Excel Cash Flow – Is it a scam?

excel-cash-flow-mainName: Excel Cash Flow

Website(s): www.secureonlinesite.com

Price: $97, $77, $47 and many upsells and downsells

Owners: Unknown

Bare Naked Scam Rating: 4 Thumbs Down


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This is yet another unscrupulous program in a different name. Once again this group of unethical people are back for more action. I have been following this group of people who created programs like Work At Home University, Web Fortune Master, Profit Master Academy, Web Profit Authority, Online Home Careers, Stay at Home University, and now it is back with a different name “Excel Cash Flow”. Trust me, after a few weeks or months, there will be another name in kind for this program.

Using the same marketing tactics “As seen on NBC, etc”, their goal is to rope you into the buying their membership which offers nothing in value. You will not learn how to make money online, you will not learn how to do drop shipping, all you will get is a phone call from a “Personal Coach” who will try to upsell you into a “better” and more expensive educational program. Before you know it, your credit card will be charged for a few thousand dollars. So do take caution when you provide your credit card details to this program.

Now look at this picture from Excel Cash Flow, does it look identical to the one in Work at home University?


Need I say more about this program. I will be very straight forward here. Avoid this program at all cost unless you want to burn a big hole in your pocket. I would rather you donate money to the charity than to put money into the hands of this unethical group.

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So you still wanna learn more about Excel Cash Flow. Let’s go deep…

So you are still curious about this program? Well, for your benefit of doubt, let me give you substance in the program rather than just bad-mouthing it.

We already know that the creator of Excel Cash Flow is somehow related to the creators of Work at Home University and Web Fortune Master (my guess is they are the same people). There seems to be no change in the unethical sales and marketing techniques, and I am very sure that the program flow will be very similar. My personal experience with these programs is mentioned in my article on Web Fortune Master. I thought I will share it here as well.

My Personal Experience

My first experience with Web Fortune Master and I was still very new to making money online then. I have tried many other programs before I got hooked by Web Fortune Master.

Similar to Excel Cash Flow, it emphasises on making money online by posting links and claims the following:


But where can you post the link? On your website? Facebook? Google Plus? They didn’t say. You have to join the program to get the information. I got hooked by the amount of money I can make within a short period of time, with little amount of work, and I thought that I can be financially free.

Exel-Cash-Flow-downsellBut the initial fee was a little steep, $97. So I hesitated and I decided to give it a pass, but when I tried to close the page, it prompted a special discount of $20 off the original price, so I decided to go ahead with it. Little do I know, I can actually excess the program at $27 after you try to close the page several times. I got to know this right after I got scammed and I was doing further research on the program.

Once you have made your purchase, you are automatically assigned to a “Personal Coach” who supposedly will help you reach your goals. You would have to call your Personal Coach and I was happy at that time because someone was interested in my success.

The phone call was about understanding my personality and my goals. I have to provide information like my current salary, my goals in life, etc. It was a great conversation until they tried to sell me another “better” educational program on Drop Shipping. At that point of time, I was thinking that, well, I’ve already paid $77, I might as well pay more money to learn more stuff.

But to my surprise, the cost for the addition education program on drop shipping was extremely steep. I told my “Personal Coach” that I have to think about it, but I was cornered by him as he was using my “Goals in life” that I have disclosed to him earlier to talk me down and to get me to sign up for the Drop Shipping course.

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The course fee was as follow:

  • Option 1: $2,900

This is what the “personal coach” exactly said, “Because of your financial situation, we are willing to start you off at $699. You could pay us back overtime as you begin to make money”.

  •  Option 2: $3,300

The “personal coach” said the same thing about starting off at $699 but he added that I get a guarantee that Web Fortune Master will not give up on me unless I give up on myself.

If you break it down, you are paying an addition of $400 for the “Guarantee” that they will not give up on you. How does it look to you? Will they give up on you if you select option 1?

What I learned from other people’s experiences on the same program was that they were offered different prices for the same drop shipping course. There was a purpose for asking your financial position because your Personal Coach can assess the amount that you are most willing to pay for their course.

They use your financial goals against you when you do not sign up for the drop shipping course. It was a horrible call towards to end and I decided to drop out of it and get my refund.

Well, I can tell you that the refund process was horrible even though they have a 60 days money back guarantee. Till today, I haven’t got back my refund.

What can you do to make money online?

It has been years since my first encounter with programs like Excel Cash Flow, and now I have been in the Online business industry for a long time. I know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

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My Sincere Advice to you

Stay far away from Excel Cash Flow because it is not worth your time, money and energy arguing with your personal coach and to get your refund. No point throwing your money away, I rather you donate the money to the charity. I was beaten down after I joined Web Fortune Master and I thought that I have no hope to create a home based business.

My initial thought, after Web Fortune Master, was that all online/home based opportunities were scams. I was very sceptical at that point of time. I left the idea of making money online for a few years until I found this online business course that turned things around in my life.

I never would have thought that I can create a full time income. So I highly suggest you check it out and if you are not happy with it, you can come back bash me with negative comments below. Seriously!

Thank you so much for your time! If you find my article helpful, please help to share it with your friends and family by clicking the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) below. If you share the same experience as I, please feel free to share it below by leaving a comment. Your comment is important because it will help other avoid this program. Thanks in advance for sharing!

Your pal,


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