Is Qmee a Scam? – Is This Platform Really Worth Your Time

A lot of websites offer different ways to earn extra cash online.  But as you ​probably know, some of them are​ just a waste ​of time.

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about Qmee, and that’s why you are here.  You wanted to know if this ​platform is a good ​way for you to earn some extra income.

​You’ve come to the right place because I am going to share with you the stuff you need to know before you do any tasks on Qmee.

Is Qmee a scam? - Review LogoIs Qmee a scam? - Review Logo

​Let’s get started…

What is Qmee?

Picture of Qmee websitePicture of Qmee website

Qmee helps shoppers ​easily search for​ products they want to buy.

It automatically compares prices of a ​product you are searching and shows you the best deal, offers coupons, and pays you some cash while you are searching along the way.

So basically, it is an online companion for shoppers, and it offers different ways to make money online at the same time.

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How Does Qmee Work?

Getting Started with Qmee

You have to create an account with Qmee and it is absolutely free​.

picture of Qmee Sign UpQmee Sign Up

You just need to enter your email address and your preferred password.  After that, a confirmation link will be sent to your email, just ​click that link to activate your account.You can also sign up using your Facebook or Twitter account if you want.

Once that your account is activated, install the Qmee browser extension.  And if it is installed, you are now ready to search, shop, and earn.

Search to Save and Earn

Qmee shows ads on the left side of your browser.  The ads are based on the product-related keywords you put in the search bar.

Search SampleQmee Search Sample

These are the best deals that Qmee is talking about.

It is available on different popular sites such as:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Amazon
  • eBay

When you click on one of the displayed ads, it will take you to a website where the product is advertised.  These products are commonly discounted.

Qmee gets payed for each of the ads you click, and you will be rewarded with a partial amount of the payment.

The reward is usually around 6-8 cents per ads clicked.

Watch the video below to see more how it works…

Don’t Try to Trick Qmee’s System

It seems so easy to earn money using this platform right?  But Qmee won’t allow you to use this program abusively, as you can only get a reward once per ad.

Qmee tracks your activity on the advertised products on a website.  To do so, opening an ad on a separate tab is forfeited, so the only way for you to get back on Qmee’s website is by clicking the ‘back button’ on the top of your browser.

If you would just click the back button immediately, Qmee would decrease the ads that they will offer to you.  So, to avoid that situation, you must view the ads for about 30 seconds.

Earn Money by Answering Surveys

Qmee also offers an opportunity to earn money by answering surveys.

Earn when you answer surveyEarn when you answer Qmee survey

Each survey usually pays around 50 cents for a 15-25 minutes work.  Compared to other paid survey sites such as UserTesting, this rate is considered low.

Aside from that, your chance of qualifying for surveys is low as well.  

And if you ever qualify to take a survey, you might be “Screened out” along the way if your answer doesn’t meet the criteria.

This is what I don’t like about the Qmee’s survey…

Passing the qualification round is not an assurance that you can complete and earn from a survey.

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Earn Money by Inviting Your Friends

You can also earn money by referring your friends to Qmee through your unique referral link.

picture of Earn when you invite friendsQmee Review - Earn when you invite friends

When someone signs up as your referral, you will earn $1 when they cash out the money they’ve earned for the first time.

In other words, you may not earn that $1 if the person you refer did not manage to cash out.

How to Cash Out the Money You’ve Earned

Qmee offers a number of ways to cash out your earnings.

Qmee's Redemption OptionQmee Redemption Option

You can either transfer it into your PayPal account, use it to buy a gift card, or donate it into partnered charities.

There is no minimum amount required to transfer money into your PayPal account.  You can cash out anytime you want as long as you already have some earnings.

The same goes if you wish to donate your earnings to the charities, there is no minimum requirement.

PayPal Cashout OptionQmee PayPal Cashout Option

However, if you wish to exchange for a gift card, you’ll have to accumulate at least $5 worth of earnings.

Not just like with other platforms such as Ipsos i-Say, Qmee’s cash out process only takes a couple of minutes before it will be sent to your PayPal account or on a certain Charity.

Ugly Truths About Qmee

Only Available in Certain Countries

Currently, Qmee is available in the U.S., UK, Canada and Australia. 

It would have been better if it supports more countries all over the world.

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No Qmee Ads Showing Up

There are a number of users complaining that they are not getting any Qmee ads.

And, when they’ve tried to contact Qmee’s support, the team says that their account doesn’t have any issue.

There might be a problem in the system, but Qmee isn’t addressing it.

Limited Income

You can’t rely too much on Qmee’s offers to earn money.

The payout for viewing the ads and surveys are too low, in my opinion, and you might not get paid for your referrals.

This is the reason why I don’t recommend using Qmee.

You might spend a lot of your time just to earn a little, and there is a possibility that your efforts will be wasted.

If you really want to have a stable source of income, I recommend that you check out this program instead.

Is Qmee a Scam?

In my opinion, Qmee is not a scam. Though many people claimed that it is.

The number 1 reason why people think that Qmee is a scam is because they’ve spent a lot of time on the platform, without earning much or anything at all.

Some people try to “cheat” the Qmee system by over aggressively searching for products, and they found that no Qmee ads are showing.

While others spend time answering the Qmee surveys, and to find themselves “screened out” after spending a good amount of time on the survey.

The key is to use the system naturally, and do not try to force money out of the system.

In fact, if you use the Qmee system genuinely, it might be helpful especially if you are looking for the best deals online.

My Sincere Advice to You

Qmee is a good companion if you are searching for the best deals online.

However, it might not be a the best platform for you if you are looking for a means to earn a stable and passive income online.

What I recommend is that, you should build an online business instead.

Don’t worry if you are not experienced enough, or if you don’t have much money to start.  You can learn to build your online business here even if you are a newbie.

I Am Just Like You Before

I am just like you before.  I don’t know anything about building an online business, until I found this program.

It helped a lot of people like me to build a successful online business, and I hope that you’ll succeed too. Here’s my story.

Thank you so much for reading this Qmee review!I hope that I’ve provided you with sufficient information to make an informed decision.If you found this review helpful, please share it! It might help someone who is looking for this information.

Have questions in your mind? Please, feel free to leave a comment below.Your friend,​Jack

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