The Internet Income University – Reasons why you should Avoid!

Internet-income-university-mainName:  Internet Income University

Website: www.internetincomeuniversity.com

Price: $30 + Many upsells

Owners: Darin Blue & Kevin

Income Opportunity rating: 1.5 / 5 Stars

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Before I dive into Internet Income University

Before I dive deep into the review of Internet Income University (IIU), I would like to share with you my thoughts on products that promotes or upsells more products to you upon signing up for their membership.

Kevin-And-Darin-BlueMost products, basically all products that I classify as scams have this common characteristic and let me tell you why. These so called “gurus” only put focus on their own pockets to make them as much money as possible and putting you interest in the last place.

You see, these gurus only focuses on getting money from beginners as it is the easiest (let’s face the fact). Beginners do not know what to expect and will only follow what the “Guru” says.

In this day and age, you can hardly find any product on the internet that puts your interest in the first place.

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Let’s dive right into it – let me tell you why it is not worth it

With the above being said, Internet Income University is exactly what I had described. It is just another product that promotes more products to you. Before you know it, you are most probably going to spend hundreds of dollars on unnecessary products.

While some of the blogs are free to read, there are areas where only members are able to access. To be a member, all you need to do is provide your email and other personal information. I would advise that you provide bogus information to avoid spamming on your email (that is if you decide to try it out).

Once you are a member, you will then be able to access their F.A.S.T. Income Plan. By F.A.S.T, it means:

  • [F] Fast Website Setup
  • [A] Affiliate Income Streams
  • [S] Scalable Advertising
  • [T] Training & Support
[F] Fast Website Setup

internet-income-university-web-hostingThis is the first thing you need to do once you are a member of IIU. You will be directed to an external web hosting vendor called “Secure Online hosting” to purchase a domain name and web hosting. What puts me off is they will ask you questions like:

  • What kind of MONTHLY income are you currently accustomed to?
  • How much capital are you willing to put towards building your business and reaching your goals?
  • What are your unique circumstances that have you seeking a way to generate a full time income online?
  • Where will you live? Where will you buy your dream home?
  • If you’re able to exceed your income goals with the knowledge we’re going to share with you, how will you give back? What charities will you contribute to?

Personally, I find these questions a little intimate and I am not comfortable sharing with people whom I don’t know. What I do know once you provide these information is that you will be held against your words when someone calls you and offer you IIU’s coaching program which cost thousands of dollars.

The second thing that puts me off is that:


IIU forces you to purchase a domain and web hosting service from “Secure Online Hosting”. Honestly speaking, I do not understand what IIU mean when it says “to qualify for your free Income Generating Website” when you have to pay $19.95/mth for the website?


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[A] Affiliate Income Streams

I am not going into detail on all the 5 products that IIU recommends that you should promote because I am trying to keep this review short:

  • 1st Product – Internet Income University

You earn commission from:

Protege Coaching – Coaching program IIU offers which cost thousands of dollars

Scalable Advertising – Earn only 10% of Commission (Unnecessary traffic generation packages)

  • 2nd Product – Secure Online Hosting (Purchase of domain and web hosting)
  • 3rd Product – Keyword Evolution (Expensive Keyword tool – cost $97) – anybody can get keyword tool for FREE on the internet
  • 4th Product – Perfect Balance Plan (Basically a change of mindset plan – cost $297) – totally useless in terms of building a business
  • 5th Product – ViSalus (A weight loss MLM program – cost from $47 to $999 to join) – another MLM company

My genuine advise to you is not to join IIU for these particular reasons:

  • Internet-income-university-stop-signYou are restricted to promote only the 5 products that they introduced to you
  • As a beginner, there are no guideline as to building your own contents on your website to promote the products
  • Building your own contents are hard enough, driving traffic to your website is even harder! IIU do not show you how to drive traffic to your website using FREE tactics but ask you to sign up unnecessary SEO services
  • You need to personally purchase these products in order to receive commission from it.
  • You do not know what you are purchasing and what will the product do for you (especially when you are a beginner)
  • You will unknowingly cause other people to spend thousands of dollars on unnecessary products of IIU
  • Minimum initial cost for “making money” (not sure if you really can make any) with IIU is easily $460.95 and the maximum cost is 1,929.95 or more.

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[S] Scalable Advertising

Internet-income-university-SEO-InfinityBasically, this portion of IIU is to rope you into purchasing their lead generating services.

In simple terms lead generation service means to generate traffic to your website for you. The more you pay for the service, the more people will visit your website. There are 3 packages to select:

  • SEO INFINITY Silver – $97/Mth
  • SEO INFINITY Gold – $297/Mth
  • SEO INFINITY Platinum – $497/Mth

Paying for these kind of services without knowing exactly what you are paying for is a dangerous thing.

It is just like giving money to other people to take control of your success. You will not know what IIU is doing for you behind the scene. I suggest you to stay away from it unless you know what you are doing.

[T] Training & Support

Internet-Income-university-MasteryThis is just a step to direct you to their community. There are no actual training in this step. If you are a total beginner, you will be lost at this stage.

There are so many things you need to learn, so many things you need to do to setup a successful website. I am pretty sure you can get any help or any training from IIU.

My Final thought on Internet Income University

While IIU is not exactly a scam, it is a product or program you should AVOID. Mainly because IIU do not put your interest in the first place. You can easily spot whether a product or program puts YOUR INTEREST as their first priority by just accessing the cost of the program.

Products or Programs that looks out for your interest firstly do not cost anything to join its free trial to get a hang of what the product really is and  secondly do not upsell any further products to you once you become a member of the program.

If you are looking for a place to actually learn how to build an online business without the fear of buying further products which might cause hundreds or thousands of dollars, you can read my #1 recommended Internet Marketing Course and opportunity.

I have reviewed many products and many programs on the internet and only found a few that I find useful to you. My only objective is to help you avoid products like IIU and point you to the right direction in building you own online business. It is always my pleasure to provide you with a scam prevention service here.

As always, I welcome you to discuss Internet Income University with me by dropping me a comment below.

Your Pal,