Can Millionaire Bizpro Make You a Millionaire?

millionaire-bizpro-mainName:  Millionaire Bizpro
Website:  millionairebizpro.com
Price: $47 + $34.95/mth + many upsells
Founders: Derek Maxwell

Bare Naked Scam rating: 3 Thumbs Down


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Millionaire Bizpro is yet another subscription based online business training course that promises to teach you how to make a million dollar valued company.

The homepage is similar to quite a few known scams out there, and a lot of people have been wondering if Millionaire Bizpro is, in fact, a scam.

Well, in this Millionaire Bizpro review, we’ll take a look at the facts and you’ll see what’s behind the shiny, hype-filled, advertisements and promises.

What is Millionaire Bizpro?

The idea is simple; use custom-made landing pages to collect emails addresses while simultaneously promoting the product as an affiliate.

It’s a business model that has been around for quite some time, certainly nothing revolutionary, and systems like this can work if properly executed.

The product costs $47 a month and there’s a 60 day refund policy.

What Millionaire Bizpro promises members is a set of 16 custom-made landing pages that you’re free to use as you please to collect email addresses.

These are rather simple but well-designed video landing pages. I know video-based landing pages can be extremely useful for collecting email addresses and building a list, but are these particular landing pages as effective as promised?

Immediately, I noticed one downside to these landing pages, something that I don’t recommend, and something that I believe is a nuisance to internet surfers and people who might be interested in your product.

Here’s the problem; you can’t skip the videos and each video is over 8 minutes.

There’s a skip button, but you have to wait for the entire duration of the video to click on it and check out the main page with the core product and offers.

Personally, I don’t like to sit through minutes of the same re-hashed sales videos that I see on every landing page within the make money online niche.

Then again, that’s not a total deal-breaker, and quite a few decent products suffer from flawed website designs.

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Fake Testimonials

But I did notice another thing that pushes this product dangerously close to scam territory, a trick that a lot of scams use to boost their perceived value online.

I’m talking about fake testimonials. On Fiverr, a service-based marketplace where people will do just about anything for five dollars, it’s possible to hire people to “review” one of your products on video.

These videos barely cost anything and in a couple days you can have a virtual army of people praising your product (even if you don’t have a product yet).

Obviously, these testimonials mean nothing because someone was paid to create them, and when you’re paid to create a testimonial, there’s no way that you’ll say what you really think about the product.

The sales video of Millionaire Bizpro has a few fake testimonials in it, and you can hire the exact same people to say the exact same things about your product too. Just take a look at this:


In the sales video of Millionaire Bizpro, “Megan Elizabeth Erie”, not her real name, has “confessed” that she has never recorded herself on video before, which is downright lying.

And, did Megan really made $1,117.79? I doubt so.


The Training

So does the product offer anything worthwhile when it comes to training material? Let’s take a look.

Millionaire Bizpro has very little training material, but it does provide you with access to a system that’s supposed to bring in thousands of dollars a day.

millionaire-bizpro-courseIt basically lets you add your affiliate link to multiple landing pages to build an email list, while also promoting a product.

Millionaire Bizpro encourages you to sign up to Pure Leverage (GVO), a Multilevel Marketing Company that provides email Autoresponder service which allows you to store and build a list of email subscriber.

There’s a new affiliate marketplace called Click Better that offers higher conversions than most affiliate marketplaces, in fact, it offers up to 80% commissions on certain products.

What Millionaire Bizpro does is it finds products from this marketplace that you can promote with complete landing pages and your personal affiliate links.

Then, it’s up to you to promote the landing pages, find traffic, and make sales. The questionable thing about these landing pages is that they all promise free products, but really there are no free products.

There will be a sales video saying that you need to enter your email address to access the system and then you’ll have to watch another sales video which leads to a sales page.

These landing pages are designed for two things; to collect email address while also squeezing in a sales pitch.

If you promise a free product, it’s important to actually deliver on that promise, instead of promising something and then leading into an entirely different product, it’s unethical.

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So, Is Millionaire Bizpro a Scam?

I can’t say that this product is a scam because there is some sort of product behind the sales page. Can I vouch for the training material? Does it teach you how to really create an online business? Can you use it to make money?

Well, I do believe it’s possible to create a business with this system and you can certainly make some money, but it’s not a sustainable business and you’re just a distributor for other people’s products.

Not to mention that the hardest part is actually sending traffic to the landing pages and if you don’t know how to get traffic then it will be very difficult for you succeed.

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Personally, I would stay away from this product and focus my time and energy on building a website that I can use for my own purposes. I still think creating a website and writing articles for traffic is the best way to make money online. Sure, it takes time, but I think it’s smart to invest in the long-term, even if there are no immediate results.

If you need fast results, I suggest that you either find a job or offer some services to people online, stay away from products that promise you thousands of dollars a day! Sometimes, the long route is the best route. Slow and consistent beats fast and careless.

Millionaire Bizpro is not technically a scam but I don’t recommend it to my readers because it involves a lot of advertisement techniques that I believe are unethical. I also don’t think the results would be worth the time and money required to get the system started.

What do you think? Leave a comment below and let’s talk!

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