Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories of the Year

Just because someone tells you that Wealthy Affiliate is awesome, doesn’t mean that it really is, unless there are real social proof.

So, in this article, I have compiled a list of Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories so that you can decide if this program is what you are looking for.

These people started out just like you, they had no prior experience, no special skills, and do not have any special advantage.

But they have one thing in common, which is the will to succeed.

I am a true believer that everyone’s success starts at a humble point, and it is not their success that defines who they are, but their failures.

So, I’ve contacted the people in the following list, and have complied their exclusive stories on their struggles and pain that they went through to eventually lead them to their first dollar online.

I hope that their stories can be your fuel to success as well, and hopefully you can land your story on this page.

If you happen to achieve success with Wealthy Affiliate, and you would like to feature your story here, please leave a comment at the end of this page and I will personally contact you to get your story featured here.

Without further ado, I presents to you…

Success Story #1: Kyle


Wealthy Affiliate Profile: El-jefe-Kyle

Kyle’s Website: onlinefinancialsuccessstory.com

Kyle’s Story:

Wealthy Affiliate has been life-changing for me. Mostly all of my success could be attributed to what this place has provided.

I started looking for ways to make money online back in 2015 shortly after graduating from college with a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice and realizing that I didn’t want to pursue a career in this field.

Additionally, I was going to be moving with my girlfriend in the coming months when she knows which med-schools accepted her.

As I began to look for ways to make money online I was very discouraged.

It seems that every “method” I would research would have people on both sides, some saying its a scam and others saying its legit.

To make things worse the first program I got involved with was a major scam and I came very close to losing around $300.

It was some ridiculous program that claimed they would set me up with a website and that they would send free traffic to my site, thus making me money from the ads they had implemented.

After almost being scammed I was much more hesitant to try new things.

I believe (honestly I can’t remember for sure) I first came across WA in a forum where there were several people talking about how its legit.

What really attracted me to WA was that the people that were talking about it were being realistic.

The one guy I remember said he had been a member for 2 years and was finally going to be able to go full-time doing affiliate marketing, which is the method for making money that Wealthy Affiliate teaches.

2 years and finally being able to go full-time? Now that is in no way a “get rich quick” opportunity and sounds plausible.

To make a long story short. I decided to sign up for the free membership at WA in October of 2015 and have been a member ever since.

Don’t get me wrong though. It wasn’t easy. There were times I almost quit. It took me probably around 3 months before I made a penny and even after that it probably wasn’t until around 7 months or so that I really started to make some good money.

Fast forward to today and I’m making anywhere from $5 – $6k per month doing this.

Pretty much everything I do comes from the training at WA.

I have learned some things from doing my own research that has helped out but I would say 99% comes from the training and tools WA has provided.

No doubt about it I wouldn’t be where I am not without Wealthy Affiliate.

Your friend,


Success Story #2: Jason


Wealthy Affiliate Profile: JasonJF

Jason’s Website: howtostaysafeonthenet.com

Jason’s Story:

Wealthy Affiliate is where I got my very first start in affiliate marketing.

I was fortunate enough to have found the platform back in September 2014 while I was researching how I could create a full income online.

When I signed up, I quickly realized that the platform was the real deal.  They did not make any promises that I was going to make money by simply clicking my mouse a few times.

Instead, they gave me a step by step training manual along with tasks that I should tick off before proceeding to the next step.

They told me that I had to put in real effort and persistence to reach my goals, plus, they also let me knew that it was going to take several months before I would earn any money.

I decided to trust the process and followed along with the training.

To be honest, though, I was not fully focused all the time (I wanted to make money right away LOL)…I kept switching from niche to niche and was pretty much still looking for a way to shortcut the whole process.

I soon realized that there were no shortcuts out there and in order for me to see any real success, I would have to be focused and work!

It was after going through all this that I started to get real serious about building my online business with WA.

So I jumped back in with the mentality that I was going to succeed no matter what!

I started reaching out privately to more experienced & successful members of the community and asked them for their advice.

What these members told me is that I should frequently publish helpful content from my site (this proved to be the right advice)

For all of 2016, I was writing tons of content on my site.

I now noticed at that time when I checked my Google Analytics that I was starting to get regular traffic coming to my website.

During this time, I made my first sale and also started to make regular affiliate commissions from products and services which I have recommended to my audience.

Fast forward to today, I am earning between $1500-$3K every month from just one of my websites and is poised to earn upwards of $4K from another of my niche site.

I have also been fortunate to have met the owners of WA when I was invited to the Las Vegas Super Affiliates conference 2017 which they actually paid for 🙂

All I can say is that the method which is taught in WA truly works!…

And anyone who is willing to stay focused, put in the time, effort and energy to work on their business while following the process will most likely see great success along the way too.



Success Story #3: Todd


Wealthy Affiliate Profile: Tmaltz

Todd’s Website: learntogrowwealthonline.com

Todd’s Story:

You know I like to think of my online story as a roller coaster.

I started out with only the desire to make good money online and travel.

My first online adventure was selling on Amazon and eBay. I picked up a couple of eBooks and learned the basics of importing from China and selling on Amazon.

It went really well, made good money and I learned a lot about the life cycle that every single product goes through.

I lost about $4,000 worth of inventory that just didn’t sell.

More importantly, I also learned how amazing online business can be. That if you have a hot product and a lot of internet traffic, you can make tons of money online.

I’m talking buckets of money here. My best day was over $680 dollars net profit.

I continued to pursue my passion to make money online but without risking the bank.

Luckily I found this company Wealthy Affiliate.

I instantly realized the value of the educational program and signed up immediately.

I worked relentlessly on my website and it seemed like it took me days to write a quality article.

After about 9 months into my online business, I was about ready to pull my hair out.

Thank God my wife encouraged me to be patient.

Over the next year I learned to reinvest my income into the site by hiring content writers. Leveraging other people’s skills, I then focused on editing post and the search engine optimization of the articles, etc..

Everything that I have learned about building a strong foundation to build a successful long-term online business, I learned from Wealthy Affiliate.

As a matter of fact, I continue to learn from them using their weekly webinars.

I still ask for help from their community and the owners themselves.

All in all, Wealthy affiliate has been the best training program with the most sincere intention of helping their students reach success.

There’s always challenges and new things to learn, but that should be acceptable to anyone who starts any type of business, online or offline.

Thanks for sharing my story Jack!

Those of you who have the desire to make it online need to realize that you’re already halfway there.

You just need the right tools and resources to make it happen.



Success Story #4: Anh


Wealthy Affiliate Profile: Anh

Anh’s Website: bloggingthing.com

Anh’s Story

I clearly remember how desperate I was when searching for a way — any way, to live on my own terms.

Not that I hate my day job, I just wanted to commit to something that offers more… freedom.

The first time I heard about Wealthy Affiliate was from Jack’s blog. In fact, it’s his number 1 recommended program. Unfortunately, being Vietnamese, I didn’t get any discounts or free memberships so the only way to even try it out was to go Premium for $49 per month.

Despite all my doubts, I took the plunge anyways.

Fast forward 1 year later, I finally learnt how to make money online, was featured on huge sites such as The Huffington Post, The Daily Egg and ProBlogger. Even better, I had the chance to interact with hundreds of industry leaders like Joe Pulizzi, Michael Stelzner and Neil Patel.

… none of this would have happened without Wealthy Affiliate and their amazing community.

I’ve said it over and over again, this is the best place I’ve found to build an online business. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make a difference in their life.

You need to remember though, that Wealthy Affiliate is ultimately just a tool. And what truly differs successful WAers from those who “fail” is simple, they refused to give up.



Success Story #5: Jerry


Wealthy Affiliate Profile: JerryHuang

Jerry’s Website: smartaffiliatesuccess.com

Jerry’s Story

I am a 20-year-old online marketer. I don’t have a college degree or diploma and I don’t plan to get one. Simply because I believe traditional education is dead. Schools teach you nothing about financial IQ, entrepreneurship and the right mindset and system to succeed in life.

So I started looking for ways to make money online when I was 18 years old. Unfortunately, I ran into a scam like many beginners online. It was a high-ticket membership site which has some features of a pyramid scheme. (In fact, there are many programs out there that are pyramid schemes in disguise.)

I wasted a lot of time and money there but fortunately, I came across Wealthy Affiliate soon after. I was pretty skeptical at first just like many of you because I just got scammed. But once I dived into the training and community here at WA, I could feel that this place is different.

Wealthy Affiliate’s step-by-step training is so comprehensive which allowed me to build up a strong foundation in online marketing. I upgraded to become a WA Premium member within 7 days of joining.

From there on, I immersed myself fully into this wonderful community and I am literally learning new things every single day even until now.

Today, I can write a blog post that is ranked in Google Page 1 within minutes. Here’s the post where I share the proof and my strategies: Google Page 1 Ranking Tips: Position 4 in 3 Minutes!This shows the power of Wealthy Affiliate’s training. All I did was follow closely with the training and take actions!

All I could say is that WA is definitely the best place for you to learn affiliate marketing at the cheapest cost possible.

Thank you Jack for sharing my story here 🙂


Jerry Huang

Success Story #6: Philip


Wealthy Affiliate Profile: PhilipC1

Philip’s Story

I began my hunt online after many failed attempts to find real world work in an economy that was only worsening by the day.

I looked at a few programs and almost got sucked into one. I reviewed the founder, after noticing something very OFF with his body language every time he said the word ‘money’ in his videos.

Turns out, he had done time in prison from stealing his affiliates commissions – lucky escape!

Some time later I looked for a review on another company. Here I found Wealthy Affiliate and was suspicious of all the free stuff they give you and the low monthly fee’s.

I tried them out cautiously and now have been with them for over a year and a half.

I am already getting monthly payments and have been doing so for some time. I am currently a member of a number of other affiliate programs that are working for me 24/7 to earn commissions.

I only really wanted to see if I could earn anything online. Now, it seems, the sky is the limit!

Without prior experience, and certainly zero knowledge, I have build a site that I am very proud of and have added some serious amount of content.

It is getting traffic nearly every minute of the day! I could not have done it without the help and support I received in Live Chat, my Referrer and Kyle (co-founder of WA) as well.

With hard work, consistency and correct application of their easy to follow training, I sincerely believe anyone can do this as well.

Ultimately, the way I see financial success is:-

It is like a fight or flight situation. If you run from it now, then you will only turn another corner to find it again! That has been true for me my whole life, where prosperity is abundant, to a collapse in my personal finances for depending on others for a job.

I have decided to permanently fight for my own personal financial freedom so I may never have to turn another corner into a nasty surprise. The journey continues for me and it is being achieved by the day.

Thank you for your time and good luck!

– Philip.


  1. Gunilla M Hassold says:

    No website yet. I am in the process of moving but I will sign up as soon as I am settled. Thank you so much for sharing the success stories in regards to WA. Interesting indeed


    1. You are most welcome Gunilla!

      I hope to see your progress soon.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  2. Thank You so Much. Now I’m 100% convinced that If I’m extremely persistent ,with a right guideline I can achieve success. This is what I’ve been looking for. 🙂

    1. You are absolutely right! Success is meant for people who don’t give up, even with many setbacks.

      Keep asking questions if you are stuck and be consistent, you’ll see some results soon enough.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  3. This is what I have been looking for for the last decade. I have already signed up and will make sure I join your league in the shortest time possible.
    I appreciate for your help in this and other articles.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Dennis!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

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