ZoomBucks Review – Is It Worth Your Time And Effort?

Let me guess… You’ve come across ZoomBucks as you’re trying to find a way to make extra bucks online, and now, you want to make sure that it isn’t a scam.

ZoomBucks claims that you can earn money online for free by completing surveys, watching videos, and doing offers.

But does it actually live to its promises?

So I’ve joined the site, and in this ZoomBucks review, we’ll discuss the legitimacy of ZoomBucks and if it is worth your time and effort.


However, to be completely honest with you, even if ZoomBucks is legit, you won’t earn a reliable income from ​it, and you’ll be surprised why… Check out the video below.

So if you’re interested in a reliable part-time income source that could possibly replace your full-time job, then I’ll highly suggest that you check this out.

Nevertheless, let’s find out what ZoomBucks is all about…

Review Summary

Website: zoombucks.com

Founders: Reward Holdings LTD?

Price to Join Opportunity: Free to Join

Recommended? No, because you might just end up wasting your time. You may want to check this out instead.


Overall Income Opportunity Rating:

Quick Summary: If you’re not from the US, UK or Canada, there is a good chance that you wont any money with ZoomBucks. The best paying task on this site are surveys and offers but advertisers and brands that partnered with ZoomBucks mostly wants consumer data from Tier 1 countries.

And even if you do qualify for many surveys and offers, you’ll be trading your hours for cents and a few bucks at best. There is also no guarantee that you’ll get a regular amount of surveys every day so your income from ZoomBucks is very unreliable.

Nonetheless, it is indeed possible to make a few bucks in this site and you can also join for free. However, whether or not it is actually worth your time is what you’ll find out below…

What is ZoomBucks?

ZoomBucks is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) site that has been around since 2010 and has thousands of members all over the world.

But what exactly is a GPT site?

A Get-Paid-To site is a platform where you will “get paid to” complete various online tasks such as completing surveys, doing offers and deals, watching videos, clicking ads, playing games, etc.

You can join ZoomBucks for free, and when you complete a task, you will get paid.

But where is ZoomBucks getting the monies to pay you when it is totally free to join? Isn’t this how scam opportunities usually lure people in?

That and the fact that there is no information regarding the people behind this platform, which begs the question…

Is ZoomBucks a Scam?

On a payment proof provided by a member, it appears Reward Holdings LTD is directly affiliated with ZoomBucks.

And yes, it appears that ZoomBucks indeed pays its members for their time, so it is not a scam.


And while making money online for free may sound too good to be true, it is possible to do so with legitimate GPT sites. Here’s why…

Companies and brands need market data on how their products and services appeal to consumers.

So instead of paying a group of individuals a huge sum of money to gather such data, they will hire GPT sites like ZoomBucks instead.

They (companies and brands) will then provide ZoomBucks with different tasks related to their products, and ZoomBucks will then allow average people like me and you to complete the said tasks.

Each task completed, ZoomBucks will get paid, and then, a small portion of that payment will be used by ZoomBucks to pay you.

It’s why ZoomBucks can afford to pay you real money even if you become a member for free.

But while ZoomBucks is not a scam, your income potential in this site will highly depend on where you currently live.

Companies and brands that hire ZoomBucks are mostly interested only with consumer data from the so-called Tier 1 countries, which are the US, UK, and Canada.

Tier 2 countries include Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, France, and a few more others.


Meanwhile, the rest of the world, especially the countries in Africa, Asia, and the Pacific, are Tier 3, which means unless you’re from the Tier 1 or 2 territories, you’ll like not to get any surveys and offers.

And with no tasks to complete, no income. 

How Much Can You Earn with ZoomBucks?

There are three ways you can earn money online for free with ZoomBucks – paid surveys, offers, and watching videos.

You can also earn money when you refer other people to the site, and they join using your referral link.

So, how much can you actually expect to earn on this site?

Paid Surveys

As the name suggests, ZoomBucks will pay you points when you complete surveys. $1 translates to 1,000 points.

ZoomBucks will provide you with surveys from third party companies and brands as well as surveys from other GPT sites.

So don’t be alarmed if you’ll be taken to another GPT site when you click one of the surveys in ZoomBucks.

My Experience:

Right after I joined ZoomBucks, I got a total of 10 surveys that pay between 300 – 1,000 points.

Looking at the points on the images, you would think that I would earn at least $4 from these surveys alone, right?

But can you guess my total earnings?


Zero! What happened was that I completed each survey, but after I provided the information asked on each…

I was informed that no surveys match my profile, or no surveys are available in my country.


Worse, I’m not the only person who experienced this problem!

Even one avid supporters of this site have something to say about taking surveys and not getting paid.


So, after spending a little over an hour to which I used completing a total of 10 surveys, I earned nothing from ZoomBucks.

Not to mention, some surveys are at least 20 questions long and demand personal information.

I don’t know about you but I’d never want to spend any more time doing paid surveys in sites like this. Here’s why.

And for your reference, I had a similar experience with GPT sites Rewarding Ways and OfferNation.

However, this is based on my own experience, and I am in no way saying you’ll run into the same problem when you join ZoomBucks too.

But if you’re someone living from outside the Tier 1 countries, which I discussed above, the same scenario is likely a possibility.

Watching Videos

Another way to make money with ZoomBucks is by watching video and marketing clips. However, I can’t find a single video to watch in my account.

So much like the ZoomBucks paid surveys, no luck making a few bucks watching videos either.

Do Offers

Doing offers are said to be the best way to make money in ZoomBucks.

Like the paid surveys, ZoomBucks has offers provided by third party companies and brands as well as coming from other GPT sites.

My Experience: 

In my ZoomBucks offers, I got 5 offers that pay from 7 points ($0.007) to 4, 869 ($4.87).

I got to admit I was very excited, but when I clicked the offers, it all dawned to me that you’re likely to lose money than earn some with these offers, and here’s why…


The Roobet offer that promises to pay you 4,869 requires you to register to the Roobet platform, deposit $15, and eager an extra $10 more!


For any sensible person, It doesn’t make sense to spend $25 to earn $5, right?

I decided to move on to the next offer thinking not all offers have this kind of requirement, but I was proven wrong.

The next offer I clicked was SiteLock that rewards you about $9 worth of points.

However, to complete the offer, you’ll have to purchase any security plan from SiteLock, the cheapest of which is $25/month!


Unless you need any of these services, it doesn’t make sense to complete these offers. Ather GPT site that uses this kind of strategy is Level Rewards.

But as a hail Mary, I decided to settle for the 7 point offer just to get something, but I got an error message when I clicked it.

After spending over 2 hours on this platform, I gained nothing except additional lines in my forehead and disappointment.


When you join ZoomBucks, you’ll get a unique referral link that you can share with other people via social media.

If someone joins ZoomBucks using your referral link, you’ll earn 25, 150, and 250 points based on the countries your referral is coming from, with referrals coming from Tier 1 countries giving you 250 points.

But before you earn the referral points, you’re referral must first make a total of 1,000 points by completing various online tasks on ZoomBucks.

Needless to say, I didn’t share my referral link with other people after my experience with this GPT site.

ZoomBucks Payout Options

You can cash out your earnings in ZoomBucks in either cash, gift check, or credits.

ZoomBucks claims that you can cash out as little as $3 (3,000 points) through PayPal and $5 (5600 points) through Skrill.

However, as I was writing this ZoomBucks review, it appears that ZoomBucks only pays cash through PayPal.

You can also redeem your rewards via gift check, games, and credits.


How to Join ZoomBucks?

Anyone all over the world who is at least 13 years old is allowed to join this GPT site.

You just have to go to the ZoomBucks website, provide the required personal information, and verify your account through email.

You can also join using your Facebook account.

However, just remember that just because you can join this site for free regardless of where you’re from, it doesn’t mean that it will be worth your time.

The amounts of surveys, offers, and tasks you’ll get will highly depend on which country “Tier” you live, and if you’re not from the Tier 1 counties, there is a big chance that you’ll not make any money online with ZoomBucks.

Conclusion – Should You Join ZoomBucks?

While it’s true that you will not pay any amount to make money with ZoomBucks, you will be paying something far valuable, your time.

Moreover, I think this GPT site best suits people who are living in the US, UK, and Canada because then, you’ll get a lot of tasks through which you can earn money.

But even if let’s say you do qualify for a lot of surveys and offers, the fact is that with ZoomBucks, you’ll be trading your time to earn cents and pennies.

If you’re okay with that, then, by all means, you can give this GPT site a try. 

ZoomBucks is a legit site to make free money online, and many people have already earned some extra cash for it.

However, if you’re willing to use your time into earning just a couple of bucks, why not use it to make a reliable source of income instead? And if that proposal interests you…

Then I highly suggest that you check out this program.

It’s the same program that has taught thousands of individuals without any prior knowledge or experience to find success online. Here’s my success story with the program.

Thank you for taking the time to read this ZoomBucks review. I sincerely hope that this has provided you the answers that you’re looking for.

And if this review has been useful, please share it with other people you know so they too can benefit from this information.

Furthermore, if you’d like to share your thoughts or opinions on ZoomBucks and on anything I shared on this review, leave a comment below.

But hey, let’s stay respectful with each other, okay?

So, until here and whichever path you choose towards your financial goals, I wish you all the best.

Your friend,


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