Traders Academy Club Review – Can you learn and earn with Vladimir?

Forex trading is often seen as a get-rich-quick scheme.

That means the marketplace is filled with tutorials and products of dubious quality.

Many programs that offer you ‘foolproof’ systems to make money by Forex trading are worthless.

In that kind of marketplace, you’re smart to be skeptical about new offerings you encounter.

Traders Academy Club Review

Traders Academy Club looks like a great deal. But, so do a lot of other Forex trading systems and signals.

You may know from experience that a lot them aren’t profitable. Some are outright scams. But is Trader’s Academy Club the real deal?

This Traders Academy Club review will answer that question in detail.

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Is Traders Academy Club Legit?

We’ll go back to the original question: Can you really earn and learn with this program?

The answer to the second part is a definite yes.

You most certainly can learn a TON with this program.

Vladimir Ribakov is an expert in the field of Forex trading.

Traders Academy Club offers a mountain of information on Forex trading.

It can elevate you from beginner to intermediate, or intermediate to advanced. If you want valuable insights into the world of Forex Trading, this program is for you.

<imgsrc=’https://barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Traders-Academy-Club-Members-Area-1024×836.gif’ alt=”Traders Academy Club Members Area” width=’1024′ height=’836’>Traders Academy Club Members Area

Now, for the first part of the question…

“Can you earn with this program?”

The answer to this is also a yes, but with a caveat.

Traders Academy Club isn’t some magical formula.

It’s not as easy as simply blindly following what Vladimir Ribakov tells you to do and making big money.

Traders Academy Club is a lot of things.

A huge resource of Forex trading education over multiple media sources. A daily interactive source of info about the market delivered by experts in the field. A welcoming community of likeminded individuals.

All of those can help you become a profitable Forex trader. But you’ll still have to work and use your judgment and intelligence to succeed. 

Traders Academy Club is absolutely legit, and is not a scam.

The program isn’t a magical solution that requires no effort on your part.

And it won’t make you rich overnight. But if you want to trade on the Forex market, it will give you tools to succeed.

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Who is Vladimir Ribakov?

When it comes to assessing the Traders Academy Club, it starts with assessing Vladimir Ribakov.

Ribakov is the creator and central force in the Traders Academy Club.

So, his credibility and ability as a trader is of primary importance.

<img alt=”Traders Academy Club Review – Who is Vladimir Ribakov” width=’300′ height=’145′ title=”Traders Academy Club Review – Who is Vladimir Ribakov” data-id=’9306′ src=’//barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Traders-Academy-Club-Review-Who-is-Vladimir-Ribakov-300×145.png’ style=”width: 100%;”>Traders Academy Club Review - Who is Vladimir Ribakov

If Vladimir Ribakov isn’t trustworthy, the Traders Academy Club is suspect.

Fortunately, Ribakov’s credentials are solid in the world of Forex trading.

As a trader with 12 years of experience, Ribakov is well known in the Forex world.

He has been a highly public figure for a number of years, meaning he’s got a track record.

A Good Track Record…

And that track record is probably the most impressive and reassuring thing about him. 

Ribakov publishes his track record as a Forex trader in meticulous detail.

This means you can go to his website and examine his trading record stretching back five years.

Providing that transparency is reassuring, and gives evidence that Ribakov knows what he’s doing.

In addition to posting his trading history, Ribakov has long been involved in the Forex community.

He’s received accolades for his work as both a trader and a Forex trading mentor.

To sum it all up, Ribakov is extremely accomplished and visible in the realm of Forex. 

As such, there’s every reason to believe that the Forex tips, techniques and strategies in Traders Academy club are real.

They come from an expert in the field who has demonstrated real competence over multiple years.

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Traders Academy Club Walkthrough

Traders Club Academy is currently offering a free 7 day trial.

The cost of membership after the trial expires is $197 per year.

You can cancel before having to pay that $197 if you’re unsatisfied with the program.

Just make sure to do so before the trial period expires or you won’t get a refund. 

Once you sign up, you’ll quickly be given a login.

This allows you to access the Traders Academy Club content.

This includes volumes of educational reports and guides that can take you from beginner to expert.

Live webinars with Vladimir Ribakov and other guest traders, as well as archives of past webinars.

Access to chatrooms with the Traders Academy Club community of like-minded investors.

Daily market breakdown by Ribakov, including charting and analysis.

Traders Academy Club Membership – What Comes with it?

I’ll cover the main offerings Traders Academy Club provides, along with a few thoughts on each. 

Educational Materials

<imgsrc=’https://barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Traders-Academy-Club-Review-Educational-Materials.png’ alt=”Traders Academy Club Review – Educational Materials” width=’542′ height=’182’>Traders Academy Club Review - Educational Materials

Membership provides access to a huge archive of Forex trading educational material.

This ranges from videos to ebooks to guides to trading tools.

The topics covered in this material ranges from beginner’s reference suitable for Forex newcomers to advanced/expert analysis.

At any stage in your development as a trader, this material has something to help you grow.

This is one of the absolute best parts of Traders Academy Club membership.

As long as you’re willing to put the work in to absorb and digest this material, you will learn.

The truth is that successful investment can’t be done by magic formula.

It takes knowledge, experience and hard work.

Vladimir Ribakov has put in the experience and hard work to gain knowledge. That knowledge is at your fingertips here.

Live Trading Webinars

<imgsrc=’https://barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Traders-Academy-Club-Review-Live-Webinars.png’ alt=”Traders Academy Club Review – Live Webinars” width=’540′ height=’182’>Traders Academy Club Review - Live Webinars

Twice per day on Mondays through Fridays, Ribakov and his team host two trading sessions lasting around 30 minutes each.

In them, they work through a variety of trades and the analysis behind them.

These sessions are all archived, so if you miss one you can watch it on your time.

And you can go back and watch as many past ones as you like once you sign up.

Vladimir Ribakov himself hosts many of these webinars, while others are hosted by members of his team.

Guest traders unaffiliated with the Club also produce content for the service. So do certain veteran successful Traders Academy Club members.

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What’s in the Webinars…

These webinars also come with an analytics breakdown of the trading strategies of the day.

This includes suggestions for trading opportunities over the rest of the day.

These analyses offer actionable recommendations based on Ribakov and his team’s daily market analysis.

What separates these webinars from most signal services is that Ribakov and his guests do analysis.

With many signal providers, you’re getting buy or sell recommendations, and that’s it.

The problem with that is that you’re not growing much in your understanding of the market.

Why are the Webinars useful…

Traders Academy Club webinars are focused not just on the ‘what’ but the ‘why’.

The goal is for you to begin to understand market principles so that you can spot future opportunities.

Not every recommendation you get from these webinars will be profitable.

But expecting them to be isn’t reasonable. And there being both winners and losers doesn’t make it useless or not worthwhile.

Investing successfully is about winning more than you lose, not about winning every time. 

Access to Trading Tools

<imgsrc=’https://barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Traders-Academy-Club-Review-Traders-Tools.png’ alt=”Traders Academy Club Review – Trading Tools” width=’362′ height=’182’>Traders Academy Club Review - Trading Tools

Vladimir Ribakov and his team have developed a number of Forex trading tools over the years.

They range from software to automate trading to algorithmic analysis of the market.

Some tools allow you to pull in your own data and refine your own strategies. All of these are now at your disposal as a member.

You can find tools similar to some of the ones Traders Academy Club offers as free software.

Others are unique. How much use you get out of them depends on the type of trader you wish to become.

Some are very specialized toward a certain type of trading. Others are more universal.

If you plan to get serious about Forex trading…

You’re going to need software of some kind. The software provided here will probably get the job done in most circumstances.

It should be noted that purely algorithmic trading is a little bit of a unicorn.

If you’re buying or downloading a trading algorithm available to the masses, you can’t expect it to be perfect.

If it were, everyone would be using it and making huge sums of money.

There are some quants out there who may have profitable pure algorithmic trading software.

But they’ve developed it themselves, and they’re using it themselves.

If you’re not able to put in that kind of effort, you can’t expect an algorithm to trade for you.

Tools are just tools…

Trading algorithms can comb through historical data to spot likely trends.

They can point you to possible opportunities for profit. But in the end to be a successful trader takes your own judgment and smarts.

Many Traders Academy Club tools are great.

But don’t sign up expecting to be able to plug in an algorithm and start making huge sums of money. 

Access to the Traders Academy Club Community

Signing up gives you the ability to interact with other Traders Academy Club members.

Their expertise levels range from novices to seasoned trading veterans.

Regardless of your own experience level, you can find others on the same track. You can communicate with them via chat rooms and Telegram groups. 

<img alt=”Traders Academy Club Review – Community” width=’180′ height=’180′ title=”Traders Academy Club Review – Community” data-id=’9310′ src=’//barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Traders-Academy-Club-Review-Community.png’ style=”width: 100%;”>Traders Academy Club Review - Community

Vladimir Ribakov himself is responsive to questions and comments.

He seems to make a special point about engaging with the community. There’s also a yearly in-person meeting for Traders Academy Club members. 

How much utility you get out of this aspect depends on your personality and trading style.

Traditionally, Forex trading is a lonely, solitary pursuit…

It’s you against the market. For some people, that’s one of the things they like the most. They prefer to work by themselves.

But for a lot of people, that kind of existence is lonely.

It can be nice to have a community of people who share your goals and interests.

And these people are willing to collaborate and discuss trading strategies and past experiences.

If you learn best in a collaborative process, the Traders Academy Club may be right for you.

And if you like the trading lifestyle but the solitary nature is a negative, this community is the antidote. 

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Cryptocurrency Trading Analysis

The Traders Academy Club also offers analysis and strategy about the cryptocurrency markets.

This covers digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and other prominent cryptocurrencies.

The Traders Academy Club is strongest when it comes to Forex trading. This is Vladimir Ribakov’s core area of expertise, and it’s the Club’s focus.

<img alt=”Traders Academy Club Review – Cryptocurreny” width=’181′ height=’182′ title=”Traders Academy Club Review – Cryptocurreny” data-id=’9311′ src=’//barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Traders-Academy-Club-Review-Cryptocurreny.png’ style=”width: 100%;”>Traders Academy Club Review - Cryptocurreny

The cryptocurrency materials seem to be a nod to how popular cryptos became toward the end of 2017. 

That’s not to say that the analysis is worthless…

But it’s a speculative and unsettled market with out a lot of historical data.

Historical analysis is one of Ribakov’s strengths. With the crypto markets so new and untethered to traditional principles, it’s risky. Delving into this type of trading has less of a foundation to it. 

The clear strength of the Traders Academy Club is Forex trading.

It’s not advisable to enroll in the Traders Academy Club just for the cryptocurrency materials.

If you want to trade Forex and also are interested in crypto, take a look. But be cautious. 

Who is Traders Academy Club For?

The Traders Academy Club is for either Forex traders or people who want to get involved in Forex trading.

This can be anyone from a complete beginner to someone who has spent years trading already.

The Traders Academy Club content has knowledge to share for traders at every level. 

In order to be successful as a member of Traders Academy Club, you have to be willing to apply yourself.

To master the principles of Forex trading requires wading through analysis and strategies that take a while to understand.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch…

The good news is that Traders Academy Club provides guidance that can put you in position to make good trades from the start.

If you start out by yourself as a Forex trader, you risk making foolish trades and losing significant money.

The Traders Academy Club strategies and recommendations will help you avoid that. 

But the goal is always to become an experienced and savvy trader on your own right.

So, if you want to put that work in, Traders Academy Club is for you.

Traders Academy Club provides you with:

  • A library full of learning materials;
  • Daily market analysis and application of trading strategies; and
  • Software tools needed to analyze the market and execute trades 

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The Pros and Cons of Traders Academy Club


  • Trading Academy Club is an outstanding learning resource. They’ve compiled a massive library of trading knowledge in both print and visual media.
  • Vladimir Ribakov’s track record inspires confidence in the fundamentals behind Trader’s Academy Club.
  • They cover daily market analysis twice a day each weekday covering trades they’re making and why they’re doing so. This also includes recommendations for trades throughout the rest of the day.
  • They offer access to a responsive community of traders of all experience levels. This includes access to Vladimir Ribakov himself.


  • You may believe that you can enroll in the program and immediately make big money. This is possible, but it’s not the most likely outcome. Traders Academy Club can teach you to become a profitable trader. But that process involves time and effort on your part. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. Though that’s also a good thing, because most schemes turn out to be too good to be true.
  • Due to the nature of Trading, there is no guarantee even with the best coaching and guidance. If you can’t stomach the risk of trading, then you shouldn’t even start.

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Final Thoughts

All in all, there’s not too much bad to say about Traders Academy Club.

The key is to understand it for what it is.

It’s not a lottery ticket where you spend $179 for membership and instantly become a millionaire.

It’s a support system and blueprint for developing a sustainable skillset.

So, if you are serious about being successful with Forex Trading, you should check out the Traders Academy Club.

If you want to learn to make money as a Forex trader…

The Traders Academy Club can help you get there.

The man behind it, Vladimir Ribakov, is the real deal. And the principles he’s developed have validity to them. The Traders Academy Club brings together a number of nice pieces that can assist you in becoming a profitable trader.

It definitely goes above and beyond many of the Forex signal providers.

It operates on the principle of ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’

What if Forex Trading is not for you?

Well, Forex Trading is definitely not for everyone.

People who are risk adverse and can’t control emotion when trading, are definitely not suitable for this.

If you fall into this category, maybe you should check out Affiliate Marketing instead.

It is less risky and you don’t need a huge capital to start. Also, you may be interested to know how Affiliate Marketing helped me fire my boss and earn a full-time income from home.

Thank you so much for reading this review!

Hope this has brought you the information you need to make an informed decision.

If you found this review helpful, please help to share it! It might help others who needs this information.

And, if you have any questions regarding Traders Academy Club, please, feel free to leave a comment below.

Your pal,


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