New Affiliate Cash System – Full of Bullsh*t

new-affiliate-cash-system-mainName: New Affiliate Cash System

Website(s): www.newaffiliatecashsystem.net and www.myaffiliatecashsystem.com and www.theaffiliatecashsystem.com

Price: $27/mth + upsells

Owners: David Michael

Income Opportunity Rating: 1 / 5 Stars

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New Affiliate Cash System – The Bullsh*ts

I can’t take it anymore, this product just makes me laugh so loud because it is a crap load  of bullsh*t.

  • new-affiliate-cash-system-bullshit-1Bullsh*t  #1: It says to get started right now for free. I don’t get the FREE part of it when you have to pay $29.95/mth for the website NACS claims to create for you.
  • Bullsh*t #2: David Michael claims to make $263,000 in 60 days and that’s 4,383 per day. The snap shot of David Michael’s clickbank account (assuming the account is his) show earnings of $1,849 per day which is a far cry from what he have advertised.
  • Bullsh*t #3: $263,000 in 60 days for New Affiliate Cash System, $130,456.80 in 90 days and $85,498.16 in 30 days for The Affiliate Cash System, $130,462.90 in 90 days for My Affiliate Cash System. So which one is real? I guess none of it, they are all a bunch of made up numbers
  • new-affiliate-cash-system-rich-quickBullsh*t #4: Claims that NACS is not a “get rich quick scheme”. Which part of “I started from nothing and made over $625,000 in just 90 days” not a get rich quick scheme.
  • Bullsh*t #5: “Every time a customer visit your website and signs up for updates, NACS tree planting charity partner will plant a tree in the name of the customer” – I can hardly believe this crap
  • Bullsh*t #6: NACS guarantees to make you $100 within 48 hours if not David Michael will personally give you $100 of his own money. It didn’t tell you that you need to make at least $250 in order to cash out the money. So after David Michael credits $100 into your NACS account, you still need to make $150 in order to cash out. WHAT A CHEAP TRICK!

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What does New Affiliate Cash System do for you?

new-affiliate-cash-system-websiteThe first step for you to do once you have provided your personal details to NACS is to pay $29.95/mth to set up a website. The website you created will provide FREE offers to anyone who visits your website.

NACS claims that there are many companies that will pay you more than $200 for each person you refer to their website and agrees to “Try their product for free”. While the claim is partially true, I can guarantee you that your NACS website will hardly get any visitors which equates to low income.

What’s more, NACS will provide you with a Major $997 personal coaching as bonus. One thing for sure is that David Michael will not be around to coach you once you join NACS and secondly, after reading all the Bullsh*t above, do you think David Michael is a person with substance?

Get paid top dollars for offering FREE offers – Is it really true?

Firstly, most companies will not pay you until the person whom you referred buys a product from the company. Secondly, most of the trial products which are supposedly free are not really free, you have to pay a few bucks to try the product. Thirdly, most of the products require you to provide your credit card details (Most people will not be comfortable in that).

Why I say your NACS website will get little visitors

First and foremost, Google have changed its search algorithm substantially. I’m simply saying that the websites that NACS creates for you are duplicates and will not rank well in Search Engines. So there are very little exposure to your website and you can hardly generate any traffic. As you probably know, for online businesses, more traffic equates to more revenue.

NACS also claims to add your website to their already successful advertising campaign to generate traffic. NACS will also show you a ton of different ways to promote your website, most of which are absolutely FREE. To strip this part down, it is actually saying that NACS will sell you more products to generate more traffic.

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To sum it all up

David Michael claims that he holds the key to your success with his secret system. One thing for sure once you join NACS is that you will never make a dime from the system.

The Reasons are simple:

new-affiliate-cash-system-hype-2The website that NACS creates for you will not rank well in search engines. While David Michael claims that he will add your website to its advertising campaigns, what he really meant was to sell you products to boost the traffic to your website.

The FREE trial offers are not exactly free. For some, you have to pay a few bucks to try the trial products, for others, you have to provide your credit cards. I would say only a handful of people will actually give the trial products a try.

David Michael claims to give you $100 if you did not start making $100 in the next 48 hours. What you do not know is that $100 will be credited to your NACS account but in order to cash out that money, you have to make at least $250. If the system is really that good why can’t David Michael just let you cash out that $100 like he claims.

My advice to you as a fellow Internet Marketer

Do not waste your money on New Affiliate Cash System because it is just not worth your money and also your time. Practically, you do not learn anything from this system and you do not make any money with this system.

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Finally, if you have personal experience with New Affiliate Cash System or you would like to discuss it with me, I welcome you drop a comment below.

Your pal,


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  1. Hi Jack

    Just looking at the banner itself for the new affiliate cash system, comes across as full of hype, BS and scammy. By the sounds of your great review of this product, I think I’ll be staying well clear of it. At least with Wealthy Affiliate, there’s no crap or hype involved, just 100% genuine training and people 🙂


    1. I am still not sure why NACS is still around on the internet. I am pretty sure that everyday people get scammed into these shady products. Please do stay clear of it Neil. Totally agree with you on Wealthy Affiliate.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  2. Almost sounds as if NACS owns a money making printer. That’s probably how fast you can “make money” but not in the real internet world where Google police are catching all these bad folks. Good exposure for your readers Jack!

    1. Thanks Cathy! Appreciate your time to read my review. Cheers!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  3. Sadly these crooks are fooling a lot of folks – comprehensively exposed Jack. This article deserves wide circulation.

    1. Thank you for your comments Peter! Much Appreciated. NACS is definitely not a place for anyone to join. No education, No income potential and most importantly, it is a scam.

      I hope this article will reach more people to prevent them from falling into David Michael’s tricks.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

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