Is Traffic Monsoon a Scam – An Unbiased Review

Name:  Traffic Monsoon
Website:  trafficmonsoon.com
Price: Free Membership; Price for Traffic Packages
Owner: Charles Scoville

Bare Naked Scam Rating: No Dead

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Sorry! This program has been shut down by the Authorities.

Before I make any judgement on this program, I first want to understand how it works. I have joined Traffic Monsoon today and purchased a Traffic Monsoon package of 2,500 clicks for $5 (If you are familiar to Online Marketing, you would know that 2,500 clicks is a big deal). In order to determine the quality of the Traffic, I’ve used one of my most highly converting page as a landing page for the links placed in Traffic Monsoon, and to track the conversion rate, I have created another tracking link.

This will be a 2 part review where I will share the updates on my personal experience with Traffic Monsoon. So stay tuned to my next update.

What is Traffic Monsoon?

Traffic Monsoon is a closed marketing system where members share their Online Business Opportunities with other members. The traffic flowing through the Traffic Monsoon campaigns are limited to the Online Business Opportunity Niche.

This program is created in 2014 by Charles Scoville who is also a founder of many failed programs like Infinity BuxBuxSecure, TVIPTC, Powerful Bux, Forever Bux, Bux Unleashed. So what is the difference between Traffic Monsoon and the failed programs? To be honest, I personally feel that there are no difference, but for the benefit of doubt, I’ve decided to try their service and get deep into the program in order to give you concrete information.

I believe you would be curious as to whether Traffic Monsoon will end up like the other failed programs. Well, just like the other failed programs, if Traffic Monsoon could not find growth in the number of new members, and if the existing members do not continue to re-purchase the traffic packages, it will eventually be shut down.

How does Traffic Monsoon work?

Traffic Monsoon has the characteristic of a Multilevel Marketing (MLM) Program. You have to purchase a Banner Advertising Service with sharing positions worth of $50 plus processing fees in order to qualify in the revenue share program (Make money from Traffic Monsoon). You will get a 10% commission for every referral that you brought into the program who purchase the same package as you.

Similarly, if you want to earn commission from Traffic Monsoon’s other services like Cash Links and text ads, you have to purchase an ad package to earn commission from each respective revenue streams.

In this video below, Charles Scoville will take you through the Traffic Monsoon program:

So lets talk about what Mr Scoville has shared:

Cash Links

You can see from the video above that you do not know what you are clicking into. Each time a link is clicked the expense is on the advertiser, all you have to do to participate in this revenue stream is to purchase an ad package from cash links and you can start clicking mindlessly to earn some revenue.

Banner Ads

Because the main traffic package in Traffic Monsoon is banner ad, you would need to know that the average click through rate in the industry for banner ad is as low 0.1 percent, but because members in the Traffic Monsoon are encouraged to click on the banner ads to earn commissions, you can expect a higher click through rate for your banners but I doubt you will get the traffic to convert.

Why I think the Ad Packages are not worth it…

Firstly, the mindset of Traffic Monsoon members are to make money from the program. So inherently, the members will start clicking on your advertisements mindlessly. If your main intention is to use Traffic Monsoon purely as a market channel without receiving any revenues from them, your advertisements will basically be charged at $0.25 per click on a basis of mindless clickings from other members.

Is this the kind of traffic you want to attract? Will your traffic convert into sales in that sense? Moreover, $0.25 per click is expensive, you can get $0.03 per click from Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads or even Google Ads for the right keyword, and you will have a peace of mind that the traffic you get are highly graded.

Will you make money from Traffic Monsoon?

For people whose intention is purely to make money from the program, this is a good news for you. There are many members who are making money from the program just by referring new members to Traffic Monsoon and clicking on ads.

But this way of making money is unethical in personal opinion, because you are clicking on ads mindlessly while advertisers puts in the effort and money to deliver their content to you.

Learn How YOU can Make Money Online the Ethical Way

My Sincere Advice to You

I can’t give you an advice because the MLM company has been shut down.

If you want to learn how to make money online, you can check out this program.

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  1. The SEC is the US has now closed this down as a scam.

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