First Fitness Nutrition Scam Review – Is it worth it?

You might have heard something recently about First Fitness’ line of nutritional products from a co-worker, friend, or maybe a family member.

Or, maybe you’ve heard about the First Fitness Suddenly Slim weight loss program, and you are wondering if it really works.

If any of the above is true, you’re in the right place.

This First Fitness Nutrition review will answer any questions you might have about the opportunity.

That starts with the first question: Is FirstFitness Nutrition legit, or is it a scam?

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Review Summary

Company Name: FirstFitness Nutrition

Founders: Lee Causey and Nigel Branson

Products: Weight Loss, Health and Wellness

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FirstFitness Nutrition Scam Review

Overall Business Opportunity Rating:



People who are NOT suitable for the First Fitness Nutrition opportunity:

  • Did not experience positive results with the First Fitness Nutrition’s Products
  • Uncomfortable with Selling
  • Hates to face rejection
  • Unwilling to pursuit a career in the field of Sales
  • Dislike the term network marketing or MLM
  • Cannot cope with emotional stress
  • Expect to see results without any hard work (You know such opportunities don’t exist, right?)
  • Personally experienced positive results with the FirstFitness’ products
  • Embraces sales as part of their life
  • Embraces rejection and use it as a fuel for their success
  • Has an Entrepreneurial Spirit – Always looking for a solution to their problems
  • Really feel that the products of the company have made an impact on their life
  • Do not mind hard work
  • Have a strong mindset
  • Outgoing and people centered
  • So, is First Fitness Nutrition a scam or not?

    In my opinion, FirstFitness Nutrition is a legitimate Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company within the personal health and nutrition market.

    The company was founded in 1989, with a mission to provide health, nutrition and wellness products. You can absolutely be confident that First Fitness Nutrition is not a scam. However, just because First Fitness Nutrition isn’t a scam doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

    Unfortunately, the majority of people who attempted this opportunity ended up washing out.

    This First Fitness Nutrition review will not only give a breakdown of how the company works.

    It will also explain the common pitfalls and how to avoid them to maximize your chance of success. 

    Thinking of Joining FirstFitness Nutrition as a Distributor?

    Most likely, you either are involved with or are considering joining First Fitness Nutrition to be a salesperson.

    So, evaluating First Fitness Nutrition will involve more than just assessing the product lines.

    The question is whether First Fitness Nutrition is a lucrative business opportunity that can make you significant money. 

    That question starts with the products themselves, though.

    Too many people attempt to get involved with a sales opportunity without trying and believing in the products.

    This is almost always a mistake.

    If you don’t have a deep personal experience with the products, how can you sell them expertly?

    And it’s difficult to sell effectively if you don’t believe in the products themselves. People can detect sincerity.

    If you’re thinking of signing up to sell First Fitness Nutrition, makes sure you know their products intimately.

    And remember – You yourself are a living demonstration of the products’ effectiveness. 

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    What it takes to succeed with FirstFitness Nutrition?

    Let’s say that you’ve used FirstFitness Nutrition products and find them to be excellent.

    That’s step one…

    Step two is converting this into a successful business selling FirstFitness Nutrition products.

    This is the step where many people falter.

    The main way you make money through FirstFitness Nutrition is through selling their products.

    You will earn between 20% and 40% commission on each item you sell. When you start out, you’ll be on the low end.

    This means the more you sell, the more you earn.

    What many don’t understand is that generating constant sales is far harder than it seems. 

    The traditional network marketing sales strategy involves selling to friends and family.

    Unfortunately, this will almost certainly not be enough to bring you success with FirstFitness Nutrition. Or with any other MLM style program, for that matter.

    If you truly want to be successful with network marketing in this day and age, you have to find an endless stream of target prospects online.

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    Why Distributors get stuck?

    The typical trajectory of a person joining FirstFitness Nutrition goes as follows.


    1. Sign up, enthusiastic about the program and ready to sell;
    2. Reach out to family and their circle of friends, and maybe make some sales;
    3. Then hit a wall, unsure of what to do next. Sales trickle to a halt, and the person loses enthusiasm. Chances are, they quit shortly thereafter.

    Sadly, the majority of people enrolling in a program like FirstFitness Nutrition don’t succeed.

    Don’t be a part of the 95% failure rate Statistic, be the 5% here!

    And, there are three main reasons.

    #1 Reason People Don’t Succeed

    The first is that a person doesn’t have the right temperament for it.

    To be successful, you’ll need to get out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there.

    Selling isn’t for everyone. The good news is that you can learn how to become a better network marketer.

    And, if in the end you decide that network marketing isn’t for you, that’s okay.

    There are other programs exist for different online business opportunities.

    #2 Reason People Don’t Succeed

    The second reason most don’t succeed is that they simply can’t generate enough sales leads.

    Being able to sustain sales volume over time is one of the most crucial aspects of success with FirstFitness Nutrition.

    If you don’t have a way to do this, you’ll find it nearly impossible to meet your goals.

    That is why I recommend that you start learning how to find an endless stream of highly targeted prospects through this free 10 day bootcamp.

    #3 Reason People Don’t Succeed

    The third and final reason most people fail comes down to sheer perseverance and determination.

    Sales is a tough business.

    It’s inevitable that there will be setbacks, lulls, and slowdowns. That’s where many people give up.

    Those few who succeed fight through the tough times and keep consistently working until they find success. 

    True Success with FirstFitness Nutrition starts with this…

    Of course, the dream with FirstFitness Nutrition isn’t just to make money with direct sales.

    It’s to build your organization by recruiting other motivated salespeople, and this gives you passive income.

    The networking aspect of FirstFitness Nutrition is one of the most tantalizing parts.

    This might incline you to a ‘quantity over quality’ mentality when it comes to recruiting. This is short-sighted, though.

    While you do receive a lump sum bonus for recruiting a member, that only goes so far.

    Long-term success relies on the quality of your recruits.

    If they do consistent sales volume, you make consistent money. If they falter and don’t succeed, you too don’t reap any reward.

    Learning how to find and attract highly motivated salespeople is the most important step for true success, and this course teaches this best.

    For an MLM network to thrive, it takes support and training all up and down the chain.

    This goes not only for your recruits, but for your sponsor too.

    Pick your sponsor wisely. It should be someone who has demonstrated success and knows what they’re doing.

    If your sponsor isn’t successful, you can’t rely on anything he or she says to find your own success.

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    Now, if you still aren’t clear what FirstFitness Nutrition is, you can read on…

    What is FirstFitness Nutrition?

    FirstFitness Nutrition is an MLM style company specializing in personal health and nutrition products.

    They offer a variety of supplements, health-oriented foods and cleanses.

    All the products FirstFitness Nutrition offers fit under the umbrella of fitness and healthy living. 

    They can also be classified under the following subcategories: Weight loss, wellness, herbal cleansing, sports nutrition, skin and body care, and CBD Hemp Oil.

    With that, the specific products range from weight-loss supplements to protein bars to skin moisturizers.

    In fact, they target most of the popular trends in health and nutrition today.

    The company sells their products directly to people who buy for personal usage.

    But in addition, they allow people to enroll as salespeople to sell their products.

    They also offer a MLM-style structure where members can recruit others as salespeople.

    A portion of the sales made by recruits return to the person who recruited them. 

    The sales and MLM structure of FirstFitness Nutrition is very similar to many other MLM companies.

    For every product a member sells, FirstFitness Nutrition gives them a percentage of the revenue generated.

    This means that sales volume is the biggest key to success with the company. 

    FirstFitness’ Reputation…

    Lee Causey and Nigel Branson founded FirstFitness International in 1989.

    The fact that FirstFitness has remained in business for the past twenty five years can be seen as a good sign.

    If the company were defrauding or giving poor service to their customers their reputation would have caught up with them.

    Causey and Branson don’t appear to have any negatives on their record from a legal standpoint.

    Nor are there any open complaints or cases against FirstFitness Nutrition.

    The company has a track record of delivering on what it promises stretching back several decades.

    The leadership team of FirstFitness Nutrition has been stable over that time frame. 

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    FirstFitness Nutrition Product Lines

    FirstFitness Nutrition offers six categories of product lines, covering a range of health and nutrition products.

    We’ll start by covering their newest offering, CBD-Rich Hemp Oil.

    CBD-Rich Hemp Oil

    The new offering FirstFitness Nutrition has added to their product line recently is CBD-Rich Hemp Oil.

    Over the past few years, most states in the US have made hemp legal.

    Hemp is a cousin of the marijuana plant, but has a much lower concentration of THC.

    THC is the compound in cannabis with psychoactive effects. 

    Advocates of the cannabis plant tout the health benefits of certain compounds within cannabis.

    Currently, the most popular cannabis extract is Cannabidiol, known as CBD.

    Studies suggest that CBD has a range of health benefits.

    These range from fighting anxiety to relieving pain to preventing seizures. There’s even some research to suggest that CBD can aid in preventing cancer. 

    As hemp and CBD Oil has become legal, a plethora of companies like HempWorx, CTFO, Kannaway, have begun offering CBD Oils.

    As a result, FirstFitness Nutrition faces steep competition in this market.

    To evaluate the FirstFitness Nutrition CBD-Rich Hemp Oil, it’s necessary to understand a few things. 

    Important things you need to understand before buying a CBD product…

    Like with many products, you might be tempted to compare various companies’ Hemp Oil by price.

    However, this isn’t the number one factor in assessing Hemp Oils.

    Instead, you want to key on purity and the extraction method.

    These are the two determinants of the quality of a Hemp Oil. 

    A possible warning sign about FirstFitness Nutrition’s Hemp Oil is that it doesn’t appear to be laboratory tested for purity.

    Almost all Hemp Oils on the market are laboratory tested.

    This is concerning, and it should make you pause when considering FirstFitness Nutrition’s Hemp Oil.

    The product line is new, so maybe they’re still working through the details.

    But unless a Hemp Oil is laboratory tested, it’s not on the same level as those that have been. 

    We recommend taking a wait-and-see attitude toward FirstFitness Nutrition’s CBD Oil. Hopefully, they will begin to offer laboratory-confirmed verification of its purity and concentration soon. 

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    Suddenly Slim! Weight Loss Program

    FirstFitness Nutrition’s flagship product line are their Suddenly Slim! weight loss items.

    <imgsrc=’https://barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/FirstFitness-Nutrition-Suddenly-Slim-Review-1024×425.png’ alt=”FirstFitness Nutrition Scam Review – Suddenly Slim” width=’1024′ height=’425′ data-lazy-src=’https://barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/FirstFitness-Nutrition-Suddenly-Slim-Review-1024×425.png’ class=’lazyloading’ data-was-processed=’true’>FirstFitness Nutrition Scam Review - Suddenly Slim<imgsrc=https://barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/FirstFitness-Nutrition-Suddenly-Slim-Review-1024×425.png alt=”FirstFitness Nutrition Scam Review – Suddenly Slim” width=1024 height=425>These range from a suite of weight loss supplements to protein shakes and bars.

    They also offer a book written by founder Lee Causey explaining how to use the program.

    The core of the Suddenly Slim! weight loss program is a variety of supplements.

    Some supplements target appetite suppression. Others focus on fat burning.

    Still others detoxify and cleanse the body to promote weight loss.

    FirstFitness Nutrition then offers a line of protein shakes and bars that go hand-in-hand with the supplements. 

    Many of the substances within FirstFitness Nutrition’s supplements have been used for years as diet aids.

    There’s some evidence to suggest that they work.

    However, it’s worth noting that none of the supplements are magical weight loss solutions.

    They may help, but they won’t cause someone to lose tons of weight by themselves. 

    Clinical research shows that the biggest factor in weight loss is diet.

    Specifically, calorie restriction and staying below a caloric threshold, depending on the person’s body.

    FirstFitness Nutrition weight loss products can offer an edge that helps a person lose weight. But there are limits to what they can do by themselves. 

    Wellness Products

    FirstFitness Nutrition’s wellness line of products covers a range of supplements outside the bounds of weight loss.

    These span from daily multivitamins to digestive aids to heart and joint protection supplements. 

    Herbal Cleansing Products

    The herbal cleansing line targets both specific parts of the body and overall cleansing programs.

    All of which are designed to remove toxins from the body and improve overall health.

    Sports Nutrition Products

    FirstFitness Nutrition’s sports nutrition line offers a sport and energy powdered drink mix.

    The also sell a post-workout recovery mixture and protein bars.

    Skin Care

    The skin care line includes exfoliants, toners and moisturizers.

    The products run a range from daily usage to night-time moisturizers and toners.


    FirstFitness Nutrition’s product line is competitive with that of many health and fitness related companies.

    If you’re value shopping, you can find similar products for the same or less money.

    It’s a competitive marketplace, and selling FirstFitness Nutrition requires you to hone your sales pitch.

    The Suddenly Slim! weight loss program is comparable to many similar regimes of weight loss supplements.

    It, along with the Wellness and other product lines, can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

    At the moment, the CBD-Rich Hemp Oil is questionable due to a lack of laboratory testing.

    My Final Thoughts

    FirstFitness Nutrition is far from being a scam.

    Many people join the company with the wrong expectation…

    And, when things don’t go their way, they started to claim that this company is a scam.

    To be honest, finding success with FirstFitness Nutrition is not as easy as it seemed.

    A lot of time and effort needs to be put into this opportunity in order to make it work.

    And, the traditional network marketing strategy (prospecting your friends and family members), doesn’t work anymore.

    To be successful, you need to find an endless stream of highly targeted prospects.

    Yes, it is easier said than done…

    But, it is really possible with attraction marketing.

    Now, if you don’t think that this is a suitable business opportunity for you…

    And, you are still looking for ways to earn extra money online…

    Then, I’ll recommend that you check this program out.

    It is the program that taught me everything about affiliate marketing, and it is also the program that eventually got me out of the rat race.

    Thank you so much for reading this review!

    I hope that it brings you the information you need about FirstFitness Nutrition.

    If you found this review helpful, please help to share it. 

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    And, if you’d like to discuss more about this company, feel free to leave a comment below.

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