Is Essante Organics a Scam? – Read this Before You Join

Essante-Organics-scam-alertName: Essanté Organics
Website:  www.essanteorganics.com
Founder: Michael Wenniger

Income Opportunity rating: 2.5 / 5 Stars

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Essanté Organics takes a page from Forever Living MLM’s book, but with a slight difference.

Founded in 2004 as Essanté Worldwide, Essanté Organics was rebranded in 2009 and launched as a multi-level marketing company that offers health-focused products.

The company’s mission is to “eliminate toxins from everyone’s life, one household at a time” with organic and chemical-free weight loss, anti-aging, personal care, home care, alkalizing, and nutritional products (sold through the company’s independent product consultants).

Michael Wenniger is the founder and CEO of Essanté Organics. He has been involved in direct sales industry since the 80s. In 2004, Winniger founded Fun Unlimited, a company that sells only two products: Power Pops (advertised as the ‘Eat Candy & Lose Weight’ lollipop) and Kid’s Pops (‘Vitamins On A Stick’ lollipop) that was also made available for purchase via Essanté Organics.

Other notable people of Essanté Organics are Dr. J.J. Levine (President), Angie Levine (CMO & Marketing Coach), and Daniel Wenniger (CCO & INVENTOR).

If you do a background check on each of these top-level Essanté Organics people, you won’t find any negative press or history.

The Arizona-based company is not BBB-accredited, but it is pretty active in replying to both positive and negative feedback online.

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How do You Make Money with Essanté Organics?

Essanté Organics offers its wholesalers and business partners 30% commission on all sales. Aside from this, you also get the following:-

  • 5% commission on sales achieved by each person under your team (your downline)
  • Enrollment bonus of $50 or $100 for every $199 or $499 ‘Fast Stark Packs’ sale
  • $500 bonus if you maintain gold-level for 3 consecutive months. Being gold-level means you have to enroll 4 people within 30 days, and assist all of them to enroll 2 people each.
  • Residual income (Earn commissions from what your recruits are earning each month)

Essanté Organics also includes bonuses such as ‘Expansion Race’ (global profit-sharing) and ‘Platinum Matching,’ as part of the company’s 6-type paycheck potential.

If you can see the earnings estimation below, the potential of your monthly income can be convincing.

However, in order to reach $952 monthly residual, there must be 128 reps under your team.

If you think this number is realistic and doable, then you can take advantage of the possible passive income the Essanté Organics business model can bring.

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“But Is Essanté Organics A Scam?”

Many people join as Essanté Organics business partner without fully understanding the amount of work involved in selling products.

Once they receive little or no commissions and find it hard to recruit people under them, they feel duped and begin calling the entire program a scam.

Unfortunately, multilevel marketing schemes work for only a very specific type of person. This includes people with:

  1. Tons of contacts – It is likely that the first people you encourage to join your “team” of Essanté Organics business partners are friends and family members. When you run out of people to invite, What would you do? Like I said above, you need to have tons of contacts to be able to succeed in this.
  2. Impeccable sales skills – This is where your skill as a salesperson comes in. To invite more people, you have to be great at selling products. You should be comfortable talking to strangers, and show off a believable product presentation every time. Even if Essanté Organics promises to provide you with lead calls, how can you recruit if you’re not an excellent salesperson?
  3. Leadership skills – If you already have team members under your wing, you should also be leader-material. You should be able to teach them effective ways of selling Essanté Organics products, or inviting new members to join their teams.
  4. Marketing techniques – Essanté Organics provides all business partners their own website to promote. Setting up an online shop is only half the battle – you have to make sure people visit this website, which is only achieved if you have an effective marketing plan in place. For e.g. Spend on advertisement and pray people will come in.

If you joined Essanté Organics without these four elements listed above, your investment would likely lead to failure.

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What I like about Essanté Organics

  • Green all the way – Essanté Organics takes pride with its green living stance. From the products to business training and educational materials, the company ensures all its product consultants share green living principles with every customer. Essanté Organics doesn’t even provide cheque as payment, stating that as a green company, they prefer to send commissions via the pre-approved Essanté Organics Payoneer MasterCard or consultants’ bank accounts.
  • Certified Organic – All of Essanté Organics products go through strict standards to ensure they do not harm people, animals or the planet. Each ingredient that company uses is certified by USDA National Organic Program® (NOP), with third-party farmers approved by Greenpeace.
  • Does not declare it has FDA certification – The good thing about Essanté Organics is that it doesn’t make false claims. The company lists down detailed information about its ingredients (even from which farms a particular ingredient came from, or what method was used to obtain that ingredient).
  • 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee – Essanté Organics offers returns to any customer not happy with his/her product within 30 days of receiving the order. (However, there’s a 15% restocking fee, and additional shipping fees required for all returns).
  • Plenty of valuable information for resellers – Essanté Organics equips its business partners and wholesalers with as much information as possible on GoGreenGetPaid.com. The problem most people face is implementation of the techniques discussed in these educational tools.

What I don’t like about Essanté Organics

  • Upfront Payment to Join – If you want to become an independent product consultant and earn commissions by selling Essanté Organics products, you can choose from two enrollment options:
    • Wholesale CustomerPay a one-time charge of $29.95 for your own e-commerce website and receive 30% off retail prices whenever someone buys off your site.
    • Business Partner – This type of membership requires you to fill-up a form and purchase one of the 8 pre-packed product kits (4 of which costs $199 and the other four $499). This purchase is one-off, includes your own website, and is already considered your entry to join the MLM program.

Unlike Forever Living wherein you could join the MLM program without upfront fees, Essanté Organics requires you to buy into the company.

  • High-Priced Products – When compared to other products with the same organic, chemical-free ingredients, prices of Essanté Organics products are always much higher. How can you convince other people to sell OR buy an Essanté Organics product, when you can find a similar one on Amazon for half its price?
  • Slow-loading website – The company provides every business partner with its own e-commerce website. Even if you’ve successfully brought traffic to your site, the pages load so slowly that it could cause visitors to leave without buying anything.

Verdict: Should You Invest in Essanté Organics?

Essanté Organics is a legit company with high-quality, eco-friendly, animal-friendly and people-friendly products.

As a business partner, only a few people can reach the earning potential advertised on its website.

The reality of MLM-type programs like Essanté Organics is that many members only reach the lower levels of income, if they earn at all.

It would take plenty of resources and effort to sell Essanté Organics products, sponsor new people, work on your website’s traffic, and participate in direct-selling training.

If you are great at direct selling, marketing, and convincing strangers about your product, then this business model offered by Essanté Organics could be ideal for you.

However, since Essanté Organics products are pricier than its competition readily available in the market without membership fees, is could be a stretch to sell their products even for the most experienced salesperson!

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