Is My Cash Bot a Scam? – An in-depth Review

my-cash-bot-mainWebsite: www.mycashbot.com
Price: Minumum Deposit $250
Owners: Dustin Crow

Bare Naked Scam rating: 5 Thumbs Down


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“Would you like access to a system that will turn you into a millionaire in less than 30 days?

What if I told you that I can give you this system for free with absolutely no strings attached? All you have to do is click a button and watch cash pile up in your account. You’ll be a millionaire in no time!”

Sound a little far-fetched?

my-cash-bot-bsThe above are just some of the ridiculous claims that My Cash Bot promises, another blatant scam that people are falling for over and over.

I admit, sometimes these sales videos can be rather enticing due to clever copywriting tactics and marketing tricks.

But, these cheap scams follow a simple blueprint, like all of their products came out of the same machine, clones of one another with tiny variations.

I’m going to cut to the chase and say that My Cash Bot is a scam.

Still, I’ll take a closer look and show you why I believe this product is a scam. Pay close attention and remember these red-flags so you can spot them the next time you are hit with a sketchy sales pitch.

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My Cash Bot Auto-Click Software Rundown: What is My Cash Bot?

As usual, the sales video doesn’t reveal much about the product but rather fills in the blanks with false promises and outrageous hype.

But when you do a little digging its clear what My Cash Bot is all about.

Basically, My Cash Bot is a binary trading signal services. Not sure what that means? It means it automatically opens and closes binary trades for you. It fails more often than it succeeds.

So to access the system you have to sign-up with their recommended trading broker, another broker company that is not well-known. There is only one trading company that I recommend, and I’m not the only person that recommends it, the company has proven to the world that it’s reputable and honest (it’s eToro).

But the same can’t be said for My Cash Bot’s recommended broker.

The minimum deposit is $250; that’s not free. You’re led to believe that this whole golden ticket is completely free and there are no strings attached but there are a few strings attached and it is most definitely not free.


You’ll only be able to use this magical system once your account is activated and the funds are deposited. Otherwise, it won’t work. I mean, it won’t work either way, but that’s not what they want you to know.

Then it’s a matter of letting the program run its course and hope that you’ll come out on top.

But like with most binary trading bots, the results can be random, and tend to lean towards the negative side of the spectrum. This can be frustrating especially if you have invested a lot of money into your account.

So that’s what My Cash Bot is all about.

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Proof That My Cash Bot is a Scam

Let’s run through a few red-flags that confirm this product is a scam.

my-cash-bot-scam-1First, the hype is a dead giveaway – it’s too far-fetched, it’s almost laughable. You’ll see “video testimonials” of people claiming to have earned over a million dollars in a week or two. You’ll also notice that the video testimonials are all from actors with questionable acting skills.

Remember, even experienced binary traders can’t be right all the time. If experienced traders can’t open and close trades with a 100% success rate, would you trust a bot?

Secondly, members will have to use their recommended broker, no way around it. This means they earn a commission from everyone that registers. It also means you’re money will be in the hands of unknown brokers, a risk that most people are not willing to take.

Third, the sales video claims that it is not based on false promises. I think it was comical that the sales video states that the claims are not false while guaranteeing a million dollar income. There’s only so many lies that you can pile into a single video. It’s a little insulting!

Fourth, there’s a typo in the limit license box. This box is supposed to make you feel pressured into buying the product because there are only a few left, it’s a marketing tactic that everyone uses, but scam artists use it more often.

Can you spot the typo? It should be “Licenses”, not “Licences”.

Fifth, there’s no way that you will win more than 40% of trades. There are also some reports that the signals are outdated and the bot uses old code that further decreases the effectiveness.

So basically, it’s not free (as it claims) and it won’t earn you money on auto-pilot (as it claims).

But it will burn a hole in your bank account.

Honestly, I can see no reason to sign-up for this product, and trust me, I looked for reasons. I wanted to at least include some up-sides but I couldn’t find anything that I liked about this scam.

It’s just another blatant binary signal scam bot clone, and there are plenty of others out there, so be careful and don’t fall for the false promises.

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My Sincere Advice to You

So are all binary trading brokers terrible? Can you make money with binary trading?

The truth is that there are plenty of honest brokers and  you can indeed make money with this form of trading but it all comes down to your level of skill and familiarity with the marketplace.

You’ll need to train a bit before you test the waters with real cash. I recommend Etoro because not only does it provide an in-depth training library for beginners but it’s also one of the most reputable trading network.

Alternatively, take a look at affiliate marketing to expand your income. This program will teach you how to create an affiliate marketing business that can eventually evolve into a full-time source of income.

So, if making money online is your dream, all you have to do is take the first step!

Your pal,


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One Comment

  1. Hey Jack,

    The minute I saw the word ‘bot’ in the title, I thought that this must be another one of those binary trading setups. On further reading you confirmed that.

    I must admit, I’ve been tempted a few times to try a binary trading program because it just seems so … easy! I guess that’s what most people are looking for though.

    I have tried eToro too, but didn’t have much joy with it. It was pretty fun though.

    The more I look into the different money making systems out there and read about people who have actually made it, for a sustained period, I realise that they are those people who are prepared to buckle down and do the hard graft in building something good.

    Thanks for the review,

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