Legendary Marketer Book Review – A Thorough Walk-through

Author: Dave Sharpe

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Legendary Marketer Book Review

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“This is a book that every aspiring Internet Entrepreneur should read!”

In this Legendary Marketer Book Review…

I am going share with you a summary of the first 6 of the 12 chapters so you know what to expect from this book.

I highly suggest that you get this free book yourself and read it through and through because there are many golden nuggets that may have been missed from in this short review.

In my opinion, this is one of the best internet marketing books I recommend you read because it provides you with a lot of insights to what is going to happen in the future and the ramifications if you do not do something for yourself now.

If you are on this page, it would mean that you are looking to upgrade yourself to be a digital marketer, a digital entrepreneur and hopefully be financially free. Am I right?

I am sure you could find the answer in this book.

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There’s a total of 12 chapters and 228 pages in this book, so let’s dive into it now…

Who is Dave Sharpe and Why should you trust him?

Dave Sharpe is an Online Entrepreneur who has made millions on the internet.

He started with humble beginnings and was once a construction worker and an addict.

He snap himself out of addiction, and pursue a life of financial freedom. A life he didn’t know was possible then.

<img alt=Legendary-Marketer-Forbes width=300 height=160 title=Legendary-Marketer-Forbes data-id=7175 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Legendary-Marketer-Forbes-300×160.png style=”width: 100%;”> Legendary-Marketer-Forbes

Now, he is featured on “Forbes” as well as “Entrepreneur”.

In the Legendary Marketer Book, you’ll learn all his secrets on how he created a online empire.

Chapter 1: Join the New Rich, Meet the New Poor

It is unlike the old days where the poor people are those who can’t read or write.

In this new economy, if you are a computer and online illiterate you will eventually become the new poor in this new economy.

What I mean by computer and online illiterate is if you are not capable of providing value to companies in the digital age.

It is absolutely true that (as I quote) “No Business in the future is going to survive without an Online Presence”.

“Borders” one of the biggest bookstore in the past shuts its business because it lost its competitive edge when Amazon enters the market.

“Toys R Us” the largest toy store in the world filed for bankruptcy because they were slow to adapt to the digital economy.

The companies of the future are those that seek out people with valuable digital knowledge, and will weed out those who are digitally handicapped.

If you can’t provide value to companies in the digital age, you will be left behind, as the poor in the new economy.

The good news is, you do not need to take a college degree to be proficient in computer literacy.

In this open society, the information is abundant and you can have it at your finger tips.

One can easily make a lot of money within a year without prior experience in digital marketing.

When you proved to be an expert in digital marketing, it is a valuable life skill that companies in this digital age desire, they’ll come looking for you without you seeking for them.

Don’t be the New Poor, Read this Book Now!

Chapter 2: The Secret to Avoiding Failure

I won’t say what the secret is here if not it will not be a secret anymore.

You should get your free copy of the book here.

But, what I am going to share with you is what you’ll learn from this chapter.

You’ll learn that why 90% of the people who start their journey as a digital marketer, an online entrepreneur fail.

The main reason is because they didn’t follow through what they’ve started.

They purchase books after books, courses after courses, but they never get their hands dirty with the knowledge they learn.

Most people didn’t even start with the products that they’ve purchased.

Purchasing a course doesn’t mean anything, owning a book doesn’t mean anything, unless you act on it.

The secret of avoiding massive failure is in this book.

Chapter 3: The “Big 3” Things You Must Do

The first thing you need to do is to get traffic to your online business. Traffic means human beings, eyeballs on whatever your online business has to offer.

If you got no traffic to your online business, you ain’t got a business. Period.

Much like a brick and mortar store where you need people walking into your store to buy stuff.

<img alt=Legendary-Marketer-Traffic width=300 height=218 title=Legendary-Marketer-Traffic data-id=7173 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Legendary-Marketer-Traffic-300×218.jpg style=”width: 100%;”> Legendary-Marketer-Traffic

There are many ways to get traffic and it is unlike the old days where you have to pay hundreds of thousands to advertise in the newspaper or the media without knowing if your advertisements work.

In this day and age, there are many free, as well as paid methods,  to get quality traffic to your online business.

This chapter will show you the sources of traffic.

The second thing you need to do is to create a high converting Sales Funnel.

A sales funnel is not just a website or a web page, it is a series of steps that will lead your customers through the complete customer experience with your online business and aid them with their buying decision.

I quote from the book “80% of sales are made between the 5th and the 12th contact”, which means that your sales funnel needs to be able to capture contact information of your customer so that you can follow up with them until they make the purchase.

The third thing you need is a great value ladder for your products.

It simply means that your business needs to have a low ticket product that capture the interest and higher ticket products to maximize your profit.

The concept is very much like any brick and mortar business where they will put huge discounted products at the front of the store to lure you in, and they will place the more expensive products in a strategic manner so that you’ll be more inclined to purchase the expensive products than the discounted ones.

Another example would be the airline companies.

A plane will transport you from destination A to B, and the purpose is served, but why are there different classes of flights?

There are many reasons why someone would take a business or first class than an economy class, and having a value ladder will allow the airline companies to serve different needs of their passengers, and at the same time make more money.

Having a value ladder will allow your online business to serve different needs of your customers and achieve your sales targets much quicker.

If your online business does not have a value ladder, it will probably take ages for you to achieve your goals…

Oops! I think I’ve shared a ton on this chapter. Hopefully Dave Sharpe doesn’t come knocking on my door asking me to take this page down.

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Chapter 4: The Perfect Digital Business Model

Whether it is selling physical products or digital products, you need to first know what is required to sell and deliver your products and services, and you need to pick the right niche to be in.

Entering the wrong niche could be disastrous. Here’s a video that explains what a niche is in 2 minutes:

Beyond that, there are 3 ingredients that will make or break your online business.

In this chapter, Dave will go in-depth the 3 ingredients which are:

  1. The products or services you are selling;
  2. The strategies to promote and your product or services; and
  3. The back-end system that will automate your online business as much as possible.

There’s really a lot to cover in this chapter. Its 27 pages of quality information to help you choose the perfect digital business model.

Chapter 5: Your Completely Unfair Advantage

Building your own online business requires a lot of experience.

Not only that, there are many things you have to consider.

Typically, if you want to launch your own digital product, you’ll have to write your own materials, write scripts for your videos, record your videos, spend money to either buy recording equipment or to get professionals’ help, find the best platform to host your digital product, setting everything up, promoting and marketing your product, so on and so forth. Not forgetting managing and employing your support team, and many others… The list goes on.

However, to shorten your route to earning your first dollar online, Legendary Marketer has a proposition for you.

Because Legendary Marketer is a complete sales funnel that sells high quality digital marketing training, you can utilize it to earn money while training with Legendary Marketer.

More details about Legendary Marketer are shared in this chapter.

Grab a Copy of the Legendary Marketer Now!

Chapter 6:  How To Get Free Traffic and Leads

Heard of the “Break-even Funnel”?

If you haven’t, you are in for a treat!

This is not a concept created by Dave, but it is the core belief of almost every successful online entrepreneur.

If you can get a sales funnel to break-even, meaning for every $1 you spent, you earn $1 in return, you basically get the customer for FREE.

The rest of what the customer purchase later on equates to profit.

<img alt=Legendary-Marketer-break-even-funnel width=806 height=489 title=Legendary-Marketer-break-even-funnel data-id=7167 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Legendary-Marketer-break-even-funnel.png style=”width: 100%;”> Legendary-Marketer-break-even-funnel

The above image is a simple illustration of a break-even funnel.

On the left are traffic (leads) who entered the break-even funnel (in the middle).

You can generate leads from many sources, but as long as you pay for $1 worth of traffic, and you get $1 back from your break-even funnel, you’ve got a winner, because you now own the traffic forever, and you can promote your other products and create a relationship with your traffic.

Learn More about the Legendary Marketer Book

My Honest Opinion about the Legendary Marketer Book

If you are looking to advance yourself to leverage on the power of the internet to make a living and to change your life, this book will guide you to achieve your goals.

In my opinion, every aspiring digital marketer or digital entrepreneur should own a copy of this book, because you’ll get many golden nuggets that will help you with your online journey.

It’s time to open up your eyes to the new world, the digital world, where the new poor are the ones who’ve done well in school (ironic, right?), but the rich are those who learns how to leverage the power of the internet to their advantage.

I am sure you wouldn’t want to be the new poor as described in the book.

I highly recommend you to grab a free copy of this book and take action to seize your future.

Thank you for reading this review!

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