Powerhouse Affiliate Review – Uncovering the deepest insights

So, you’ve come across Powerhouse Affiliate and you are wondering if you should join.

Or, maybe you are already a free member of the program, and you are considering an upgrade to the premium membership.

You’ve come to the right place because I am going to share with you everything you need to know about the Powerhouse Affiliate.

Powerhouse Affiliate ReviewPowerhouse Affiliate Review

Whether or not you join the program after reading this review is entirely up to you.

My only hope for this review is to help you make an informed decision.

So, let’s get started…

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Powerhouse Affiliate Review Summary

Since I only have a few minutes of your time, let me summarize everything for you in this short and concise section…

Name: Powerhouse Affiliate

Founder: Joey Babineau

Product: Online Affiliate Marketing Training Platform

Business Opportunity Rating: 

An Overview of Powerhouse Affiliate

Powerhouse Affiliate is an online affiliate marketing training platform. It houses hundreds of successful affiliate marketers who are sharing their knowledge and experience.

There are many ways to do affiliate marketing, but Powerhouse Affiliate is focused on teaching you the paid advertising methods.

If you are someone who wouldn’t mind spending extra money up front to test out various campaigns to eventually find a profitable one, then the Powerhouse Affiliate might be suitable for you.

Yes, you will need to spend more money on top of your premium membership fee to start earning money. This comes with a lot of trial and errors on setting up your paid advertising campaigns.

One thing you have to understand is that nothing comes for free, your investment is either your time or your money.

So, if you want to learn how to use paid advertising to win at affiliate marketing, then Powerhous Affiliate is one of the best training programs that teaches just that.

But, if you are someone who do not wish to spend more money other than the premium membership fee, then there is a good alternative for you.​

What is Powerhouse Affiliate?

Powerhouse Affiliate is a training platform that teaches people about affiliate marketing.

There are many methods of affiliate marketing.

You can create an authoritative blog, a YouTube channel, be a social media influencer, or run paid advertising.

Out of these methods, Powerhouse Affiliate chooses to teach you about paid advertising.

Because, this is what they are good at.

So, if your intention is to learn how to run paid advertising to promote your affiliate products, this is one of the best training platforms for you.

There are exactly 7 courses in the members area (which we will discuss more in detail below), and there is a forum dedicated to support its members.

What do you get as a free member?

As a free member, you get access to the Affiliate Marketing Certification course.

This will share with you the detailed information on what affiliate marketing is, and the benefits of building this business.

Plus, you can get paid for promoting Powerhouse Affiliate even if you are not a paying customer. If you intend to profit from Powerhouse Affiliate, you can join here.

However, if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and paid traffic methods, you will have to upgrade to the premium membership…

What do you get as a Premium Member?

For $47 a month, or if wish to take advantage of the 14 day trial which cost $7

You can unlock everything there is in the members area.

There are basically 7 courses:

  • Affiliate Marketing Certification (available for free members)
  • Powerhouse Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp
  • Affiliate Business Builder 
  • CPA Display Academy
  • CPA Cash Vault
  • Website Traffic Certification
  • 5 Phase Email List Building

Plus, you’ll get a forum and a community of like-minded people.

And, you’ll also get free web hosting for your websites (which typically cost $20 to $100 per month with 3rd party service providers).

Now, let’s go into detail with the training courses…

Powerhouse Affiliate – Marketing Bootcamp

Powerhouse Affiliate Review - Marketing Bootcamp

I would say that this is the foundation course for everything that is taught in Powerhouse Affiliate.

You will start with…

  1. Setting your goals;
  2. Acquiring the necessary tools;
  3. Selecting a niche;
  4. Finding Affiliate Products to promote;
  5. An overview of the traffic generation strategies; and
  6. Tracking the outcome

There is a total of 10 modules, and within each module there are mini-lessons that cover the sub-topics.

This course is 100% text based.

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Affiliate Business Builder

Powerhouse Affiliate Review - Business Builder

Basically, the content of this course is covered in the Affiliate Marketing Certification and the Powerhouse Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp.

But, what’s the difference?

So, here it is…

Affiliate Marketing Certification and Powerhouse Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp are text based…

And, the Affiliate Business Center is the video version of the courses.

CPA Display Academy

Powerhouse Affiliate Review - CPA Display Masterclass

As explained, the traditional ads are dead, and native advertising is the way to go at this point.

The course walks you through the creation and the execution of a successful example of a display advertisement.

It starts with a 2 part webinar, that last for almost 2.5 hours, which teaches the entire concept and execution of display advertisement.

Then, it follows with 10 lessons, that are text based, which covers everything that is taught in the webinar.

So, you can choose to either follow the webinar or the written lessons.

The first part of the webinar teaches the concept and action steps to create a native ad…

While the second part delves into Facebook advertising (which is a native advertising platform as well).

Join Powerhouse Affiliate Now!

CPA Cash Vault 3.0

Powerhouse Affiliate Review - CPA Cash Vault

This course consist of 8 lessons, and it is completely text based.

If you are someone who just don’t like to consume text based information, then you may not like this.

However, the course content is definitely valuable, but it is not a complete step by step guide though.

It teaches you how to source for leads (traffic), set up a marketing funnel, and develop landing pages.

But, it takes reference from other training materials in the Powerhouse Affiliate.

For example, in one of the lessons, it teaches about setting up a marketing funnel, but it references to a detailed post in the forum that covers that topic.

I don’t know about you, but for some people, especially beginners, they may get confused if there are too many references to other materials.

For me, I personally prefer to watch over-the-shoulder videos when it comes to the setup.

Don’t get me wrong, I do find the lessons in this course valuable.

Website Traffic Certification

Powerhouse Affiliate Review - CPA Traffic Surge

This is another text based course that has 8 lessons.

It touches on the different traffic sources like the Bing Ads, Real Time Bidding (RTB) Traffic, In-Text Ads, etc.

This course introduces you to an affiliate network called Vaultmedia, which is owned by the creator of this very program, Powerhouse Affiliate.

Basically, the idea is to join Vaultmedia as an affiliate, and thereafter, you can choose the right products to promote to your audience.

Each lesson covers the things you have to know about the different traffic sources, and it points you to the places to buy the advertisements.

5 Phase Email List Building

Powerhouse Affiliate Review - 5 Phase Email List Course

As the name suggests, this course consists of 5 phases of your email marketing campaign.

The first phase deals with picking a niche…

The second phase deals with creating your Opt-in Bait…

Third phase covers the autoresponder setup…

Fourth phase shows you where to get the traffic…

And lastly, it covers how to segment your list.

This course is text based as well.

Overview – What I Liked?

  1. If you want good knowledge about affiliate marketing through paid advertising, this is the place that you should be.
  2. The courses are well done, and you’ll definitely learn a lot from them.
  3. The cost of the premium membership is affordable.
  4. There is no upsell, means you’ll not need to spend extra money to “unlock extra modules”.
  5. You get free web hosting as a premium member.

Join Powerhouse Affiliate Now!

Overview – What I Didn’t Like?

1. Almost 75% of the lessons are text based

You see, there is a total of 7 courses in the Powerhouse Affiliate, but there is only one (the Affiliate Business Builder) that is completely video based.

Basically, the course material of the Affiliate Business Builder course comes from the Affiliate Marketing Certification and the Powerhouse Affiliate Bootcamp.

The Affiliate Business Builder is just the video version of the two.

If you are someone who dislike the text based training method, then the Powerhouse Affiliate is most likely not for you.

2. Lack of Execution Plans

The courses come with a lot of information that explains the “what and why”, but there is not enough step by step guide to show you the “how”.

The information can be found in the forum, but it is quite difficult to navigate through the forum.

If you are a total beginner, you may be stuck.

3. Small Emphasis on the Content Creation

The courses did advise that everything starts with good content, but there is no focus on how to create them.

There is also not much information in regards to what good content really means.

4. Semi-Active Forum

If a certain topic has been answered in the forum, and you happen to repeat the question… because you find it hard to navigate through the forum…

Your questions will most likely be left unanswered.

5. Affiliate Links plastered all over the courses

Whenever there is a mention of any recommended tools, there will be an affiliate link embedded.

So, whenever you click on the link and you pay for the service, Powerhouse Affiliate gets paid.

I guess this is a common practice for course creators. If I were to create a course, I would do that as well.

Just wanted you to know that affiliate link exist in the course materials.

How I Fired My Boss and Still Earn a Full-Time Income. Here’s How You Can Too!

Can You Earn Money Promoting Powerhouse Affiliate?

The answer is Yes!

In fact, it has a tiered based commission plan that is probably one of the most lucrative in terms of a recurring affiliate program.

Here’s how it works…

50% – Tier 1 Commission Payout

As an affiliate, you can earn a 50% commission when a person you referred to the Powerhouse Affiliate upgrades as a premium member.

And, for as long as the person stays as a premium member, you get paid.

So, the premium membership cost $47 per month, and a 50% of it will be $23.50.

10% – Tier 2 Commission Payout

Then, as your referrals start to refer someone else to the Powerhouse Affiliate and they become a premium member as well, you get a 10% cut without doing anything.

Which means that when your referral, refers someone to the program, and that person upgrades to the premium membership, you get paid $4.70.

And, for as long as that person stays as a premium member, you get paid $4.70 every month.

5% – Tier 3 Commission Payout

As the tier 2 members refer someone to join Powerhouse Affiliate as a premium member, you get paid another 5% of that recurring sale.

Which is $2.35 every month for as long as they stay as a premium member.

This image below will sum up everything…

Powerhouse Affiliate Review - Commission Plan

So, in my opinion, this is one of the most lucrative recurring affiliate programs.

The best part is, you don’t even need to be a premium member to earn a commission from them. Your referral link will be given to you upon signing up as a free member.

My Final Take

In my opinion, if you want to learn how to win in the paid advertising medium…

Powerhouse Affiliate is one of the best courses out there.

However, this means that you will have to fork out some initial investment to buy advertisements…

And, most likely you may lose some money at first, in the trial and error stage.

So, if you are risk adverse when it comes to money, then this may not be the right program for you.

Honestly, it is either paying for ads, or spending time building web assets (like a blog or a YouTube Channel).

There is no free lunch in this world.

So, I would say that your final decision comes down to your comfortable level dealing with money.

Thank you so much for reading this Powerhouse Affiliate review!

If you find this helpful, please help to share it.

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And, if you’d like to discuss more about this program, feel free to leave a comment below.

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