Is Vindale Research a Scam? – Facts Most People Didn’t Know

Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites such as Vindale Research, at one glance, appears to be an easy way to make money online.

But, wouldn’t you agree with me if I’ll say that there are plenty of scammers that use these platforms to take advantage of your time and effort?

Take College Power and Viral Dollars for example.

In fact, you might have come here because you had been burned before and now, you have your doubts about Vindale Research too.

Well, the good news is, Vindale Research is not a scam. It is one of the legitimate GPT sites today.

But despite being legitimate, making money with Vindale Research isn’t going to be easy.

As you may already know, you cannot expect to make a full-time income from this site and worse, there are even instances when you cannot cash out the little money that you earned.

These things and more are what we will discuss in this updated Vindale Research review.

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What is Vindale Research?

Vindale Research Home page

You may have known that Vindale Research is a paid survey and GPT platform. But what does it really do?

How Does Vindale Research Work?

Who wouldn’t want to earn money online without paying anything?

That’s what exactly Vindale Research offers!

Let’s put it this way…

Companies need consumer insights to improve their products and sales. But doing the research themselves is quite costly and time-consuming.

Enter survey sites such as Vindale Research.

These sites have thousands of members, and they provide consumer insights through crowdsourcing at an affordable price.

Companies get valuable insights, while people who participate in these surveys get paid. So it is a win-win situation.

And even though surveys are the main focus of Vindale Research, it also offers a number of additional ways for you to make money online, all of which we will discuss below.

Participating in these other options can increase your possible earnings.

How To Make Money With Vindale Research

Paid Surveys

You can earn $0.25 up to $50 by completing Vindale Research surveys.

The amount you earn depends on the time needed to complete the survey, its difficulty, and the knowledge required to answer the questions.

But while it might be possible to make a decent amount of money with surveys, the usual will pay you between $1 to $3 only.

These surveys usually take 15 – 30 minutes to complete.

Never had I met someone or seen anyone on the Internet that claims to have completed a Vindale Research survey that pays over $5, much more $50.

Vindale Research doesn’t require any credit card information to complete these simple surveys.

Reward Codes

This option is like mini-missions.

It can be either a challenge, poll, or an alert where you can earn a small amount of money.

Reward codes randomly appear on Vindale’s blog and social pages, so you have to constantly check for it.

For example, a trivia question might pop up on Vindale’s Facebook Page.

It is only available for a limited amount of time, so you have to answer it as soon as possible.

And if your answer is correct, Vindale Research will pay you some cents.

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Refer Your Friends

The referral program is one of the most lucrative ways to earn money on Vindale Research.

You can refer as much as you want, and you’ll get a $5 bonus per referral.

But there’s a catch.

For you to get the $5 bonus, your referral has to be active on the platform.

This means that the person you referred has completed any tasks in the Vindale Research regularly and he/she must have earned a certain amount.

Showcase your Earnings

This option requires you to provide testimonials and say good things about Vindale Research to get paid.

All you have to do is to take a picture or video of yourself showing how much you have earned or the proof that Vindale Research has paid you.

Submit your picture/video using the testimonial form they provide, and you’ll earn $5 for it.

They will use this as a testimonial, and it will be posted on their website like the ones below.

Reward Mails

This earning opportunity is just as easy as it sounds.

All you have to do is to open and read promotional emails. However, this option will only reward you with cents.

I know you might get upset but such is the hard-truth about the paid survey and GPT sites. 

You can never expect a full-time income from these platforms.

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Watching Videos

Again like the name suggests, this option requires you to watch a short advertisement or video clip.

After watching, you have to give feedback and then you will get paid.

I repeat, Vindale Research isn’t a scam.

But base on the amount you can earn above, the question remains, “is Vindale Research a good opportunity to earn some money?”

Let’s discuss it in the next sections of this Vindale Research review.

Is Vindale Research Worth Your Time?

So you are now aware that Vindale Research offers a lot of ways to earn some money online.

But is Vindale Research really worth your time? Like at all? 

Unfortunately, NO.

I know that sounds harsh but before you join Vindale Research, consider these things that I found out about this GPT site.

Ugly Truths About Vindale Research

#1 Available Only In Several Countries

Vindale Research is only available in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

So there’s no way that you can use this platform if you are not currently living in one of the following regions that I have mentioned above.

If such is your case as you are reading this review and you really want to start making money online, you might want to check this out instead.

#2 You Might Get Kicked Out While Completing a Survey

A lot of users complain that they have wasted their time answering the survey just to know that they are not eligible.


The eligibility criteria of surveys are mostly about demographics or a certain experience.

Once you get kicked out on a survey, you’re not getting paid.

Imagine how disappointing it would be spending your time, hoping to make a few bucks on the side, only for it to go to waste.

That’s why many people get frustrated and they claim that Vindale Research is a scam.

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#3 FEW Surveys Available!

Vindale Research claims that there are hundreds of new surveys to work on every day.

But it doesn’t tell people that it has hundreds and thousands of members. In other words, there are more members than the opportunities available.

The competition in the platform is high, and you won’t get a consistent number of offers to work on.

And the worst thing is, some of the users complain that they did not receive any survey at all.

#4 The Minimum Cash Out Threshold is High

Vindale Research’s minimum cash-out requirement is $50. It is too high!

It is hard to reach the $50 threshold, considering the issues that I have mentioned above.

Even if you log in to your account and complete tasks every day, it could take you months before you can cash out your earnings.


#5 You Won’t Immediately Receive Your Money

You can cash out your earnings from Vindale Research via PayPal or through check.

But whichever method you choose, the payment process takes up to two weeks.

This is kinda frustrating. You have waited for so long just to earn $50, and now you are going to wait for a couple of weeks again to receive your money.

Not only they can easily kick you out easily on a survey, but it also takes them too long to process your money.

So if you are in an immediate need of cash, Vindale Research is not something to lean on.

#6 Alarming Cases of Accounts Randomly Closed

I have seen an alarming problem about Vindale Research when I’ve come across the user’s rants about the platform.

Most of them said that their account was randomly closed just right before they can cash out their earnings.

They tried to contact the support team about the issue but they got no response at all.

You must think twice about using Vindale Research especially if you value your time and efforts.

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Is Vindale Research a Scam?

As you may already know by the tone of this review, I believe Vindale Research is not a scam.

The company is legitimate, the registration is free, and some users really get paid.

However, considering the things that I have mentioned above, this platform is not worth your time.

But if you have your heart set into being a part of Vindale Research, here’s how to join this GPT site.

How To Join Vindale Research

The signup process is free and easy as you can do it for a couple of minutes only. There’s no such thing as an assessment of skills required during the registration.

All you need to do is to provide your personal information to get started.

Sign Up form

Vindale Reseach will even reward you a $2 bonus upon the successful registration.

My Sincere Advice to You

Despite being a legitimate GPT site, I wouldn’t recommend Vindale Research due to the reasons I discussed above.

I’m worried that your time and effort might all go to waste unless Vindale Research can guarantee otherwise.

But I am in no place to tell you what to do with your time.

So if you are only looking for a way to earn some extra cash using your spare time, then you can check out a similar site called PrizeRebel or check out Bare Naked Scam’s list of legitimate GPT sites.

Vindale Research Alternative

If what you’re looking for is a way to earn a full-time income online, I would highly recommend this proven and tested money-making opportunity for beginners.

Don’t worry if you feel that you can’t do it all by yourself.

I am also a newbie like you before. But I learned to build a successful online business with the help of this program.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to start.

Everything that you need is here such as step-by-step training, online tools, and community support.

I am also willing to be your personal coach and help you succeed too!

Meanwhile, if what you want is to make money with your interests, I have something for you too!

At the end of this Vindale Research review is a signup form for a FREE online course that will teach you how to turn your passion into profits.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article.

I hope that I’ve provided you with sufficient information to make an informed decision.

If you found this review helpful, please share it! It might help someone who is looking for this information.

And if you have questions in your mind, feel free to leave a comment below.

Until here and I wish you al the best in your future endeavors.

Your pal,


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