzler-Scam-Home-Page.jpg’ data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Kidazzler-Scam-Home-Page.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-was-processed=’true’>Kidazzler-Scam-Home-Page<img alt=Kidazzler-Scam-Home-Page width=800 height=350 title=Kidazzler-Scam-Home-Page data-id=14469 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Kidazzler-Scam-Home-Page.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

Kidazzler is a free parenting mobile app that is being built by a community of parents for parents. On its official blog

The company claims that its mission is to create an all-in-one parenting platform for people with kids to find anything they need to make parenting more comfortable and convenient. 

Update: Kidazzler’s CEO is Alex Rehman.

Alex released an inspiring blog sometime in last week of March 2019 where he officially introduces himself as the CEO of Kidazzler. He also provides a little more information about himself. 

Update: It is now on its Phase 2 until August 1 of 2019.

I also have information that Kidazzler’s headquarters is located at 14900 W Magnolia Blvd, 57304, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403, in the US.

Kidazzler’s long term goal is to unite all parents by providing them a high functioning go-to parenting directory. This directory will contain everything a parent will need for their kids such as:

  • Child-friendly restaurants
  • Childcare and day cares
  • Schools and training centers
  • Kids events and parties
  • Safe playgrounds and parks
  • Suggested health clinics
  • Family fun and leisure places
  • Museums and learning centers
  • A list of recommended Pedia, Doctors, Dentists, etc
  • And everything else related to rearing a child

In short, anything kid-related and kid-friendly institutions.

Why Should You Join Kidazzler?

The best selling point of Kidazzler is that it gives anyone a chance to make a recurring monthly income by contributing and helping Kidazzler to accomplish its mission and goals.

The only contribution Kidazzler asks from you and its other members is to recommend locations that are good for kids so they can add them to their directory. 

You can also earn commissions by inviting new people to join the platform and do the same thing.

This means that you have the “potential” to earn a monthly recurring income if you recommend kid-related businesses to Kidazzler.

I say potential because there are certain requirements that must be meet which I will discuss in a moment.

How Does Kidazzler Work?

Kidazzler comes in two phases, Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Each “phase” has different goals, and as a member of Kidazzler (or aspiring member), you have to understand what are those.

Phase 1

As a Kidazzler member, your ultimate goal during Phase 1 is to “Lock In” as many kid-related businesses under your name as possible.

You first need to download the Kidazzler app in your mobile or desktop. Then you proceed to Locking in businesses.

Locking A Business In Kidazzler

Locking in a company or business under your name is very simple. This is literally a “Copy and Paste” business opportunity (with some conditions).

To “Lock In” a business yourself, all you need to do is provide that business’ basic information such as:

  • Business name;
  • Official business contact or phone number and;
  • The business’ address.

<img alt=’How-To-Join-Kidazzler-Reviewed-By-Bare-Naked-Scam’ width=’800′ height=’323′ title=’How-To-Join-Kidazzler-Reviewed-By-Bare-Naked-Scam’ data-id=’14472′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/How-To-Join-Kidazzler-Reviewed-By-Bare-Naked-Scam.jpg’ data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/How-To-Join-Kidazzler-Reviewed-By-Bare-Naked-Scam.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-was-processed=’true’>How-To-Join-Kidazzler-Reviewed-By-Bare-Naked-Scam<img alt=How-To-Join-Kidazzler-Reviewed-By-Bare-Naked-Scam width=800 height=323 title=How-To-Join-Kidazzler-Reviewed-By-Bare-Naked-Scam data-id=14472 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/How-To-Join-Kidazzler-Reviewed-By-Bare-Naked-Scam.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

When you add a new place to Kidazzler’s directory using the app that you downloaded, that business will be “Locked” to you.

All the businesses you Locked In to Kidazzler will  have your name on it.

Kidazzler’s community is exclusive so you will need an invitation to join. If you are interested in joining Kidazzler, you can become a member by following the link below.

Update: Kidazzler is now on Phase 2 and is paying commissions to affiliates.

Phase 2

After you Locked In businesses for yourself in Phase 1, Phase 2 is Kidazzler doing their part for you.  

In Phase 2…

Kidazzler and its team will reach out to businesses and companies that you were able to “Locked In” during Phase 1.

They will then contact these businesses to try to get them to advertise on their parenting app. If the company chooses to advertise in Kidazzler…

The user who “Locked In” that business will be paid $10/month as long as they remain to subscribe with the Kidazzler advertising services.  

You can earn up to $550/month for all the businesses that you add.

Kidazzler Referral Program

As I mentioned earlier, Kidazzler also has a referral program.

If you recruit someone and the business that they added also chooses to advertise with Kidazzler,  you will also get paid $2 from each of those locations.

You will also be able to unlock some achievements in the future that will allow you to earn additional passive income online from the people that are “recruited” by your direct recruits.

Is Kidazzler’s Phase 2 Already Going On?


<img alt=’Is-Kidazzler-A-Scam-Phase-2-2019′ width=’800′ height=’400′ title=’Is-Kidazzler-A-Scam-Phase-2-2019′ data-id=’14473′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Is-Kidazzler-A-Scam-Phase-2-2019.jpg’ data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Is-Kidazzler-A-Scam-Phase-2-2019.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-was-processed=’true’>Is-Kidazzler-A-Scam-Phase-2<img alt=Is-Kidazzler-A-Scam-Phase-2-2019 width=800 height=400 title=Is-Kidazzler-A-Scam-Phase-2-2019 data-id=14473 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Is-Kidazzler-A-Scam-Phase-2-2019.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

Update: Kidazzler’s Phase 2 is underway.

I will be keeping an eye on the post of the members and I will update this Kidazzler review once more the moment payments were made to their members.

Update: First and Second payments were already made to affiliates. Click here to see proof.

Business “Locked In” Limits

At the moment that I am writing this Kidazzler review, Kidazzler allows their members to add up to 55 businesses under each account.

The main reason behind this is clearly stated by Kidazzler. It is because they want to help as many people in their community as possible.

The limit will ensure that everyone will have an equal chance to get paid and no one will take over the directory and add all the businesses themselves.

Kidazzler claims that:

“To give everyone a ‘fair’ and ‘equal’ chance to participate and earn, we decided to set a limit for how many businesses each member can add to the directory.”


Kidazzler plans on raising the limit and add 5 more to the total kid-related businesses and firms that you can add.

This will be implemented on the 15th of each upcoming month. Meaning, once you have maxed the 55 for this month, you will have the chance to add 5 more the next month. And 5 on the next, and so on.

How to Make Money with Kidazzler?

Although I have already given a brief explanation on how you can make money with Kidazzler earlier…

Allow me to provide you with a complete recap to make sure that you don’t miss anything.

So basically…

Kidazzler implements what is called a Shared Revenue Model.

This means that Kidazzler earns revenues when the businesses that are added by its members decide to advertise on its platform.

This is why I use the word “potential” earlier.

Whenever these businesses pay Kidazzler for advertisements, Kidazzler will take $10 from that payment and share it to its “Locked” user. 

<img alt=’Kidazzler-Review-2019-Phase1-Phase2′ width=’800′ height=’400′ title=’Kidazzler-Review-2019-Phase1-Phase2′ data-id=’14476′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Kidazzler-Review-2019-Phase1-Phase2.jpg’ data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Kidazzler-Review-2019-Phase1-Phase2.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-was-processed=’true’>Kidazzler-Review-2019-Phase1-Phase2<img alt=Kidazzler-Review-2019-Phase1-Phase2 width=800 height=400 title=Kidazzler-Review-2019-Phase1-Phase2 data-id=14476 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Kidazzler-Review-2019-Phase1-Phase2.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

This is why Phase 1 is very important if you want to earn a lot of money in Phase 2.

The more businesses “Locked In” on your name during Phase 1, the more money you will be able to potentially earn in Phase 2. 

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How Much Can you Earn with Kidazzler?

Kidazzler offers its members the potential to earn up to $4,800 per month at the time I am writing this Kidazzler review.

You will be able to see your potential earnings, the number of businesses, your referrals and more on the Kidazzler app.

For each business that you “Locked In” personally, you will earn $10. You will also make $2 from businesses “Locked In” by your referrals and as your team grows, you will be paid an additional $1 for every businesses “Locked In” by your referral’s referral.

That’s a very decent potential passive income! Considering you do not need to pay anything when you join Kidazzler.

Now, I know that after learning these things, you might be thinking that Kidazzler is too good to be true so I would be glad to learn what you think.

Is Kidazzler a scam?

Let me hear your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

Getting Paid with Kidazzler?

On their website, Kidazzler claims that it plans to open multiple redemption options within the Kidazzler wallet.

Redemption options include:

  • Direct bank transfer
  • Venmo
  • PayPal
  • In-store purchases
  • Gift cards
  • And others that are not specified yet.

Update: A few affiliates has been paid as of May 2019.

Amazing Things About Kidazzler

There are some good things worth mentioning about this company. Read below to see of this is the type of online business opportunity that you are looking for.

#1 Unique and Inspired Idea

Kidazzler aims to create an all-in-one parenting platform, a one-stop parent directory where anyone with kids can find and search for anything they need anytime and anywhere.

If things go as planned, Kidazzler will be the only parenting platform with a directory built by parents for parents.

That is huge!

There is no business platform yet that targets this niche with the same magnitude as Kidazzler and if they pull this off (and I am hoping they will), it will help tons of parents out there.

#2 Free to Join

Joining Kidazzler requires no amount of membership fee whatsoever (at the moment).

That means that you will get to enjoy the free usage of this parenting mobile app until the management decided to change it.

Moreover, you will also have the potential to generate a source of recurring passive income without investing a single dime!

#3 Active Facebook Community

Kidazzler’s online community on Facebook called Kidazzler Elite Inner Circle is a active and very responsive.

Other members including the Kidazzler admins are very present and involved in all discussions within the community.

There are also regular updates and welcome notes for all new members. It is a healthy community that you can highly benefit from should you decide to become part of this company.

<img alt=”Kidazzler Elite Inner Circle” width=’800′ height=’494′ title=”Kidazzler Elite Inner Circle” data-id=’16615′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Kidazzler-Elite-Inner-Circle.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Kidazzler-Elite-Inner-Circle.jpg’ data-was-processed=’true’>Kidazzler Elite Inner Circle<img alt=”Kidazzler Elite Inner Circle” width=800 height=494 title=”Kidazzler Elite Inner Circle” data-id=16615 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Kidazzler-Elite-Inner-Circle.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

My Concerns With Kidazzler

Although Kidazzler presents a very tempting opportunity to anyone particularly to the parents who wanted to make parenting easier…

(With the bonus of potentially making decent money in the side)

There are some concerns that I would like to raise about this online business opportunity.

#1 USA And Canada Only

Kidazzler is only available at the moment for the residents of the United States and Canada who are at least 18 years old. 

On their website, Kidazzler does not give any hint that it will offer its services anywhere else any time soon.

<img alt=’Is-Kidazzler-A-Scam-Kidazzler-Review-2019-Countries’ width=’800′ height=’243′ title=’Is-Kidazzler-A-Scam-Kidazzler-Review-2019-Countries’ data-id=’14478′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Is-Kidazzler-A-Scam-Kidazzler-Review-2019-Countries.jpg’ data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Is-Kidazzler-A-Scam-Kidazzler-Review-2019-Countries.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-was-processed=’true’>Is-Kidazzler-A-Scam-Kidazzler-Review-2019-Countries<img alt=Is-Kidazzler-A-Scam-Kidazzler-Review-2019-Countries width=800 height=243 title=Is-Kidazzler-A-Scam-Kidazzler-Review-2019-Countries data-id=14478 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Is-Kidazzler-A-Scam-Kidazzler-Review-2019-Countries.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

If you are reading this in the other regions of the globe other than the US and Canada…

Then sad to say Kidazzler is not (yet) an option for you.

If you are currently looking for a business opportunity, then you might want to consider this online business program instead.

#2 No Track Record Yet

Kidazzler is new to the scene.

As much as it promises many good things to keep us hoping for the best, there are no solid proofs that this platform is what it claims to be.

Update: A few affiliates started getting payments already. Continue reading to see the proofs.

#3 Red Flags

Kidazzler as promising as this idea is, I cannot ignore the many red flags that rise just by looking at this platform alone.

Especially when it comes to its business structure.

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Kidazzler Red Flags

On this part of my Kidazzler review, I will discuss the reasons why some people (including me before) might be asking themselves, is Kidazzler a scam?

Here’s why.

#1 Undisclosed Vital Information

When Kiddazler first launched, there wasn’t any personnel who claimed the business.

But now, Alex Rehman is known to be the Kidazzler’s CEO.

You can contact Kidazzler here for inquiries.

#2 Too Good to be True?

Kidazzler offers free membership to anyone in Canada, and the US that are at least 18 years of age. Other than that, there are no other requirements.

What I find strange about all of these is not the free membership because there are other online opportunities that do this too such as legit paid survey sites

It is the fact that Kidazzler offers very generous cash rewards to its members just for adding businesses with nothing on the line. 

Being promised to earn up to $4,800 per month without any investment is too good to be true.

Update: Some affiliates started getting paid as of first week of May 2019 and is getting their second pay check for June. Check this out.

#3 A Potential Data Harvesting Scam??

I am not saying that Kidazzler is one (notice the question mark).

However, this is another thing to look into if you are interested in participating with Kidazzler and similar business opportunities.

Scammers today are not only after your money but also your personal information. If you take a look at the payment options stated by Kidazzler…

A direct bank transfer and PayPal are among the possibilities.

These form of payments requires delicate and confidential personal information that you would rather not share with unverified third parties.

But if these things are not a concern for you, then this is not an issue.

#4 Kidazzler Chain Recruitment Scam?

I am not saying that Kidazzler is a chain recruitment scam.

However, the way it offers to pay its members a share of their direct referrals’ income means the company puts heavy emphasis on recruitment. 

Again, I am not saying that Kidazzler is a chain recruitment scam. I am merely pointing out the similarities of the business structure on the previous scams I encountered.

Kidazzler is free to join at this moment, but what worries me is that you will be ask a certain fee later on to cashout your earnings. Something similar to Empowr and FanBox (now College Power).

But as far as for the first two months, Kidazzler affiliates are getting paid as scheduled without any problem.

#5 Earning Potential Issues

Another thing that concerns me is….

  • What happens if the business that you add does not choose to opt for paying advertisements?
  • Or, if the business decides to stop using the advertising services of Kidazzler?
  • Can you remove these businesses from the directory and add a new one to replace them?

Update: It appears that you can have your Locked In business removed from the directory if you contact Kidazzler’s customer support.

Please refer to the image below.

<img alt=”How To Remove A Locked In Business” width=’800′ height=’400′ title=”How To Remove A Locked In Business” data-id=’16622′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/How-To-Remove-A-Locked-In-Business.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/How-To-Remove-A-Locked-In-Business.jpg’ data-was-processed=’true’>How To Remove A Locked In Business<img alt=”How To Remove A Locked In Business” width=800 height=400 title=”How To Remove A Locked In Business” data-id=16622 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/How-To-Remove-A-Locked-In-Business.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

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Kidazzler’s Recent Updates

It has been a few months since I first uploaded this Kidazzler review. Many events has transpired since then and to keep you posted, I provided a separate section specifically for the company updates and developments.

For Kidazzler affiliates reading this, if there is an update that I miss mentioning here, you can fill our readers in using the Comment Section below.

June 2019

I am glad to announce that my opinion for Kidazzler has greatly improved since I first wrote this review.

If you are still on the fence on whether is Kidazzler a scam or a legit online business opportunity, then I have useful information for you.

As  of the first week of June 2019, Kidazzler affiliates began cashing out their second monthly payment from the company.

Here are some proofs:

<img alt=”Kidazzler June Payment” width=’800′ height=’491′ title=”Kidazzler June Payment” data-id=’17393′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Kidazzler-June-Payment.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Kidazzler-June-Payment.jpg’ data-was-processed=’true’>Kidazzler June Payment<img alt=”Kidazzler June Payment” width=800 height=491 title=”Kidazzler June Payment” data-id=17393 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Kidazzler-June-Payment.jpg style=”width: 100%;”><img alt=”June Payment 2″ width=’800′ height=’399′ title=”June Payment 2″ data-id=’17392′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/June-Payment-2.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/June-Payment-2.jpg’ data-was-processed=’true’>June Payment 2<img alt=”June Payment 2″ width=800 height=399 title=”June Payment 2″ data-id=17392 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/June-Payment-2.jpg style=”width: 100%;”><img alt=”June Payment 3″ width=’800′ height=’289′ title=”June Payment 3″ data-id=’17391′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/June-Payment-3.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/June-Payment-3.jpg’ data-was-processed=’true’>June Payment 3<img alt=”June Payment 3″ width=800 height=289 title=”June Payment 3″ data-id=17391 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/June-Payment-3.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

And here’s a payment for a Kidazzler affiliate living in Canada.

<img alt=”CAD Payments” width=’800′ height=’475′ title=”CAD Payments” data-id=’17388′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/CAD-Payments.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/CAD-Payments.jpg’ data-was-processed=’true’>CAD Payments<img alt=”CAD Payments” width=800 height=475 title=”CAD Payments” data-id=17388 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/CAD-Payments.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

Furthermore, Kidazzler continue to update its apps on both iOS and Android devices.

<img alt=”Kidazzler Mobile App Update” width=’800′ height=’568′ title=”Kidazzler Mobile App Update” data-id=’17389′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Kidazzler-Mobile-App-Update.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Kidazzler-Mobile-App-Update.jpg’ data-was-processed=’true’>Kidazzler Mobile App Update<img alt=”Kidazzler Mobile App Update” width=800 height=568 title=”Kidazzler Mobile App Update” data-id=17389 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Kidazzler-Mobile-App-Update.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

May 2019

There has been some very good developments about Kidazzler this week.

First off, the company released a statement about its founders. As it turns out, there are three of them:

  • CEO – Alex Rehman (which I already mentioned on this review a while back)
  • VP Sales and Marketing – Julia Rehman
  • CCO – Koby Rehman

<img alt=”Kidazzler Founders May 2019 Update” width=’800′ height=’450′ title=”Kidazzler Founders May 2019 Update” data-id=’16616′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Kidazzler-Founders-May-2019-Update.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Kidazzler-Founders-May-2019-Update.jpg’ data-was-processed=’true’>Kidazzler Founders May 2019 Update<img alt=”Kidazzler Founders May 2019 Update” width=800 height=450 title=”Kidazzler Founders May 2019 Update” data-id=16616 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Kidazzler-Founders-May-2019-Update.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

Second and perhaps this is the big one.

A few Kidazzler affiliates have started receiving their shares for the advertisement fees of their Locked In businesses!

Finally, Kidazzler is planning to phase out its “Invite Only” feature on August 1 of 2019.

That means, it will become an open platform and anyone can join with or without your invitation.

Members who joined Kidazzler before August 1 will inherit the “Invite” feature so they can continue to recruit new members  and will earn commissions from their own Locked In businesses ($10) and from that of their recruits ($1 and $2).

For those who joins Kidazzler after that date will only be able to earn commissions from their own Locked In businesses.

April 2019

More than a month after I wrote this Kidazzler review, a few Kidazzler affiliates (one guy in particular) contacted me and told me that my review is outdated and I have some incorrect information.I made it clear that during the time I was writing this, not much information is available about Kidazzler yet. 

Of course why would there be when during that time, Kidazzler is only at the Phase 1 (I will discuss more about Phase 1 in a moment).I even encouraged the readers to come back to this review as I will be updating this as soon as new valuable pieces of information come out.He understood that I did not write this review (or any of our reviews) to judge whether Kidazzler (or any other business opportunity) is a scam base on assumptions and without proper proofs.When we (BNS) tag a company or a business opportunity as a scam, we do it with substantial proofs. See our USI Tech and FanBox reviews for example.


The idea behind Kidazzler is a very inspiring and innovative one. To create a global directory that has all the parenting resource for anyone for free is fascinating.

Kidazzler will also provide its members with an easy way to make money online.

On top of that, Kidazzler won’t be charging you any membership fee (for now), and that is a very generous gesture.

As of June of 2019…

Second monthly payments for affiliates have already been made. There is also a visible sign that the management is doing their best to handle all the issues that rises.

I would say that Kidazzler is moving in a right direction

But along the many good things this platform promises to offer, there are also a couple of serious red flags that should not be taken for granted (at this moment).

I will continue to observe Kidazzler and I will keep you updated with the company’s developments, both good and bad.

That’s what makes a review unbiased, right?

Is Kidazzler A Scam

I am starting to believe that it is a legit online business opportunity.

But base on the information I shared with you, is Kidazzler a scam in your opinion? I would love to hear your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

My Sincere Advice to You

If Kidazzler and the opportunity it offers interests you, please go ahead and visit their platform.

However, I urge you to learn more about this company first before signing up.

Keep in mind that although signing is free and that it appears that you won’t lose anything for doing so…

Once again, there are other important things that are more valuable than money itself and that is compromising your personal data and information.

Should You Join Kidazzler

That depends.

Although Kidazzler made it clear that you should only consider it as an additional income source because your earning potential is limited and unstable.

You can only potentially make money IF and only IF the businesses you add (including those that were added by your recruits) decides to pay for advertising.

Chances are if all of the businesses you Locked In does not pay for advertisements or cancels their subscriptions to Kidazzler…

You cannot expect any income at all.

If you are really keen into creating a reliable source of passive income, then you might want to take a look at these alternatives.

For starters, I know another online business program that is 100% legit and has been proven and tested by many people already. 

And just like what Kidazzler offers, you can get started with this program as a beginner for FREE!

The one difference though is this online program will give you a chance to be able to quit your job and earn a full-time monthly income at home.

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this Kidazzler review. I hope that I have provided you with enough information on whether is Kidazzler a scam or not.

If you find this helpful, kindly share this to the people who could benefit from this information as well.

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Whether you join Kidazzler or start your own online business instead, make sure that you are doing something you are truly passionate about.

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