Is RainMoney a Scam? – My Suspicions are On Point!

RainMoney presents itself as an opportunity that lets you use social media to, well… “make money rain.”

When you do a quick search, it isn’t hard to find people saying great things about this platform. Some even talk about how much money they’ve made with RainMoney.

But before we board the hype train, let’s step back to the real world where if one thing appears too good to be true, it probably is.

And in the case of RainMoney, I believe that the business is a little dodgy and some would even call it a scam.

But, that’s just my opinion based on what I know, and what I found.

So, instead of taking my word for it, let me share with you the 9 things you need to know so that you can form your own judgment.

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1. RainMoney Started its Operation in 2013? The Evidence Shows Otherwise

While it claims to have been operating since 2013, this site is no more than a few months old as I am writing this review.

Here’s a snip of the About Us page of RainMoney.

RainMoney About Us

Meanwhile, here’s how old the site really is.


And while it promises you 100s and even 1000s of dollars as income, my opinion is that RainMoney has no way to pay you and its other members.

Here’s why.

2. RainMoney’s Revenue From Ads is Non-Existent

The company claim that its income from ads is what they are using to pay the members.

How Does RainMoney Work

Unfortunately, something doesn’t add up.

2.1 Companies will normally look for legitimate and established places to advertise their brand because they don’t want their reputation to be tarnished.

And because this site has just been operating for a couple of months, it makes RainMoney the least candidate among advertising companies.

2.2 RainMoney claims to generate revenue from ads, but there is not a single advertisement you can find on the platform.

I know because I am a RainMoney member myself, and I have access to the platform.

RainMoney Dashboard

Ads are usually found on the sides of an advertising company but as you can see in the image above, none can be found in the RainMoney dashboard.

2.3 To be fair let’s say that RainMoney does have advertisers. Let’s say each advertiser will pay $5000 per ad displayed on the RainMoney site.

To earn the 35 million dollars that this company used to pay the members, RainMoney must have hundreds if not thousands of advertisers.

There is none! (2.2)

3. Crucial Info about the Company are Missing -Why?

RainMoney doesn’t reveal anything about where the company is located, nor the people behind it. There is no address or a phone number, either.

But based on the domain registration above, it appears that this site was registered in Panama.

Also, if RainMoney is indeed making millions of dollars…

It should have no problem being transparent with who is behind operations like similar sites e.g., PrizeRebel.

4. Fake Testimonials

If you visit rainmoney.co, you wouldn’t miss the “Happy Member Testimonials” where one Christina Richards claim to have earned more than $12,000 from RainMoney.

RainMoney Fake Testimonial

With the Google image search, I was able to confirm that the same image is used in testimonials on other sites I have reviewed before.

The funny thing is that in RainMoney, miss Christina Richards actually refers to the site as Referral Pay. (See image above)

Below are some sites that the same image was used.

Fake Images

Sites like Paid4CLout, CloutPay, Referral Pay, and Viral Dollars uses the same image.

Christina Richards appears on the sites above but with different names.


5. Fake Contact Info

RainMoney tried to make it look like they have a healthy customer support system by providing an email. Sad to say, even that is fake. 

[email protected]” is not a functioning email, and you can verify that yourself.

There are plenty of free email verification tools on the Internet, and I use a couple to test the validity of [email protected] Here’s what I found:

Yep. The email provided by the company doesn’t exist.

6. You Can Earn Money with RainMoney.co But…

What the company didn’t make clear is whether you’ll actually get paid.

There are various ways to make money with RainMoney, and each reward a handsome pay. As I was writing this RainMoney review, here’s how much you can earn in this site.

  • $25 just for signing up
  • $10 for each person who signed up to RainMoneywith your referral link
  • $2 for each person who clicks on your referral link on social media
  • $30 for completing surveys and online tasks
  • $50 for creating YouTube videos promoting RainMoney
  • $10 for sharing a promotional link on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, Pinterest and WhatsApp

Completing these tasks, you will get the corresponding payments. The payments will be reflected on your “Earnings,” but that is as good as you can get.

There is no way for you to withdraw any money from RainMoney.

RainMoney Is A Scam

But wait, what about those people on YouTube saying they made money from this platform? Well…

7. RainMoney Asked Members To Lie

This site has a task where you will earn a mouthwatering $50 just by creating a fake YouTube video saying all nice things about RainMoney.

RainMoney Fake YouTube Videos

This explains the short YouTube videos of random people saying good things about RainMoney. Sneaky!


Fake Proof of Payments

RainMoney provides proof of payments and showcases them on their website.

RainMoney Fake Payments

However, these images are fake and are also used by other scam platforms like Paid4Clout and Viral Market.

rainmoney.co Payment Proof
Fake Payment Proofs

Yes, they are all fake, and no one actually earned money with this site.

But I would be happy to be proven wrong.

If you can provide proof that this site actually paid someone, please let me know in the comment section below.

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8. What RainMoney is Really About

A data mining scam. This is what RainMoney is all about.

All the sweet promises and the huge earning potentials are mere baits used to lure unsuspecting people in.

This site will collect your personal information like name, age, phone number, email, and even bank and credit card info. They then sell it to interested third parties.

If you are already an active member of RainMoney, don’t be surprised if you are getting unsolicited calls and plenty of spam emails.

Chances are your information has already been sold by the company.

9. Finally, RainMoney is a Scam Reboot

Well, not really a scam reboot but more like a clone scam site.

RainMoney is identical not only in design and MO to CloutPay, Paid4Cloud, and Viral Dollars, but it even offers the same amount of rewards.

It’s almost hilarious. You’d think that the people behind these scam sites would at least change the amounts of the rewards to make it more believable, but no.

Well, I guess they are too busy managing too many clone scam sites to do so.

Unfortunately, there are still some people who fall victim to this kind of scams.

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I hope that what I’ve shared is sufficient enough for you to form your judgment.

Personally, I think that RainMoney is a scam. What about you? Please share your insights with me in the comments section below.

When I first heard about RainMoney and visited the site, I was appalled that these types of sites still exist today which victimizing innocent people.

My suspicions started upon seeing familiar taglines like “#1 Influencer Network.”

And, as I dig a little deeper, I found similarities to other dodgy sites, in terms of the business operations.

Now that you’ve learned the truth about RainMoney, I humbly ask you to share this information with other people so they too can protect themselves.

And if you are serious about finding a way to make money online, I would highly recommend that you check out this program.

It is a program that taught me everything about starting an online business, and it has provided me with the opportunity to make a six-figure income from home.

Here’s My Humble Story if you are interested.

Thank you for taking the time to read this RainMoney review.

Until here and whatever you decide, I wish success will come your way.

Your pal,


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