Is Click Intensity a Scam – Ponzi Scheme in disguise

click-intensity-mainName:  Click Intensity
Website:  clickintensitybiz.com
Owner: Nick Johnson (Not sure if its a real person)

Bare Naked Scam rating: 4 Thumbs Down


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A new kid is on the block. This new Multilevel Marketing Company was established in March 2016, and has gained some attention in the industry.

One of my followers had requested that I take a look at this company and advise if it is a legitimate company.

I thought that putting my findings in a review would be much more appropriate as I am sure some people will be interested to know if they can really make money from it.

After digging deep into the company, I realize that Click Intensity is a hybrid of Unison Wealth and Empowr.

Unison Wealth is a pyramid scheme which has been shut down some time ago, while Empowr, a Social Media Platform with revenue share features, has been blacklisted by many individuals for not being able to pay its commissions.

As much as I would like to be neutral on this review, I would have to say that Click Intensity is not a program you would want to be associated with.

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How does Click Intensity Work?

There are basically 5 ways you can make money from Click Intensity, and I will discuss each one of them with you below.

The First Click Intensity Revenue Stream


The first way you can make money from the program is to complete 10 daily tasks, which basically require you to click and view ads, videos, share stuff on facebook, etc.

The problem is, I have done the 10 tasks, but I did not get a single penny in my account.

My guess is that you have to pay to make money.


If you look carefully in the wallet above, commissions are generated through your “Gold” or “Silver” packs.

The Second Revenue Stream – Profit Shares


This is where you have to pay $25 to Click Intensity to obtain 1 share in the company.

The maximum value you can get from that share is $30. So, technically, your maximum profit is $5.

In finance term, that share is like a company’s bond, but instead of expiring through time, it expires when the value hits $30.

The problem with this revenue is its source. What I mean is, how did the “Profit” came about when it says “Profit Shares”.

Generally speaking, the profits generated are supposed to be from advertising fees paid by companies, but does Click Intensity really generate their profits from advertising fees or from the $25 you pay them?

If it is from the $25 you’ve paid, it violates the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) law.

If you scroll through the Click Intensity’s website, you will find many of these “Advertise Your Business Here” Ads:


Which means, the demand for its advertising space is very low, which equates to low profits.

As you read further, it gets fishy…

Third Revenue Stream – Referred Member Sale

I am pretty sure you have heard of a Ponzi Scheme, if you haven’t, it is better that you know now:

So, Click Intensity claimed that you can get 10% of the sales of silver coins purchased by your direct referral, which means $2.50.

How does Click Intensity get the $2.50 to pay its members.

What’s more…

Fourth and Fifth Revenue Stream – Team Income & Back end sales


With this, you are supposed to collect even more commission from the sale made by your referrals.

Here’s the commission you can make from each level:


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Simply, to qualify for generation 2 commissions, you have to personally own/purchase 100 Silver Ad Packs which equates to $2,500.

Now, you see the amount of money you have to invest to earn money from Click Intensity.

My guess is “New money pays for the Old Money”. If there are no new members who purchase the ad packs, the entire system will collapse.

Well, they can claim that they earn revenue from other sources like the “Login ads, Solo ads, Pop up ads, etc” to pay the commissions, but we already know the demand of its advertising space.

So How exactly do you refer people to Click Intensity?

It doesn’t stop at buying ad packs from Click Intensity.

click-intensity-trainingYou need to put in some effort in order to see some returns.

The Problem is that you will have a hard time figuring out how to reach out to people to get referrals.

There are a bunch of training videos that teaches you how to reach out to people through social media networks, like Facebook, but those lessons only scratches the surface.

There are many things you need to know in order to generate a massive amount of traffic, and it takes skill to convert this traffic into sales.

Click Intensity doesn’t facilitate that.

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Why would You purchase an Ad Pack


Ask yourself, being a novice on the Internet, would you know what and how Internet Advertising works, and why you need them?

Obviously, if you are new to making money online, you wouldn’t know what those are. My guess is that many people will follow blindly to purchase those ad packs, hoping to earn some extra cash online.

The fact is that, unless you have an actual running business, you have no use for the ad packs.

A food for thought…

Image yourself as a business owner, would you place your ads with Click Intensity when you know the quality of the traffic is low?

The reason for its members to browse ads is because they can make money from it. They do not have the slightest intention or interest in any of the products you have to offer.

My Sincere Advice to You

Whether or not Click Intensity is a pyramid scheme, I would suggest that you do not get involved in it.

The reason is simple, the risk of putting your money to these kind of system is high, and you may not get anything out of it if it appears to be a Ponzi scheme.

There is no reason for you to purchase an ad pack from Click Intensity unless you have a running business.

If you are a novice who wants to make money online, Click Intensity is definitely not the place for you.

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Hope my review have put you into perspective. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you would like to discuss more this topic.

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Your pal,


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