Is Nicequest Legit? – A Brutally Honest Review

So, you've come across Nicequest and you wanted to know if it is a legitimate platform to earn some extra cash.

You've come to the right place because we will be discussing on everything you need to know about this "unique rewards system".

In this Nicequest review, we will be talking about...

  • Is Nicequest legit? 
  • Is it worth to complete surveys?
  • How much can you expect to earn?

Let's get started...

Review Summary

Name: Nicequest

Owner: Netquest

Price: Free to Join

Recommended? No

Is Nicequest Legit Review

Income Opportunity Rating:

What is Nicequest?

Nicequest is an invite-only paid survey site where you can get rewards by merely participating in different surveys.

Nicequest Home Page

The official website  does not reveal much when it comes to the company and the people behind it.

However, I found that a company called  Netquest is behind Nicequest.

Netquest is primarily a market research and survey company. It is founded in Barcelona, Spain, and is recognized as a tech-driven company built on a robust and engaged panel with a strict quality standard (ISO 26362).

Who Can Join Nicequest?

Anyone who is at least 14 years old can join Nicequest. However, you must come from either Spain, Portugal, United States or any other countries in Latin America.

You will also need to provide a valid email account because you will be required to verify your email once you join in.

But all of these won't matter unless you get an invitation to join the platform.

How To Join Nicequest?

Unfortunately, Nicequest is an exclusive community. This means that you can only join the platform and participate in its surveys if you get an invitation.

Invitations can be obtained through specific campaigns that Nicequest launches on different websites and social networks.

For your benefit, I will reveal how you can get an invitation to Nicequest in a moment.

Can You Make Money with Nicequest?

Unfortunately, you will not be paid in cash, but you'll earn reward points called "Shells" (the Nicequest's official currency) which you can use to purchase items within the platform.

The items are called Gifts, and there are plenty for you to choose from.

You can use the Shells to purchase gift cards (now phased out) and other items.

Good Things About Nicequest

Nicequest may not pay you real money, but there are good things about this paid survey site that I would like to highlight.

#1 Trustworthy Paid Survey Site

There are many legit GPT and paid survey sites today, and Nicequest is among the most trustworthy to begin with.

This has something to do with the invitation-only policy to maintain the quality of surveys and provide the best experience to its users.

To learn the reason behind the Nicequest invitation-only policy, continue reading below.

#2 Free to Join

It is free to join and use the Nicequest platform to earn Shells. Although this is not new for paid survey sites...

What is noteworthy about Nicequest is that they will also handle the delivery and shipping of all the items you purchased within their platform.

#3 You Can Earn Gifts

By participating in different surveys base on your location and other qualifications set by Nicequest...

You will have a chance to earn Shells which you can use to purchase an item or gift within the platform. There are many gifts for you to choose from.

Just take a look at the image below.

Gift Items Choices

#4 Win Mega Prizes

Another great thing about Nicequest is the monthly raffle draws.

Once you complete a survey, you will be able to participate in a raffle using the Shells you earned. But instead of winning money like in other GPT sites, you will receive lucrative products.

Nicequest's mega prizes are some of the latest product releases of Apple, Samsung, Sony, Walmart, Nike, Amazon, and other well-known companies.

Monthly Raffle Prizes NiceQuest

#5 Extend Help Via Charities

I am a believer that all people are kind by nature and that we want to help the ones in need. But more often than not, our circumstances prevent us from doing so.

Fortunately, with Nicequest, you can help people by donations without reaching down your pocket. You can donate the Shells you earn to the various charities all over the globe.

#6 Updated and Helpful Blogs

Nicequest has a team of bloggers that regularly provides new contents and updates about the platform.

Base on my observation, there is at least one new entry on the Nicequest blogs per month, and the contents are available in six languages - English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

View the Nicequest blog here.

#7 Mobile App

If you are always on the go and rarely sits at home facing your computer...

You can still participate in Nicequest surveys by installing the Nicequest app in your phone and mobile devices.

What I Don't Like About Nicequest

After I shared the good things about Nicequest, it's time to look at the bad and ugly side of this platform.

#1 Invitation-Only Survey Site

You will have no chance to join Nicequest if you don't get an invitation. I did promise you tips on how to get an invitation for Nicequest, right?

Here you go.

#2 Selected Countries and Territories Only

You may be able to donate to charities all over the world, but you cannot do so unless you live in countries that Nicequest currently offers its services.

While I am writing this Nicequest review, you can only participate in surveys if you currently reside in the following countries:

Supported Countries

#3 You Cannot Earn Money

Yes, that right. Just in case you miss it, Nicequest will not pay you money for participating in its surveys.

What you will earn are Shells which you can then use to purchase the items or gifts they have. You can choose from nine different categories on which you want to spend your Shells on.

Gift Categories

#4 Very Few Survey Offers

In addition to not getting paid with cash, you might also find yourself waiting too long before you can get that Yoga ball you have been dreaming about.

Base on user experiences, you can only participate in 1-2 surveys per week - if you are lucky.

This means that it will take time before you can accumulate enough Shells to purchase the gift that you like.

#5 User Complaints

Other than getting a faulty gift, one of the most frowned upon development by customers with Nicequest is when the platform decided to phase out the gift cards.

Nicequest Complaints

At the moment I am writing this Nicequest review, purchasing gift cards using Shells is no longer an option.

Nicequest Complaint

Is Nicequest Legit?

Yes, Nicequest is among the legit GPT sites today.

However, I will understand if some people will call it a scam because you won't be getting paid with real cash.

All you can get in participating with Nicequest surveys are Shells which you can then use to purchase items on within the platform.

Should You Join Nicequest?

That depends. Although Nicequest is not a scam, I cannot recommend it if you are looking for legit ways to make money online.

Not only will you not earn cash with Nicequest...

But the number of surveys you can participate in are very few that it will take a long time before you can actually collect enough Shells to get any rewards.

My Two Cents

I am not a fan of participating in paid surveys and completing tasks in GPT sites because it cannot provide you a full-time income. 

And, there isn't a steady stream of surveys to complete, so earning "shells" in exchange for "gifts", takes a long time.

To be honest, you can't take this platform as a serious way to earn rewards, you can probably take it as a hobby.

So, if you are someone looking for serious ways to earn money, then I would highly recommend that you check out this program.

It is a program that has taught thousands of individuals who had no prior knowledge or experience to earn a living online. Here's my proof of it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Nicequest review.

If you find this helpful, please help to share it, and if you wish to share your opinion about this platform, feel free to leave a comment below.

Until here and whether you join Nicequest or consider other alternatives, I wish you all the best in the future.

Your pal,


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