Is Oxford Income Letter Scam? – Earn Money with Little Money Down?

If this promising business opportunity stokes your interest but you are also worried if there is an Oxford Income Letter scam going on, then this 3-minute read review will provide you with all the answers you have been searching for.

Should Oxford Income Letter be actually worth your time or should you stay away from it, you will find out in the next few moments.

Oxford Income Letter Review Summary

Owner: Marc Lichtenfeld

Price: $49 –  $249 Annually

Bare Naked Scam Rating:

Recommended? NoMy #1 Income Generating Alternative


Thank you for taking the time to read this Oxford Income Letter review.

I am neither affiliated with nor promoting Oxford Income Letter so you can be assured to get an unbiased and brutally honest discussion about this income generating platform.

Let me begin by explaining…

What Is Oxford Income Letter?

The Oxford Income Letter is an investment newsletter that promises to provide their subscribers with an income portfolio that cashes in at least $1,000 per week.

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How To Earn A Full Time Income At Home


By subscribing to the newsletter, you will have access to a sophisticated system that will provide you with different profitable investment opportunities that will guarantee you a fat dividend.

This income generating plan is open to everyone. However, it is inclined to individuals who are looking for sustainable retirement investment options.

If you wanted to subscribe with the Oxford Income letter, all you need to get started is

  • A small amount for capital
  • An internet connection
  • More or less 4 hours per week

Oxford Income Letter promises it’s members to start making money within days from their subscription. The Oxford Income Letter is brought out by Agora Financial.

Who is the Founder of Oxford Income Letter

The Oxford Income Letter is an investment newsletter by The Oxford Club.

This income generating scheme is put together by a guy named Marc Lichtenfeld.

Now, some of you might be wondering…

Who is this guy and why should you take him seriously?


So I decided to dig a little deeper, and I found out that Marc is the real deal.

He has an extensive background as a financial analyst and has been an editor for some known publications like Lightning Trend Trader, Tactical Trader Alert and The Oxford Club.

He has written a few books about finance and investment himself including:“You Don’t Have to Drive an Uber In Retirement” and “Get Rich With Dividends”;both are selling well on Amazon and are rated very good by its readers.


This guy really does know a thing or two about profitable investing.

Other than the fact that Marc has an outstanding history in the realm of investments, he has also appeared and have been featured on social business channels such as CNBC, Fox Business and Bloomberg Radio.

How to Make Money with Oxford Income Letter?

The Oxford Income Letter (OIL) is primarily based on Marc Lichtenfeld’s “10-11-12” proprietary system found in his book Get Rich With Dividends.


According to Marc himself, he and his team filters thousands of possible investments opportunities each month. They then chooses the ones that are most likely to return the highest ROI in the fastest possible time.

This will allow their subscribers to earn a huge dividend with at least $1000 weekly!

How Is this Possible?

Marc and his team in OIL accomplish this by using their own proven systems and computer analysis. To find the best investment opportunities and provide them to their newsletter subscribers, they utilize the following methods and tools:

  • 10-11-12 System
  • Free Cash Flow (FCF)
  • Relative Valuation
  • Robust Computer Analysis
  • Statistical Modelling

Each month, Marc and his team will provide you with a list of investment options for you to consider buying into.

How will all of these make you money?

Basically, subscribing to the Oxford Income Letter gives you the potential to earn regular (substantial) dividends by investing in the opportunities that they recommend and picked.

OIL claims that while many shareholders can only expect annual returns of around 3%, Marc and his team will provide you with highly selected investment opportunities that will yield as much as 12% ROI annually.

What do OIL subscribers get?

Subscribing to Oxford Income Letter essentially entitles you to gain access to 3 things. These are:

  1. The Oxford Income Letter
  2. Oxford Income Weekly
  3. Oxford Income Blasts

Allow me to discuss each one of them.

The Oxford Income LetterThis is the monthly newsletter that you receive for a total of 12 months until you renew your subscription. This contains the very best investment options so you can pick and choose which companies to invest in and potentially earn lucrative dividends.

Oxford Income Weekly These are weekly updates to keep OIL subscribers informed about the progress of the companies that had previously been recommended in the monthly newsletter.

These weekly updates are crucial because it provides you the ongoing state of a particular company’s performance, regardless of whether you invested in it or not.

Oxford Income BlastsThis refers to the short but informative “email blasts” sent to subscribers that contains urgent updates, new recommendations, and fresh investment opportunities.

These are critical updates regarding their suggested investment opportunities and contains advice, e.g. sell shares or buy shares immediately to boost your dividend or avoid loses.

Pros and Cons of Oxford Income Letter


  • Affordable newsletter subscription
  • Provides subscribers a chance to earn lucrative income with a small capital
  • The founder Marc has many years of high-level experience in the fields of investment and finance
  • Provides good investments opportunities with a potential of high returns
  • The Oxford Income Letter comes with a 90-day refund policy



  • Too much hype
  • Unrealistic profit margins
  • Poor customer support
  • For you to get that $1000 a week, you would actually need to put out a pretty decent investment amount
  • Agora Financial has a mix of both positive and negative reviews from subscribers and investors
  • Nothing is guaranteed, everything depends on the trading outcomes
  • Subscription Auto-Renew

Is Oxford Income Letter a Scam?

I can honestly say that Oxford Income Letter is not a scam (although we have our own opinions).

The newsletter that Marc and his team provides to their subscribers are real and does contain some of the most promising trading companies that you can invest in.

Marc’s background is also solid proof that this income-generating scheme has some good validity and a strong foundation to stand on.

However, you if have a reliable source about an Oxford Income Letter scam that is going on, please do inform our readers by leaving a comment below.

My Concerns About OIL

With all the good things that I have mentioned above, I must point out a few things that raise a red flag about Oxford Income Letter for me.

Nothing is Guaranteed

If you are itching to become a newsletter subscriber for OIL because of the promised investment return of no less than $1000, then you are off to a bad start.

Please do not be deceived by the hypes and promises because nothing is guaranteed in trading. There is always a significant risk involved in this form of investment, and that’s the nature of it.

If you see OIL as an easy way to generate easy money with little to no risk, I am sorry to tell you this, but that’s not how it works. There is a possibility that you will lose money instead.

There are Much Better Alternatives

If you are not too lazy to Google about investment newsletters, a quick online search will provide you with legit companies that offer hundreds of different investing newsletters.

The good news is, while others like The Oxford Income Letter will require subscribers hundreds of dollars per year. Some of them are totally FREE.

Other than investment newsletters, there are also much better ways to make money online. There are hundreds and legitimate programs that contains no element of risk, and you don’t need to spend lot’s of money to get started with it.

A Better Alternative to OIL

OIL’s Auto Renew Feature

If you decide to become a subscriber for Oxford Income Letter, please keep in mind that your current subscription is set to AUTO RENEW EACH YEAR!

Meaning, if you do not cancel your subscription to OIL after your first 12 months, you will automatically be charged for the next entire year.

Hype, Hype and More Hypes

The websites that promote OIL, including the video created by Marc himself, fails to discuss the risks involved in this form of income generating scheme.

Instead, they entice subscribers with unrealistic scenarios and ridiculous ROI! I am not telling that there is no truth in their claims, but again, each investment result is different.

For example, the sales pitch that leads you to believe that you WILL MAKE over $1000 a week passively is not 100% true! 

The amount of money you can potentially make in an investment depends on how much you invested and how the company performs on the trade.

I merely wish that the Oxford Income Letter be promoted more truthfully – in a less misleading way to people who stumble upon their opportunity.

Oxford Income Letter Subscription Costs

There are 3 subscription levels to choose from if you are interested in doing business with Oxford Income Letter.

PREMIUM – $249 (Annually)

  • Available for a limited time only (according to their website)
  • Includes digital AND print subscription to The Oxford Income Letter
  • Includes Marc’s three premium reports:
  • “Start Collecting Weekly Payouts With the Retirement Cash Calendar”
  • “How to Claim an Extra $130,000 in Social Security.”
  • “How to Achieve a Seven-Figure Retirement Account… Even if You Think It’s Too Late.”
  • A FREE hardcover copy of Marc’s Amazon.com best-selling book ($39.95)
  • Exclusive preview chapter from Marc’s forthcoming new book: “Juice Your Returns by 128% With This ‘Big Bank’ Strategy.”

STANDARD – $129 (Annually)

  • Includes digital AND print subscription to The Oxford Income Letter
  • Also includes Premium Reports:
  • “Start Collecting Weekly Payouts With the Retirement Cash Calendar”
  • “How to Claim an Extra $130,000 in Social Security.”
  • “How to Achieve a Seven-Figure Retirement Account… Even if You Think It’s Too Late.”

BASIC – $49 (Annually)

  • Digital-ONLY subscription to The Oxford Income Letter
  • Also includes Premium Reports:
  • “Start Collecting Weekly Payouts With the Retirement Cash Calendar”
  • “How to Claim an Extra $130,000 in Social Security.”
  • “How to Achieve a Seven-Figure Retirement Account… Even if You Think It’s Too Late.”

Subscribe to OIL

A Cheaper Alternative

My Sincere Advice To You

If the Oxford Income Letter interests you, then I highly advice that you learn more about newsletter investments.

For one thing, you should know that you’re going to have to have the money to spend on OIL’s investment recommendations.

Another thing is that your potential earnings will directly depend on the amount you invest; the more you, the more potential profit you will get.

One cannot deny that the Oxford Income Letter offers a unique way for people to earn a passive income at home.

The company’s legitimacy including its founder is unquestionable, not to mention the number of positive reviews OIL acquired from its previous subscribers.

Do I Recommend the Oxford Income Letter?

No. I’m not personally going to recommend the Oxford Income letter because of a few things.

First, I don’t see the purpose of paying for investment advice such as newsletter when there are plenty that available for free in other social trading sites.

Second, I find it questionable why OIL put up a lot of effort in all the hypes in their promotions. If this platform is as effective as they claim it to be, there is no need for those misleading hypes.

Lastly, I feel that this program is a much better alternative if you want to make money online. The risk is very low, and you do not have to put out a huge capital to get started.

Plus, you will have an almost guaranteed positive result.

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Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this Oxford Letter Income review. If you find this post helpful, please share it to the people whom you thought might need this.

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PS. If you want to share your experience with this newsletter investment scheme or you personally know about an Oxford Income Letter scam going on, please leave a comment below.