Course Day 1: How to Start a Home Based Business online and what should you expect from it?

What to Expect from Online Business?

Starting an online business nowadays is as easy as ABC, given the right tools, all you need is a simple website and an idea of what you want to sell and voila! Though the idea is simple, you should not discount yourself from doing ample research before jumping in to build your online business.

There are many ways you can make money online but I am only going to share with you the avenue where I made my money. I will be giving you the tips to find a profitable niche and introducing you to a lucrative way to make money online.

be-preparedBut before I share with you these valuable information, I would first like to pre-empt you on what you should expect from your online business. I feel this is a very important topic but it is less spoken in this “make money online” industry, and many beginners fail within their first few months because they were oblivious to the pitfalls of online businesses.

Many so called “Gurus” kept this part a secret because it may be a deal breaker to signing you up as a client. As for me, I would rather be upfront and transparent so you can make an informed decision.

Most importantly, you must note that I am not here to discourage you from setting up your own online business, online business is one of the greatest way you can make extra money at a very low cost, I am here to share with you the truth and facts about the online industry.

What should you expect when you first started out?

It is not easy to make your first dollar online in your first few months. I know there are a few exceptional people who have made money in their first month, but I am talking about the general public. There’s no secret to it, it is basically your ability and speed to interpret the information passed on to you and how you put your knowledge to use.

success-or-failureI’ll be honest that I am not the exceptional few who have made money online in the first few months, in fact, it took me almost 4 months to see my first sale. I had Slog for days and nights when I first started out and it was disheartening to see no result, there was a point where I thought of quitting, but I kept going because I was passionate with what I am doing and didn’t mind if I did not make any money.

I knew something was wrong with my online business, so I seek my mistakes, ask for guidance and revamped it. I know I wanted to make a success out of this so backing down was not an option. You see, if I would have quit at the point of hardship, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today.

Your choice of success or failure lies in the palm of your hand. Keep persisting and you will see results soon enough!

Push button systems are never real

Many “Gurus” on the internet claim that you can make money online with 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: sign up with them
  • Step 2: create your profile
  • Step 3: make money

Sad to say, those Push Button systems are just a pipe dream. If such systems do exist in this world, no one would want to share it because it will lose its exclusivity.

So you should not expect such thing to happen in your journey to find your success online. Success online is crafted out by a person’s hard work and dedication.

If you are looking for a push button system where you can invest in then sorry I have got nothing to offer you.

Lots of Hard Work

hardworkIf you have ever setup your own business before (any kind of business), you will understand that it is never easy. Tons of hardwork and long hours of Slogging and sometimes you may not see any results.

There will be a point where you will ask yourself whether is it worth to continue your business venture. To be honest, this is the point that separates success from failure. Many people Slogged for a few months and realize they did not make any money and they quit thereafter thinking that it is not possible.

Successful people, at the same point of time, questioned themselves whether there are anything that they have not done or had done incorrectly that lead them to a roadblock. They keep revamping their path to reach the end result they always wanted.

Being successful online is really up to an individual, if you are still hoping to find a “Turnkey” system that will generate money for you automatically without any hardwork than I would suggest you leave this page now because this opportunity is not for you.

However, if you have the tenacity to pursue this journey of success through this adversity, then I would personally like to work closely with you to help you achieve your desired goals.

The mentality of “I just want to try out”

I believe many people have this mentality and most of them fail in their business. The reason is simple, without dedication and conviction, there can be no success. If you are just hoping to try out, than there is a high chance that you may fail, believe me as I was in that stage before and nothing ever worked out for me until I dedicated myself to build a successful online business.

knowledge-plus-action-equals-powerMany people told me before that they just wanted to learn as much as possible and that’s it. To me that’s the wrong way of thinking because as much as you can learn, if you do not put your knowledge to good use, you are just about a potential, which means you can never achieve anything.

It is really important to take action. Every step you take on the internet is accumulative, the longer you are in business, the higher your chance of becoming successful.

So if you have the “Just Try” mentality, change it. It will do you a lot of favour. Remember, Knowledge plus action equals power.

Follow the “Guru” or Mentor

To be successful in any kind of business, you need good support and proper guidance. If you ask any successful businessman they will tell you that they had a mentor at some point.

But beware of following the wrong mentor as it can lead you to disaster (by disaster I mean quitting or maybe losing a lot of money). In the online world, anyone can post themselves as a guru so who can you trust or follow? How do you seek the right mentor?

My-mentorsI can honestly say that I am not a Guru but I definitely know great mentors who have guided me to my success. I followed their methods closely and I am so thankful to them. Before I introduce you to them, I would like you to follow this course series a step at a time so you will have a better understanding on how to make money online before you get the help of my Mentor.

If you have any concerns regarding the above topic or you need any clarity, please feel free to share it with me by leaving a comment below.

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