Is VERUM Gold a Scam? - Truth Exposed!!!

If you are hoping to find out if VERUM Gold is a scam, then this article is just for you.

VERUM Gold claims to be the only CBD product in the world that is 100% water-soluble. 

VERUM Bioavailability

It is also said to be 20x more bioavailable compared to other CBD and Hemp oil products from the leading brands, e.g., Kannaway or HempWorx.

Does it make this CBD product far superior?

More importantly, is VERUM an excellent business opportunity and can you make money with this company? Let's find out.

Review Summary


Founder: Rod Smith

Cost To Join: Free ($120+ to qualify for commissions)

VERUM Gold Scam Exposed

VERUM Business Opportunity Rating:

VERUM Product Rating:


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Without beating around the bush, here's what you can expect to learn in this VERUM Gold review.


VERUM Gold is the flagship product line of a brand new multi-level marketing company in the CBD industry, VERUM.

The company is still pre-launching at the publication of this review and you can check it out at ""

Rod Smith started VERUM.

The company's headquarters is located at Suite 200, 545 East University Parkway, Utah, USA. 

Rod was also the CEO of Buying Holding Collective and Green PolkaDot Box Incorporated. 

VERUM Gold Founder Rod Smith

VERUM Gold CBD Selling Point

According to the company, VERUM Gold is said to be a pure crystalline Cannabidiol (CBD) construct that contains no THC, predicated on real scientific research.

VERUM Gold is not oil-based, making it 100% water-soluble to increase the bioavailability to the bloodstream. 

The term "bioavailability" refers to the degree that a substance (such as CBD), after having been taken by mouth, reaches the bloodstream and can have a powerful effect.

Base on VERUM Gold's COA, the product is manufactured by ANANO Technologies, a subsidiary of Ananda Scientific Inc.

VERUM Gold Manufacturer

However, ANANO Technologies is not certified by the US Hemp Authority so when it comes to its superiority to other brands, I cannot say for sure.

Well, what do you think? Is VERUM Gold perhaps the best CBD product in the market today? 

In the next section of this VERUM Gold review as I will discuss how you can make money by joining VERUM.

I will also share the reasons why some people believe VERUM Gold is a scam.

How To Make Money With VERUM

You can make money with VERUM by participating in VERUM's compensation plan as a VERUM Merchant (distributor).

There are eight ways to make money with this company which involves you selling VERUM Gold to other people and recruiting them to join the company.

How To Become A VERUM Merchant

You can become a VERUM Merchant by completing the Merchant Application form. You can do so by clicking the "JOIN​​​" button at the bottom of its sales page.

It is free to enroll and become a merchant, but you will need to have a Sponsor before you can proceed.

VERUM Merchant Application

To qualify for commissions, you must be considered "ACTIVE" by maintaining at least 100 personal Business Volume (BV).

The Business Volume is the amount of product orders purchased personally by the merchant and by the merchants sponsored customers.

You will have the option to purchase any of the products below. You can either buy one per month or subscribe for a monthly autoship.

VERUM Gold Autoship

VERUM Compensation Plan

  1. Fast Start Bonus - Earn $10 to $40 weekly from the personal purchases of the Level 1 and Level 2 merchants under you 30-days after their Enrollment Date.
  2. Retailing - Earn up to $30 for every VERUM Gold products you sell online and offline.
  3. Qualifying Bonus - VERUM Merchants who enroll and have five ACTIVE merchants will earn $150 monthly plus additional bonuses.
  4. Leadership Bonus Pool - Qualified merchants can receive their share from 3% of VERUM's total quarterly gross sales volume.
  5. Rank Advancement Bonus - Get $250 - $50,000 by achieving and maintaining new rank for 90 days.
  6. Expense Reimbursement Bonus - VERUM Merchants who maintain advancement levels for three consecutive months will be entitled to a $150 - $1,200 monthly expense reimbursements.
  7. Accelerator Bonus - Earn up to 8% from all the sales in your organization down to 5 levels deep.

8. Lifetime Commissions (5x7 Forced Matrix) - Based on your current VERUM Merchant rank, you can earn lifetime commissions of up to 10% from all the sales in your organization down to 7 levels deep.

Lifetime Commissions VERUM Gold

Based on the company's compensation plan, do you believe VERUM Gold is a scam? Is it too good to be true? Share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

Meanwhile, you can click here to see the actual VERUM Gold Compensation Plan.

Can You "Actually" Make Money Selling VERUM Gold

Technically, yes. It is possible to make money selling VERUM Gold.

But before you order your first batch of personal business volume (BV), there are some things you need to understand about this business opportunity.

VERUM Gold - What You Need To Know

Do not be surprised if now and then, you will encounter some people who call VERUM a scam and here are some of the reasons for that.

#1 New Company

VERUM is a new, MLM company. Joining VERUM now may secure your position at the top of the compensation plan structure.

You can also reach out to your potential prospects before someone else does. However, it also means that this company has no track record yet. 

There are no VERUM success stories that you can use to stoke the interests of your prospects, and there are not many product testimonies.

There is no way (yet) to tell if this company can truly deliver its promises to its merchants and the chance that VERUM Gold is a scam is not out of the question.

#2 CBD Product Manufacturer Not Certified

As much as how VERUM touts its CBD products as the best, the fact that it is manufactured by a company that isn't even recognized by the US Hemp Authority can cause doubt to your potential customers.

If there are any VERUM Merchants reading this, what are your thoughts about the company's product manufacturer?

#3 Heavy Emphasis On Recruitment

If you take another closer look at the company's compensation plan, the only way you can make a living with VERUM is if you manage to build a large organization of people under you that will help you sell tons of products.

There is no way you can make a six-figure income with VERUM all by yourself. You will need to recruit and recruit people and build a massive team. 

Now, this is a delicate matter because when your income relies heavily on recruitment rather than selling your products, that is what the FTC defines as a pyramid scheme.

Now calm down. 

Before you hit the CAPS LOCK and write lengthy hate comments, let me assure you that I am not calling VERUM a scam nor a pyramid scheme. I am merely stating a scenario where it could be.

Or is it? Let me know your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

#4 Missing Success Tip

VERUM made an honest effort providing its members with success steps. It is number 5 on this list.

However, one thing I must point out is that they don't encourage their merchants to try the products first. Isn't it a crucial fact that before you go and sell your products to other people, you should try it first and see if it works?

There are 9 Steps To Success in the VERUM Merchant Training, and nowhere can you find something that says, "Be the product of your own products."

#5 More Than 95% Of People Fail In MLM Like VERUM

Let's face the truth. VERUM is an MLM company, and the fact is, more than 95% of people who join this type of business fails. 

Again, this doesn't mean that VERUM is a scam; it's just the ugly truth of the MLM  business model.

In the next section of this VERUM Gold review, I will discuss why most people are likely not to make money with VERUM.

Why Most People Fail In MLM Like VERUM

These are the most common reasons why most people fail to make money with MLM like VERUM.

#1 Lack of Prospects

In the success list by VERUM, it says that you make a list of the people that you think need your products or will be interested in joining the business.

I am guessing you have your listing and you probably have like a hundred people in there.

But what happens when you've exhausted that list? Whom will you sell your products to? Who will you recruit to join VERUM?

Are you prepared to talk to strangers online and personally? Will you be willing to hand out flyers and brochures in public?

If you don't have an idea how to address the issue of running out of prospects, sooner or later you will find yourself in the same dilemma once you decided to become a VERUM Merchant.

#2 Targeting the Wrong Prospects

Speaking of prospects, you might think that you are safe because you have tons of friends and plenty of relatives. Let me tell you right now, your friends and family are less likely the right people for your business.

I have spent more than six years in the MLM industry and I will tell you this...

Your family and friends might buy your products to support you, but most of the time, they are not the right people to build your business with.

You must learn how to find the right people that share the same passion and interests as you.

#3 Lack of Skills

Most people who join VERUM are beginners who don't even know how to sell any products, much at building a team. These people are likely to quit within the next few months when nothing seems to work for them.

If you want to make money with selling VERUM Gold, you need to become an effective salesperson. You will need to possess the right set of skills to close sales and to convince people to join your business.

#4 Joining With a Wrong Mindset

Most people who join an MLM company and failed miserably are those who are led to believe that making money in this kind of business is easy. 

Once they realized that the MLM company (like VERUM Gold) they joined is not the gold mine they thought it is, they will call it a scam.

But don't get me wrong, you can make money with MLM, but it will never be easy!

No matter how your sponsor sugarcoats it, you must accept the fact that VERUM is not a Get-Rich-Quick program. Nothing is.

If you ever hope to make money with VERUM, you must have the skills, passion, and the determination to do so.

Is VERUM Gold a Scam

I did not write this VERUM Gold review to pass judgment to this company. Whether you will think of VERUM Gold as a scam or not is up to you.

I merely presented you with the facts about VERUM, and hopefully, this would be enough for you to decide for yourself whether VERUM is a scam or a worthy investment.

The CBD industry is on the rise, and being part of it could bring you the financial success that you desire.

I do believe that VERUM has a lot of potentials, and its products are very promising. The company is also transparent with the people behind it as well as the source and manufacturer of its products. The scam companies don't do this.

Still, it's still too early to say if this company is indeed worth your time and money.

My Humble Advice

If you feel like selling VERUM Gold and building a sales team is what could lead you to success, then, by all means, give this business a chance.

I suggest that the first thing you do before joining in is to try the VERUM CBD products first.

When you have a genuinely pleasant experience with the products that you are promoting, making sales won't be so hard.

Second, you must learn how to find an endless source of prospects online and offline. I believe this course will teach you how to accomplish this as well as it will allow you to find the right people for your products and business opportunity.

Lastly, you must ask yourself if joining an MLM company like VERUM is something that you are genuinely passionate about.

Is selling CBD supplements and building an organization of like-minded people something that interests you?

If not, then I see no point for you to join this company.

VERUM Gold Best Business Alternative

If you want to make money online without selling VERUM Gold or recruiting people, I know of another business program that would be more suitable for you.

This business program involves affiliate marketing and has already changed the lives of countless ordinary people just like you.

Many of these people are now making a full-time income at home, and some were finally able to quit their 9-5 jobs. Here's a real-life story by one of them.

The same things could happen to you too!!!

But you know the best part? You can join today for free!

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this VERUM Gold review. I hope that you found the answers that you are looking for, especially if this business is suitable for you.

Meanwhile, if you want to help me enlighten more people on the truth about the VERUM Gold scam rumors, feel free to share this article to them.

Furthermore, should you be interested in an online course that will teach you how to make a living with your passion and interests, there is a signup form below.

Should you wish to discuss anything about VERUM and VERUM Gold, leave a comment below. Until here, and I wish you all the success in your future endeavors.





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