MojiLife Review – Can You Make Money Here?

Tired of all the one-sided and biased MojiLife review? Then this one is for you. 

Rather than convincing you whether MojiLife is a scam or the opposite, I will discuss everything you need to know about this company.

That way, you can decide for yourself if joining MojiLife is a suitable business for you or should you look for better alternatives.

Review Summary

Name: MojiLife

Key Personalities: Darin Davis, Darell Jakin, Glenn Jakin, and Hari Miyagi

Cost To Join: $88 – $295 (plus tax)

MojiLife Review Bare Naked ScamMojiLife Review Bare Naked Scam

MojiLife Business Opportunity Rating:

MojiLife Product Rating:



When you do a quick search about MojiLife products on the Internet, there are varying opinions from the users.

Some expressed disappointments.

MojoLife Is A ScamMojoLife Is A ScamAirMoji Customer ReviewAirMoji Customer Review

However, other people are entirely delighted with MojiLife.

MojiLife Good ReviewsMojiLife Good Reviews

Who is telling the truth? 

Let’s find out! Here’s what you can expect to find out by reading this MojiLife review.

What Is MojiLife

MojiLife is a multi-level marketing company in the home fragrance industry. If you are wondering all this time “is MojiLife an MLM,” glad to help you out.

mojiproducts commojiproducts com

The other popular names in the home fragrance niche are Scentsy, JewelScent, Partylite, and a few different candle MLM companies.

Company And Owners

MojiLife was founded in Utah in 2016. The company website “mojiproducts.com” doesn’t reveal much about the personalities behind MojiLife. 

Some sources say that someone named Darin Davis founded MojiLife. This PDF says the same thing.

Darin Davis MojiLifeDarin Davis MojiLife

However, in the Better Business Bureau, it says that Darell Jakin owns MojiLife.

Furthermore, I also found this planning commission that links Darell Jakin to MojiLife.

If there are MojiLife affiliates reading this review, I would very much appreciate of you help me clarify this matter to our readers.

MojiLife CEO OwnerMojiLife CEO Owner

But for now, I think it is safe to assume that the key personalities behind MojiLife are:

  • Darin Davis,
  • Darell Jakin
  • Glenn Jakin
  • Hari Miyagi

To quote Darin Davis’ statement on the PDF file,

“My business partners, Darrell and Glenn Jakins, and I were without a home. And our business associate, Hari Miyagi, offered up his office space and facilities as a temporary home.”

As I am writing this MojiLife review, the company is doing business in the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Japan.

MojiLife Products

MojiLife has a good list of products to choose from. The company’s flagship product is AirMoji. 

MojiLife ProductsMojiLife Products

It is powered by a battery which is rechargeable and can be controlled by your smartphone. You have to download the AirMoji app, and you’re good to go. AirMoji acts like a diffuser to release the MojiLife fragrances and essential oils.

Other MojiLife products include fragrance pods, essential oils, air fresheners, cleaning products, and MojiMini. A smaller portable device that functions like the AirMoji.

As to where the MojiLife products are manufactured, a related blog says that they are of Europe and the United States origins.

What Are MojiLife ProductsWhat Are MojiLife Products

How To Make Money With MojiLife

I repeat, MojiLife uses an MLM business model.

And like how any typical MLM company operates, you can make money with MojiLife by selling products and by building a sales team (recruitment).

As a MojiLife associate, you will earn 20% up to 25% commissions on all products that you sell.

And when you join the MojiLife Business Builders Program…

You will have the chance to earn additional commissions by recruiting people to join the company and by building your own sales team or front line distributors.

As your rank increases by selling more products and having more people under your team, you will unlock different achievement rewards and additional bonuses. 

In short…

You have to recruit and recruit and recruit many people so you can sell more products and make a living with MojiLife.

Below are the different ranks of MojiLife associates and their respective earning potentials.

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MojiLife Associate Ranks

MojiLife Compensation PlanMojiLife Compensation Plan

  • Do you want to learn more about the technicalities of the MojiLife compensation plan?

The 7-minute video below will go into details about the requirements and qualifications to earn commissions with MojiLife. A fair warning, it contains some minor hypes and promises too sweet so filter the information that you need.

MojiLife Compensation Plan

  • Can make the MojiLife compensation plan work for you?
  • Is this an excellent business opportunity?

Share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

Cost To Join MojiLife

There are three plans to choose from if you wish to become part of the MojiLife family or an associate. The Basic Distributor Kit, Plus Distributor Kit and the Elite Distributor Kit.

Distributor Kits MojiLifeDistributor Kits MojiLife

Do you think these membership fees are reasonable? Why?

I would appreciate you sharing your opinions about the MojiLife membership cost in the Comment Sections below.

But before you register and become a MojiLife Associate, there are important things that you should know first, which I will discuss in the next section of this MojiLife review.

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MojiLife Review: What You Need To Know

#1 Unique Product Line

Other than the candle MLM companies, MojiLife is the first company I reviewed that belonged in this niche.

Having a unique product means lower competition. MLM companies like ASEA, Nevetica, and New U Life (SOMADERM) has been successful because their products stand out from the rest.

This could work for your advantage should you wish to do business with MojiLife.

#2 Make Money Selling Products

Talking about MojiLife’s unique products, this will help you close more sales once your customers have a pleasant experience with your products.

People will have no choice but to look for you since few companies sell your product line.

As MojiLife associate, you can earn 25% in profits for every product that you sell. More once you achieve higher ranks in the company’s compensation structure.

#3 Diverse Product Line

MojiLife, rather than sticking to plain home fragrance, also sells essential oils. The essential oil industry has been rising steadily in recent years.

No wonder Young Living and doTERRA are making a huge buzz. 

To have the same kind of product (essential oils) on top of your unique product line (home fragrance) puts you at a perfect position.

#4 Lack Of Transparency

The company’s website could use a little more work, especially when it comes to vital information about MojiLife.

I feel that the company should be transparent about the personalities behind MojiLife. A detailed compensation plan for public access would also be a great addition in “mojiproducts.com.”

The company should also add how and where their products are manufactured, a FAQ section and a detailed income disclosure statement.

All of these can help someone make an informed decision on whether joining MojiLife is a suitable business for him or her.

#5 Negative MojiLife Reviews

MojiLife has an F rating on the Better Business Bureau.

BBB RatingBBB Rating

The company also have a lot of complaints and negative reviews from its users.

#6 Most Associates Don’t Make Money

MojiLife is an MLM company, and whether you like it or not, most of the people who join this kind of business will not make money. Such is the ugly truth of the MLM industry.

The latest consensus is more than 95% of all the people who joins an MLM company like MojiLife won’t make a living. This doesn’t mean that MojiLife is a scam. It is just how the MM industry is.

In the next section of this MojiLife review, I will share why most people don’t make money with MojiLife.

Why More Than 95% Of People Don’t Make Money With MojiLife

There are several reasons why most people fail to make money with MojiLife.

#1 Lack Of Leads

The biggest challenge of the MLM business like MojiLife is that you are told to build a team, but you are not taught how.

Most of the people who quit the MLM industry are those that ran out of prospects and leads only months after they join their company.

  • Say you join MojiLife today, do you have a list of all the people who will potentially buy your products or join your team? 
  • How many people are on that list?
  • Who will you promote your business to once the list is gone?

You could try talking to strangers, giving away flyers, and approaching people in the mall.

But do you know that these things don’t work anymore? Here’s why.

#2 Targeting The Wrong People

You might think that #1 is not a problem for you since you have a lot of friends and relatives. You have good connections, and your family will support you.

I hate to break it to you, but did you know that your friends and family are less likely to be the right people for your business?

Yes, these people will buy your products at first. Some might even join your team just to support you. But once you ask them to build the business with you, they will turn you down.

#3 Lack Of Skills

Selling products is not easy. Convincing people to build a business with you is harder. I am not saying that you cannot do it but do you know why many people don’t make money with MojiLife?

Because they do not possess the skills of an effective network marketer.

Most of the people who join MojiLife don’t know how to promote their products. Much more on how to recruit people and build a team.

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#4 Joining With A Wrong Mindset

Some people join MojiLife because they thought (or made to believe) that this is where they can make easy money.

If you share the same idea, then I advise that you hold onto your investment. To make money with MojiLife is not easy. 

Fortunately, there are ways to guarantee that you will make money with MojiLife. First is to equip yourself with the right skills and knowledge. The other one is by learning a powerful strategy that is used by the top 1% of the MLM industry.

But before I reveal that strategy, I think its time that I answer the dreaded question that brought you here.

Is MojiLife A Scam

I can say with confidence that MojiLife is not a scam. The company is as legit as the top MLM companies I have reviewed. MojiLife have a decent product line and a reasonable compensation plan.

But this doesn’t mean that making money with MojiLife is easy. No matter how your sponsor sugarcoats it, there is no such thing as a Get-Rich-Quick program.

To succeed in MojiLife requires skills, hard work, dedication and of course, passion.

My Humble Advice

If selling MojiLife home fragrance products and building a sales team is the path you want to take towards financial success…

I suggest that you learn Attraction Marketing.

It is a powerful marketing strategy that will teach you how to triple your monthly product sales and where to find the right people for your business. With Attraction Marketing, many entrepreneurs were able to reach the peak of their network marketing careers.

You can too!

Start your Attraction Marketing training here.

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MojiLife Best Business Alternative

Meanwhile, if you want to make money online without selling products nor recruiting people, I have a more suitable business opportunity for you.

This business program involves affiliate marketing and has already changed the lives of thousands of ordinary people just like you. Many of the individuals who joined this business program are now making a full-income while staying at home.

In fact, I know someone who is able to finally quit his job and enjoy early retirement because of this program. Yes, the same thing could happen to you too – if you do this business right.

But the best part of this program? You can start today for free!

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this MojiLife review. I do hope that this has been useful in providing the answers that you’re looking for.

If you think it could help other people, kindly share this to them.

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Meanwhile, should you be interested in a free online course that will teach you how to turn your passion into a full-time income source, feel free to complete the signup form below.

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Until here and whatever your plans in the future are, I wish you all the success.





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