Is Infinii a Scam? – The Truth about this “Dropship” Training Program!

Name: Infinii
Website: infinii.com
Cost: $49.95/$149.95/$399.95 per month

Income Opportunity rating: 2 / 5 Stars

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I’m sure you are here because you are trying to figure out if Infinii is a scam or is it a viable opportunity for you to dive into.

Let me assure you that you have come to the right place because I am going to share everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

Have you heard of Retail Arbitrage or Drop Shipping?


Infinii provides the education on the said topics, and its business opportunity is marked by the pretense that everyone, regardless of the demographic, can easily succeed with it.

The fact is that 97% of the people who joins the Infinii’s business opportunity fails, and I will share with you why below.

Before that, let me explain a little on what is Retail Arbitrage and Drop Shipping, and the difference between the two.

Retail Arbitrage generally means that you (as the middleman) source items on retail stores like Amazon, Ebay or others, and sell it on another retail platform (similarly Amazon, Ebay, etc.). The profit is made from the difference between the cost price of the source item and its final sale price.

Drop Shipping has similar traits to Retail Arbitraging. The only difference is that you, as a middleman, will source the items from manufacturers rather than from a retail store. Your profit is earned from the price difference between the selling price of the manufacturer and the selling price (defined by you) to the retailer or customer.

Obviously, Drop Shipping earns more than Retail Arbitrage because the profit margin is wider when you are buying the items from a manufacturer.

But, what has Retail Arbitrage and Drop Shipping got to do with Infinii?

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What is Infinii?

Just like DS Domination, Infinii is an Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Company, which provides educational courses to people who wants to make money from Retail Arbitrage and Drop-shipping.

There are basically 3 levels of educational course:

  1. Prime $49.95/month
  2. Surge $149.95/month
  3. Excel $399.95/month

The problem with these courses is that Prime and Surge only teach you how to set up a business around Retail Arbitrage, and only Excel teaches you how to drop-ship.

As we know, Retail Arbitrage earns a low profit margin, and the competition is extremely high.

If you don’t believe me, just head over to Ebay and you will see many people competing to sell the same stuff that is sold on Amazon, but at a marked up price.

With the immense competition, everyone is slashing their profit margins and you will be making peanuts for the much work that you have done.

Yes. I know the courses promise you that you can outrank your competitors, but think about it, if everyone knows and uses the same strategy that is taught in the Prime and Surge Courses, how can you outrank them?

Most importantly, when you are Retail Arbitraging, especially on eBay, you have to be wary of the Sales Tax, Listing Fees, Paypal Fees, eBay Fees and shipping cost, which could eat up your profit margin.

The typical Infinii lesson example teaches you how to select an item from Amazon, which cost $50, and list it on eBay for $80. After all the sales taxes and fees, as I’ve mentioned, you will probably be able to receive a $10 profit (if not less).

Be mindful that there is a lot of work done for making that $10 profit, and here are the steps:

  1. You have to source the item
  2. List the item on eBay or Bonanza and wait for the sale
  3. Get the shipping address of your buyer
  4. Purchase the item from the supplier (like Amazon, overstock, walmart, wayfair, etc.)
  5. Input the shipping address of your buyer
  6. Copy the mail tracking details
  7. Getting back to eBay to inform you buyer of the tracking details
  8. Manage refunds if there is any

What happens if you are in too deep and you have tonnes of product listing, I would only think that the process is going to be a messy one.

What’s more, eBay is a dying business, according to these sources, reddit and Quora. It is getting harder and harder to do the retail arbitraging business because people are getting smarter when purchasing items online.

A typical online shopper will visit many online stores before making a purchase, and they will source for the cheapest to buy. What are the chances that the online shopper will buy the item from you? I am sure you will agree with me, but if you don’t that’s perfectly fine.

If you are definite that you want to start a Retail Arbitrage business with eBay, I’ll be honest with you that the Infinii’s educational courses are great.

The Infinii Business Opportunity

If you do not know what is MLM, you should read this article.

To make real money with the Infinii, it is not from the Retail Arbitraging and Drop Shipping, it is the MLM program that makes the most money and it is definitely enticing for anyone to join the program.

The basis of the Infinii’s business opportunity is for you to recruit as many people as possible to be an affiliate of Infinii.

When you recruit more people, and your recruits find their own recruitment, you will earn commission from your personal recruitment as well as your recruit’s recruitment. More details can be found in this video:

So how is this opportunity different from a pyramid recruitment scheme?

Check out this video to find out the answer:

So what do you think? Is Infinii a pyramid scheme?

While it sounds like a pyramid scheme as described in the above video, but I find that the educational courses  are valuable to beginners who wants to start a Retail Arbitrage business. I just felt that the Infinii courses are oversold and its strategies will not work if it is not exclusive.

I personally think that Infinii is not a pyramid scheme, nor a scam, and it is a legitimate business. But, the only course I think will be beneficial to its members is the Excel course which cost a ton.

Why 96% of the people who joined the Infinii’s Business Opportunity fail?

Let’s take a quick at the Infinii’s income disclosure.


I am sure many Infinii affiliates will disagree with me because what I’ve said here will dampen their chance of getting you to sign up with the business opportunity.

You see, to be able to join the Infinii business opportunity, on top of just purchasing one of its courses, you have to join the “Partner Program”.

There are two Partner Programs:

  • The Standard Affiliate ($9.95/month); and
  • The Partner Plus Affiliate ($19.95/month)

If you ever want to succeed in the MLM business, you need to get the “Partner Plus”, because it has some internet marketing training tagged to it while the “Standard Partner” does not.

The problem is, when you enter into the MLM business like this, you are entering a completely different niche, you are no longer in the Retail Arbitrage or Drop Shipping niche, but you are in the “Online Business Opportunity” niche.

It is a whole different ball game when promoting an Online Business because frankly speaking, it is one of the hardest niches to get into. If you do not have proper training, the chances of failing is extremely high.

As we can see from the income disclosure of Infinii, 92% of its affiliates make less than $100 per month, and 96% of its affiliates make less than $249 per month. What do you think? Is making money from Infinii as simple as what many claimed?

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Is Retail Arbitrage and Drop Shipping suitable for you?

If you love to own an Online Store that does not have any inventory, and where your business model is about sourcing cheaper products from retailers or manufacturers, and selling the products at a marked up price, then this business is suitable for you.

Keep in mind the sourcing and selling process, and the narrowed profit margins I’ve talked about above. There are lots to be done to make a small profit.

Due to the nature of this Retail Arbitrage and Drop Shipping business, if you really want to succeed in it, you have to do it full-time.

So, is this business suitable for you?

Infinii not suitable for you? What’s next…

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My Sincere Advice to You

Success in any kinds of business starts with a passion, without passion, you will not be able to pull through when the going gets tough.

If you want to join the Infinii business opportunity, you have ask yourself, are you interested or passionate about its products that you will give your 100% to promoting it?

There is no point joining a business opportunity when you are not 100% into it.

The internet has made it simple for people to do business in any niche that they are interested in or passionate about, if you want to learn more about how you can start your own passion project, you can check this out.

Thank you for your time for reading this review! Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinion on Infinii by leaving a comment below, and if you find this article helpful, please, help to share it by clicking on the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) below.

Your pal,


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